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Fox, Iohn
Fox, Joannes
Fox, John
Fox, John (martirolog)
Fox, John (Mr)
Fox (Monsieur)
Foxe, John
Foxius, Joannes
Foxius, Johannes
Foxus, Ioannes
Foxus, Iohannes
Foxus, Joannes
Foxus, Johannes
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Cranmer, Thomas (1489-1556)
Day, John (1522-1584))
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Haddon, Walter
Jonas, Augustin (-1575; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
King, John N. (1945-)
Milner, John
Oporinus, Johann
Pollicarius, Johannes (1524-1584; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Seymour, M. Hobart (1800-1874)
Seymour, Michael Hobart (1800-1874)
Smith, John Hazel (1928-)
Townsend, George
Woodcoke, Thomas (imprimeur du 16e siècle)
Wyclif, Johannes (1326-1384; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Wycliffe, John (13..-1384))
Xinware Corp
Actes and monuments. Selections
Acts and monuments of John Foxe
Acts and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable happening in the Church with an vniuersall historie of the same : wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the church from the primitiue age to these later times of ours, with the bloudy times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions against the true martyrs of Christ ... now againe as it was recognised, perused, and recommended to the studious reader
Acts and monuments of the church containing the history and sufferings of the martyrs, wherein is set forth at large the whole race and course of the church from the primitive age to these later times with a preliminary dissertation on the difference between the church of rome that now is, and the ancient church of rome that then was
Against Jerome Osorius
All day long are we counted as sheep for the slaughter, Psal. 44 - how long Lord, holy and true? Apocal. Cap. 6, verse 10
Andronicus Comnenus
Autore Ioanne Foxo Anglo. ... . 1590. (VD16 F 1947)
Book of Martyrs: a history of the Persecution of the Protestants
Book of martyrs; or, the acts and monuments of the christian church, being a complete history of martyrdom from the commencement of christianity to the present time
christliche Märtyrerthum oder Geschichte v. d. Leben, d. Leiden u. d. Tode d. christl. Märtyrer in allen Theilen d. Erde, Das
Christo crucifixo concio. Joan. Foxi., De
Christus triumphans comoedia apocalyptica
Chronicon ecclesiae. -
Commentarie upon the fiftene Psalmes
Contra Hieronymum Osorium, ejusq́ue odiosas infectationes pro euangelicae veritatis necessaria defensione
Ecclesiastical history containing the acts ..
Eicasmi, seu, meditationes Joannis Foxi angli in Apocalypsin S. Joannis apostoli et evangelistae
English martyrology abridged from fox
Fortunatus. 1559. (VD16 F 1950)
Fox's Book of martyrs The acts and monuments of the church
Foxe's book of martyrs select narratives
Gospels of the fower Evangelistestranslated in the olde Saxons tyme out of Latin into the vulgare toung of the Saxons, newly collected out of auncient monumentes of the sayd Saxons, and now published for testimonie of the same, The
history of the ten persecutions in the primitive church To which is added, an account of the martyrdom of John Huss and Jerome of Prague; ... Extracted from the Martyrology of Mr John Fox., The
Littera et sensus : essays on form and meaning in medieval French literature presented to John Fox
Locorum communium tituli et ordines centum quinquaginta .... -
Martyrernas historia...Öfvers.och bearb.af G.Bergström. : Med teckningar af Axel Sjöberg m.fl.
Martyrium historia, hoc est, maximarum per Europam persecutionem ac sanctorum Dei martyrum, ... commentarii
Narratives of the days of the reformation, chiefly from the manuscripts of John Foxe the martyrologist
Reformatio legum ecclesiasticarum ex authoritate primum Regis Henrici 8. inchoata, deinde per Regem Edouardum 6. prouecta, adauctaq́[ue] in hunc modum, atq[ue] nunc ad pleniorem ipsarum reformationem in lucem aedita.
Rerum in ecclesia gestarum
Richard Baxters Nun oder niemahls
third part of a treatise, intituled: Of three conuersions of England, anno D[omi]ni 1604, The
Time and the end of time, in two Discourses : the first about Redemption of Time ; the second about Consideration of our latter end
Titus et Gesippus
triomphe de Jesus Christ, Le : comedie apocalyptique, traduite du latin de Jean Foxus Anglois, en rithme françoise, et augmentée d'un petit discours de la maladie de la messe, par Jacques Bienvenu citoyen de Geneve..
universal history of christian martyrdom embellished with numerous engravings, An
Whole workes of W. Tyndall, John Frith and Doct. Barnes... [published by John Foxe], The