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Joseph Moxon
Moxon, J.
Moxon, Joseph
Moxon, Joseph (British printer, 1627-1691)
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Bedford, Francis (1799-1883)
Carter, Harry (1901-1982)
Carter, Harry Graham
Carter, Harry Graham (1901-1982)
Davis, Herbert (1893-1967)
Davis, Herbert John (1893-1967)
Midwinter, Daniel (I, Londen)
Moxon, Joseph (Londen)
Vitruvius Pollio
Wells, Edward (1667-1727)
Compendium Euclidis Curiosi: or geometrical operations
contention for truth, 1658:, A
description of the province of New Albion, A : and a direction for adventurers with small stock to get two for one, and good land freely : and for gentlemen, and all servants, labourers, and artificers, to live plentifully : And a former description re-printed of the healthiest, pleasantest, and richest plantation of Nevv Albion in North Virginia, proved by thirteen witnesses : Together with a letter from Master Robert Evelin, that lived there many yeers, shewing the particularities, and excellency thereof : With a brief of the charge of victual, and necessaries, to transport and buy stock for each planter, or labourer, there to get his master fifty pounds per annum, or more, in twelve trades, and at ten pounds charges onely a man.
Easie and speedy way to know the use of both the globes, coelestial and terrestrial
Land of promise.
Mechanick exercises on the whole art of printing, 1683-4
Mechanick exercises, or, The doctrine of handy-works applied to the arts of smithing, joinery, carpentry, turning, bricklayery : to which is added Mechanick dyalling : shewing how to draw a true sun-dyal on any given plane however scituated only with the help of a straight ruler and a pair of compasses and without any arithmetical calculation
Mechanick exercises, or, The doctrine of handy-works began Jan. 1, 1677 and intended to be monthly continued
Mechanick powers; or, The mystery of nature and art unvail'd shewing what great things may be perform'd by mechanick engines ... Together, with a Treatise of circular motion artificially fitted to mechanick use, and the making of clock-work, and other engines ...
new map of Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Moscovy, shewing their present general divisions, cheif, cities or towns, rivers, mountains, &c. Dedicated to his highness William Duke of Glocester, A ; J. Moxon sculp.
Of inck, 10
Practical perspective. -
Rules of the three orders of print letters
Theory and practice of architecture, or Vitruvius and Vignola abridg'd, the first by... Mr Perrault,... (and carefully done into English) and the other by Joseph Moxon, and now accuratety publish'd the fifth time, The
tutor to astronomie. -, A
tutor to astronomy & geography, or, The use of the Copernican spheres; in two books. The first being an explanation of the Copernican hypothesis and spheres. The second proving the phœnomena salved by the earths motion, as well as by its supposed stability; as appears by the application of these spheres to problemes astronomical, geographical, nautical, astrological, gnomonical, and trigonometrical., A
Vignola, or, The compleat architect, 1673: