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Porter, Ed
Porter, Edward
Porter, Edwin
Porter, Edwin S.
Porter, Edwin Stanton
Porter, Edwin Stratton
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Projected medium
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Anderson, Gilbert M. (1882-1971)
Griffith, David Wark (1875-1948)
Keaton, Buster (1895-1966)
Kleine (George) Collection (Library of Congress)
Niver (Kemp) Collection (Library of Congress)
Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)
Sampson, William Thomas (1840-1902)
Schley, Winfield Scott (1839-1911)
Smith, James Blair
Thomas A. Edison, Inc
White, James H.
White, James Henry
African American cinema 1, The
African American cinema 2, The
America's first women filmmakers
Arrival of a train at La Ciotat (Lumière films) (n° 653)
barber shop (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896), The
Battle of Chemulpo Bay
brideless groom, A
burglar's slide for life, The
Buster Brown series: Buster and Tige put a balloon vendor out of business
Buster Brown series, scene I
Buster Brown series, scene IV
Buster Brown series, scene V
[Buster's dog to the rescue]
Buster's joke on Papa (Motion picture : 1903 Dec. 21)
Buster's joke on Papa (Motion picture : 1903 Oct. 28)
Buster's revenge on the tramp (Motion picture)
Busters joke on Papa, 1903 Dec 21
Busters joke on Papa, 1903 Oct 28
Busters revenge on the tramp
Card party (Lumière films) (n° 73)
Childish quarrel (Lumière films) (n° 82)
Cockfight (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896)
Cohen 's fire sale
Coney Island at night
Crossing ice bridge at Niagara Falls
Demolition of a wall (Lumière films) (n° 40)
dog and his various merits (Actualities 1897-1910), The
Esquimaux game of snap-the-whip
Esquimaux leap-frog
Esquimaux village
European rest cure
Execution of Czolgosz, with panorama of Auburn Prison
Exiting the factory (Lumière films) (n° 91)
extra turn, The
Five cent trolley ride
Fun in a bakery shop (Motion picture)
girl and her trust, The
Glenroy brothers
golden beetle, The
Great train robbery (Motion picture)
great train robbery [Spectacle], The
kiss (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896), The
Landmarks of early film
Laura Comstock's bag-punching dog
Life of a cowboy
Lion, London zoological garden (Lumière films) (n° 54)
little train robbery, The
martyred presidents, The
Merry widow waltz craze, The
Miss Laura Comstock's bag punching dog
Nero or The fall of Rome
New York
Origins of American animation
origins of film, The
Origins of the fantasy feature
Origins of the gangster film
Pack train on Chilkoot Pass (Actualities 1897-1910)
Pan-American Exposition by night
Panorama of Riker's Island, N.Y.
Panoramic view of the esplanade by night
policemen's little run, The
Poultry-yard (Lumière films) (n° 14)
pranks of Buster Brown and his dog Tige, The
President McKinley and escort going to the Capitol
President McKinley at home (Actualities 1897-1910)
Promenade of Ostriches, Paris botanical gardens (Lumière films) (n° 4)
R.F. Outcault making a sketch of Buster and Tige
Rube and Mandy at Coney Island
Rube and Mandy's visit to Coney Island
Sampson and Schley controversy--tea party
Section of Buster Brown series, showing a sketch of Buster by Outcault
Seminary girls (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896)
Series photography 1877-1885
Serpentine dancers (Edison kinetoscope films, 1894-1896)
Seven chances
Skirmish between Russian and Japanese advance guards [Russo-Japanese War]
Sky scrapers of New York City from North River (Actualities 1897-1910)
Snowball fight (Lumière films) (n° 101)
Sorting refuse at incinerating plant, New York City
sprinkler sprinkled (Lumière films) (n° 99), The
Subub surprises the burglar
Tige to the rescue
Transformation by hats, comic view (Lumière films) (n° 105)
trip to the moon, A
Troubles of a grasswidower
Uncle Josh at the moving picture show
Uncle Tom's cabin
Vesta Victoria singing Poor John
What happened in the tunnel
whole dam family and the dam dog, The
Windsor McCay and his moving comics