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Author of Persecutions of popery
Persecutions of popery, Author of
Schoberl, Frederic
Schoberl, Frederick
Shoberl, F.
Shoberl, Frédéric
Shoberl, Frederic (Mr)
Shoberl, Frederick
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Ackermann, Rudolph
Campbell, Thomas (1777-1844)
Durdent, René-Jean (1776?-1819))
Meiners, Chr. (1747-1810)
Meiners, Christoph (1747-1810)
Pugin, Augustus (1762-1832)
Retzsch, Moritz (1779-1857))
Thiers, Adolphe (1797-1877)
Upcott, William (1779-1845)
Uwins, Thomas (1782-1857)
Watkins, John (fl. 1792-1831.)
Westall, William (1781-1850)
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