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Fell, John
Fell, John ((bishop))
Fell, John (Bp. of Oxford)
Fellus, Joannes
Fellus, Johannes
Joannes (Episcopus)
Joannes (Oxoniensis)
Johannes (Oxoniensis)
John (Lord Bishop of Oxford)
Oxford, John Fell (Bishop of)
Oxoniensis, Joannes
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Manuscript language material
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Allestree, Richard (1619-1681)
Church of England Diocese of Oxford Bishop (1676-1686 : Fell) (see also from)
Cyprianus, s (vesc. di Cartagine, c. 200-258.)
Cyprianus, Thascius Caecilius ca. 200-258.
Cyprien saint (02..-0258)
Dodwell, Henry (1641-1711)
Henchman, Humphrey (1592-1675)
Pakington, Dorothy Coventry Lady, d. 1679
Pearson, John (1613-1686)
Sterne, Richard (1596?-1683)
Vossius, Isaac (1618-1689)
Vossius, Isaacus (1618-1689)
@ ... Accesserunt annotationes in Erastosthenem
@ . Accesserunt annotationes in Eratosthenem et hymnos Dionysii. (Curante Joanne Fello.)
Ad Corinthios epistola
Annales cyprianici, sive Tredecim annorum, quibus S. Cyprianus inter Christianos versatus est
art of contentment, The
Articles of visitation & enquiry. -
Bishop Fell and nonconformity : visitation documents from the Oxford diocese, 1682-83
Brief van John Fell (1625-1686) aan Isaacus Vossius (1618-1689)
Brieven van Samuel ten Nuyl (1635-1688) aan John Fell (1625-1686)
character of the last daies, The : a sermon preached before the King
character of the last days. A sermon preached before the King. By John Fell, D.D. dean of Christ-Church, and chaplain to His Majesty, The
Daemoniacs. -
Dissertationes Cyprianicæ
Epicteti Enchiridion, Cebetis Thebani Tabula, Theophrasti Characteres ethici, M.T. Ciceronis de Exilio dialogus, et Prodici Hercules, cum versione latina. : Denuo recognita & notis illustrata.
Epiktētou Encheiridion, Kebētos Pinax, Theophrastou Ēthikoi charaktēres, Prodikou Ēraklēs
Ēthikoi charaktēres
Fainomena kai diosēmeia
gentleman's calling, The
gentlemans calling. Written by the author of The whole duty of man, The
Grammatica rationis sive Institutiones logicae
Institutiones logicae
interest of England stated., The
Kainēs Diathēkēs hapanta, Tēs
Life of Dr. [Henry] Hammond, The
Life Of The most Learned, Re- verend and Pious Dr H.Hammond., The
Life of the most learned, reverend and pious Dr. H. Hammond, written by John Fell,..., The
lively oracles given to us, or, The Christians birth-right and duty, in the custody and use of the Holy Scripture, The
natura hominis liber, De
Nemesiou Peri fuseōs anthrōpou biblion. Nemesii De natura hominis liber
Notes on the ancient typographical materials of the University of Oxford
Notes towards a specimen of the ancient typographical materials principally collected and bequeathed to the University of Oxford by Dr. John Fell d. 1686
Novi Testamenti libri omnes : accesserunt parallela Scripturæ loca, nec non variantes lectiones ex plus 100 MSS. codicibus, et antiquis versionibus collectæ
Opera recognita et illustrata
pasteur, Le
Peri fuseōs anthrōpou biblion
Phaenomena et Diosemeia
Private devotions
privileges of th University of Oxford. -, The
Privileges of the University of Oxford in point of visitation, cleerly evidenced by letter to an honourable personage... [By John Fell.], The
Roman italic and black letter bequeathed to the University of Oxford by Dr. John Fell. [The Fell types by Stanley Morison.], The
S. Caecilii Cypriani Opera, 1700:
S. Caecilii Cypriani opera, recognita et illustrata a Joanne Fello. Accedunt annales Cyprianici, sive brevis historia chronologice delineata a Joanne Pearsonio,... (-Opuscula vulgo adscripta Caecilio Cypriano. Arnoldi Carnotensis, abbatis Bonae Vallis opera. Editio tertia cui additae sunt Dissertationes Cyprianicae Henrici Dodwelli.)
S. Caecilii Cypriani opera recognita et illustrata per Joannem (Fell), Oxoniensem episcopum. Accedunt Annales Cyprianici, sive... Brevis historia chronologice delineata per Joannem (Pearson) Cestriensem. (-Opuscula vulgo adscripta Caecilio Cypriano. - Arnoldi Carnotensis, abbatis Bonaevallis, opera. - Dissertationes Cyprianicae, ab Henrico Dodwello.)
S. Patris et Martyris Clementis ad Corinthios epistola
. @S. Theophili, episcopi Antiocheni, Ad Autolycum libri III recogniti et notis illustrati [a Joanne Fello]
@ Sancti Barnabae,... Epistola catholica. Accessit S. Hermae,... Pastor. (Curante Joanne Fell.)
Sancti Caecilii Cypriani Opera recognita et illustrata
Seasonable advice to Protestants. -
seasonable discourse. Shewing the necessity of maintaining the establish'd religion, in opposition to popery. Written by that most pious and learned prelate, Dr. Fell, lord bishop of Oxford., A
seasonable discourse shewing the necessity of maintaining the established religion in opposition to popery., A
Sermon Preached Before The House of Peers On December 22. 1680, A : Being the Day of Solemn Humiliation
sermon preached before the House of Peers on December 22, 1680. Being the day of solemn humiliation By the Right Rev. Dr. John Fell, Lord Bishop of Oxford, A
specimen of the several sorts of letter given to the University by Dr. John Fell sometime Lord Bishop of Oxford. To which is added the letter given by Mr. F. Junius, A
Tēs kainēs diathēkēs hapanta : accesserunt parallela scripturae loca
Tēs Kainēsdpathēkēs Apanta : Novi Testamenti libri omnes...
Theophili, episcopi Antiocheni, Libri III ad Autolycum, graece, ad fidem codicis ms. Bodleiani et ex parte Regii parisiens. denuo recogniti, et pluribus in locis castigati, versione latina, frequenter emendata, notisque tum aliorum, tum suis instructi a Jo. Christoph. Wolfio,...
Tou en agiois patros emōn kai ieromarturos Klementos pros Korinthious epistolē [A, B]
Trois livres à Autolycus
whole duty of man, laid down in a plain and familiar way, for the use of all ..., The : with private devotions for several occasions.
works of the learned and pious author of the Whole duty of man ..., The