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Gann, W. D.
Gann, William D.
Gann, William Delbert
Master Trader
ギャン, ウィリアム・D
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Language material
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Gann, John L.
Nihon Tekunikaru Anarisuto Kyōkai
Tatsumi, Takayuki (1955-)
巽, 孝之 (1955-)
45 years in Wall Street; a review of the 1937 panic and 1942 panic; 1946 bull market, with new time rules and percentage rules with charts for determining the trend on stocks.
American future-war fiction : China and Japan, 1880-1930.
How to make profits trading in commodities; a study of the commodity market, with charts and rules for successful trading and investing
Kabuka no shinjitsu uōrugai kabu no sentaku
Kabushiki torendo o saguru shōhin de mōkeru hō
New stock trend detector; a review of the 1929-1932 panic and the 1932-1935 bull market, with new rules and charts for detecting trend of stocks
Pattern, price & time, 1998:
Truth of the stock tape.
Tunnel Thru the Air, or, Looking Back from 1940, The
W.D. Gann method of trading, c1990:, The
Wall street stock selector; a review of the stock market with charts, rules and methods for selecting stocks
株価の真実・ウォール街株の選択 : W.D.ギャン著作集
株式トレンドを探る・商品で儲ける法 : W.D.ギャン著作集II