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E, O
M. S
M. S, Matthew Sutcliffe
O. E
S, M.
S, Matthew Sutcliffe
Soutcliffe, Matthew
Sutcliff, Matthaeus
Sutcliff, Matthew
Sutcliffe, Mathevv
Sutcliffe, Mathew
Sutcliffe, Matthew
Sutclivius, Mattheus
Suteliff, Matthaeus
Suteliff, Matthäus
Sutliv, Matthaeus
Sutliv, Matthäus
Sutlivius, Mathaeus
Sutlivius, Mathäus
Sutlivius, Matthaeus
Sutlivius, Matthäus
Sutlivius, Mattheus
Svtcliffe, M.
Svtcliffe, Matth
Svtcliffe, Matthevv
Svtcliffe, Matthew
Svtlivivs, Matthaevs
T. M. S
ca 1550-1629
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Alsop, Bernard
Barker, Robert (1570-1645))
Bishop, George (1562-1611))
Bishop, George (Londen)
Burne, Nicol (15..-16..?))
Church of England Diocese of Exeter Dean (1588-1629 : Sutcliffe) (see also from)
Fawcett, Thomas
Islip, Adam
Newbery, Ralph (1560-1607))
Newbery, Rodolphus (Londen)
Villiers (1623))
abridgement or survey of Poperie. -, An
answere to a certaine libel supplicatorie. -, An
answere unto a letter published by M. J. Throkmorton. -, A
briefe examination, of a certaine peremptorie menacing and disleal petition, A
challenge concerning the Romish Church. -, A
Ecclesiasticall discipline
examination and confutation of a scurrilous treatise published *. -, The
examination of M. Thomas Cartwrights late apologie. -, The
ful and round answer to N. D. alias R. Parsons, his Warne-word. -, A
Haydn. Book of dignities, 1970:
indulgentiis et jubileo, adversus Robertum Bellarminum, aliosque pontificum romanorum in negotiatione circa indulgentias institores, libri duo, De
Matthaei Sutlevii de catholica, orthodoxa, et vera Christi ecclesia libri duo ...
Matthæi Sutlivii De conciliis, et eorum authoritate, adversus Robertum Bellarminum, et bellos eiusdem sodales libri duo
Matthæi Sutlivii De missa papistica, variisque synagogae Rom, ...
Matthæi Svtlivii De monachis, eorumque institutis & moribus, aduersus Robertum Bellarminum, vniversamq; monachorum & mendicantium fratrum colluuiem disputatio ..
Matthaei Svtlivii De pontifice Romano, eivsque inivstissima in ecclesia dominatione, aduersus Robertum Bellarminum, & vniuersum Iebusitarum sodalitium, libri quinque.
Matthæi Svtlivii De recta stvdii theologici ratione, liber I. : Eidem etiam adivnctvs est brevis de concionvm ad popvlvm formulis, & sacræ Scripturæ varia pro auditorum captu tractatione, libellvs.
Matthæi Svtlivii De vera Christi ecclesia aduersus Rob. Bellarminvm, aliosque sectæ Jebusiticæ sodales, eorumq; errores & hæreses, liber vnvs.
oxford dictionary of national biography
petition apologeticall of lay papists calling themselues the lay Catholikes of England, presented, as is sayd, to his Maiestie, vvherein presumptuously they demaund a toleration of their popish and antichristian religion, and offer proofes of their loyalty, and pledges for their massepriests honesty; contradicted, examined, glozzed, and refuted, The
presbyterio, eivsqve noua in Ecclesia Christiana politeia, De : adversvs cvivsdam I. B. A. C. de politeia ciuili & Ecclesiastica libros duos, eiusdémque & reliquorum presbyterii patronorum grauissimos in politeiæ Iudaicæ, & Christianæ descriptione errores
relation of the triall made before the King of France, vpon the yeare 1600, betvveene the Bishop of Eureux and the L. Plessis Mornay, 1604:, A
Religionis Christianae prima institutio pueris et adolescentibus christianis aliisque in fide Christi novitiis... utilis... Adjunctae sunt... orationum formulae....
remonstrance, A : or Plaine detection of some of the favlts and hideouvs sores of svch sillie syllogismes and impertinent allegations, as ... are cobled vp together in a booke, entituled, A demonstration of discipline: wherein also, the true state of the controuersie of most of the points in variance, is ... declared.
threefold answer unto the third part of a certaine triobolar trea*. -, A
true relation of Englands happinesse, 1629:, A
Turcopapismo, De
Tvrco-papismo, Hoc est, de Tvrcarvm et Papistarvm adversvs Christi ecclesiam & fidem coniuratione, eorumque in religione & moribus consensione [...], De
unmasking of a masse-monger. Who in the counterfeit habit of S. Augustine hath cunningly crept into the closets of many English ladies. Or, The : the vindication of Saint Augustines confessions, from the false and malicious calumniations of a late noted apostate