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Iuliana (Anchoreta)
I︠U︡liana (Noridzhskai︠a︡)
Iuliana (Norvicensis)
Julian (Anchoress at Norwich)
Julian av Norwich
Julian, John
Julian (Lady)
Julian Of Norwich
Julian (of Norwich, Mother)
Julian (van Norwich)
Julian (von Norwich)
Juliana (anacoreta)
Juliana (Anchoret)
Juliana (Anchorite)
Juliana av Norwich
Juliana de Norwich
Juliana (Norvicensis)
Juliana (of Norwich)
Juliana (van Norwich)
Juliana (von Norwich)
Juliana z Norwich
Juliane de Norwich
Julianna z Norwich
Julienne (de Norwich)
Norwich, Julian of
Norwich, Juliana de
Юлиана (Нориджская)
ca 1342-ca 1416
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Beer, Frances
Colledge, Edmund
John-Julian, O.I.N. (1932-)
Lundén, Tryggve (1917-1992)
Maisonneuve, Roland
Marcil, Ivan
Reynolds, Anna Maria
Strakosch, Elisabeth
Tabuyo, María
Walsh, James (1920-)
Walsh, James Jerome (1920-)
Warrack, Grace
Watson, Nicholas
Wolters, Clifton
Дресвина, Юлиана
40-day journey with Julian of Norwich
All shall be well : daily readings from Julian of Norwich
All shall be well : the showings of Julian of Norwich
All will be well : based on the classic spirituality of Julian of Norwich
'Alles komt goed...' : Julian Van Norwich : Visioenen
Amour de Dieu
As truly as God is our Father : an anthem
blissful Passion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, The
book of showings to the anchoress Julian of Norwich, A
cloud of unknowing, The
Collected works of Julian of Norwich : translated from Old English.
Comfortable words for Christ's lovers, being the visions and voices vouchsafed to Lady Julian, recluse at Norwich in 1373
Confortable words for Christ's lovers being the vision and voices vouchsafed to Lady Julian recluse at Norwich in 1373. Transcribed and edited from the recently discovered manuscript from the recently discovered manuscript (Brit. Mus. Addit. 37.790)
Écrits mystiques
Enfolded in love : daily readings with Julian of Norwich.
[English translations of theological works; a reproduction of ms. Additional 37790 in the British Museum].
expérience de Dieu avec Julienne de Norwich, L'
Forty day journey with Julian of Norwich
Geborgen in plooien van liefde : teksten voor meditatie en gebed
Here begynneth a shorte treatyse of contemplacyon taught by our lorde Jhesu cryste or taken out of the boke of Margerie Kempe of lyñ
Journeys into joy : selected spiritual writings
Julian of Norwich's Revelations of divine love : the shorter version ed. from B. L. Add. MS 37790
Julian of Norwich's revelations of divine love : the shorter version edited from B.L. Add. MS 37790
Juliana of Norwich, an introductory appreciation and an interpretative anthology, by P. Francklin Chambers,...
Julienne de Norwich, mystique anglaise du XIVe siècle. Révélations de l'amour de Dieu, traduites par un bénédictin de Farnborough [Dom Gabriel Meunier]
Kobiety i doświadczenie mistyczne
Late medieval Englishwomen Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe and Juliana Berners printed writings 1500-1640
Late medieval Englishwomen: Julian of Norwich, Marjorie Kempe and Juliana Berners
lesson of love, A : the revelations of Julian of Norwich
Libro de visiones y revelaciones
life of the soul, The : the wisdom of Julian of Norwich
livre des révélations, Le
Llibre de les revelacions de l'amor diví
Love's trinity : a companion to Julian of Norwich : long text with a commentary
Love unfolding : for SATB chorus and organ or brass quintet
motherhood of God
Mystiques anglais Richard Rolle, Juliane de Norwich, «Le Nuage de l'inconnaissance», Walter Hilton
Nuage de l'inconnaissance, Le
Objawienia Bożej Miłości
Offenbarung göttlicher Liebe, Eine : kürzere Fassung der sechzehn Offenbarungen der göttlichen Liebe
Offenbarung göttlicher Liebe Kürzere Fassung d. 16 Offenbarungen d. göttl. Liebe, Eine
Offenbarungen von göttlicher Liebe
Otkrovenii︠a︡ bozhestvennoĭ li︠u︡bvi, 2010:
Petit livre des révélations selon le manuscrit court du British museum (Amherst additional 37790), Le
Praying with Julian of Norwich : selections from "A revelation of love" with commentary
promise you a crown, I : a 40-day journey in the company of Julian of Norwich : devotional readings
Revelaciones del amor de Dios
révélation de l'amour de Dieu, Une : version brève des "Seize révélations de l'amour divin"
Révélation de l'amour de Dieu version brève des "Seize révélations de l'amour divin", Une
revelation of divine love in sixteen showings made to Dame Julian of Norwich, The
revelation of love, A
Révélations de l'amour de Dieu., ...
Révélations de l'amour divin à Julienne de Norwich, recluse du XIVe siècle
Revelations od divine love
Revelations of divine love, of Julian of Norwich. Translated by James Walsh,..., The
Revelations of divine love, recorded by Julian, anchoress at Norwich, A. D. 1373, a version from the ms. in the British Museum edited by Grace Warrack
Revelations of divine love recorded by Julian, anchoress at Norwich anno domini 1373 : a version from the Ms. in the British Museum
Revelations of divine love, recordered by Julian, anchoress at Norwich, anno Domini 1373 ...
Revelations of divine love, shewed to a debout anchoress, by name Mother Julian of Norwich. With a preface by Henry Collins., ...
Revelations of Divine Love, shewed to a devout anchores by name Mother Julian of Norwich
Revelations of divine love shewed to a devout ankress by name Julian of Norwich. Edited from the mss. by... Roger Hudleston,... [2nd edition.]
Revelations of divine love (short text and long text)
Revelations of divine love, translated from British Library Additional MS 37790 : an excerpt, translated from British Library MS Sloane 2477
shewing of God's love, A : the shorter version of "Sixteen revelations of divine love"
shewings of Julian of Norwich, The
Shewings of Lady Julian at Norwich, 1373, The : (previously entitled "Comfortable words for Christ's lovers")
shewings of Lady Julian, recluse at Norwich, 1373., The
Showing of love : extant texts and translation
Showing of love extant texts ans translation
Showing oflove : extant texts and translation
Showings : authoritative text, contexts, criticism
Showings of Julian of Norwich
Sixteen revelations of divine love.
Sleep canticle : for SATB unaccompanied (with divisions), opus 81
This present boke shewyth the manere of hawkynge and huntynge
understanding of love according to the anchoress Julian of Norwich., An
Uppenbarelser av den gudomliga kärleken
wisdom of Julian of Norwich, The
writings of Julian of Norwich, The : A vision showed to a devout woman and A revelation of love
XVI revelations of divine love shewed to Mother ... 1902.
XVI revelations of divine love shewed to Mother Juliana of Norwich 1373, with a preface by George Tyrrell, S.J.
Откровения божественной любви, 2010: