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Malloch, J. R.
Malloch, John R.
Malloch, John Russell
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Alexander, C.P. (1889-1981)
Alexander, Charles Paul (1889-1981)
Dyar, H.G. (1866-1929)
Dyar, Harrison Gray (1866-1929)
Flint, W. P. (1882-1943)
Flint, Wesley Pillsbury (1882-1943)
Hart, Charles Arthur (1859-1918)
Illinois. Natural History Survey Division
McAtee, W. L. (1883-1962)
McAtee, Waldo Lee (1883-1962)
McAtee, Waldo Lee (1883-1962))
Państwowe Muzeum Zoologiczne
American black flies or buffalo gnats.
Desciptions of neotropical two-winged flies of the family Drosophilidae
European corn-borer and some similar native insects, The
Flies of the genus Agromyza
Flies of the genus Pseudotephritis Johnson
genera of flies on the subfamily Botanobiinæ with hind tibial spur, The
Keys to flies of the families Lonchaeidae, Pallopteridae, and Sapromyzidae of the eastern United States, with a list of the species of the District of Columbia region.
new aphidiphagous fly from coimbatore, A
New Diptera from Panama
North American species of the genus Tiphia (Hymenoptera, Aculeata) in the collection of the Illinois State Natural History Survey, The
Notes on American two-winged flies of the family Sapromyzidae
Notes on some acalyptrate flies in the United States National museum
Notes on some American Diptera of the genus Fannia : with descriptions of new species
Notes on some Oriental sapromyzid flies (Diptera), with particular reference to the Philippine species
Notes on the flies of the genus Pseudodinia, with description of a new species
Pentatomoidea of Illinois with keys to the Nearctic genera, The
Philippine and Malayan ploiariinae (Hemiptera, reduviidae)
Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1918.
Revision of bugs of the family Cryptostemmatidae in the collection of the United States National museum
Revision of the American bugs of the reduviid subfamily Ploiariinae
Synopsis of pentatomid bugs of the subfamilies Megaridinae and Canopinae
synopsis of the genera of Agromyoida, A : with descriptions of new genera and species
Systematic notes on and descriptions of North American wasps..., 1927:
Three new species of Pipunculidae (Diptera) from Panama
Thyreocorinae fr. Paranà
Thyreocorinae from the the State of Paranà, Brasil : (Hemiptera : Pentatomidae) : (From the scientific results of the Polish Zoological Expedition to Brasil in the years 1921-1924)
Thyreocorinae ze stanu Paranà : (Hemiptera : Pentatomidae) : (z wyników naukowych Polskiej Wyprawy Zoologicznej do Brazylji w latach 1921-1924) : (Hemiptera : Pentatomidae) : (From the scientific results of the Polish Zoological Expedition to Brasil in the years 1921-1924)
Two drosophilidæ from coimbatore