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F, T.
F. T, Thomas Fitzherbert
Fitz-Herbert, Thomas
Fitzherbert, Thomas
Fitzherbert, Thomas (S.I.)
T. F, Thomas Fitzherbert
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Baynes, Roger
Collins, Samuel (1576-1651)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Heigham, John active (1639)
Hicks, L.
Kellam, Laurence -1614
Musket, George
Parsons, Robert (1546-1610)
adioynder to the supplement of Father Robert Persons, his discussion of M. Doctor Barlowe's answere, An
Baynes of Aquisgrane, The
bishop of London his legacy
confutation of certaine absurdities uttered by m. d. andrews, a
defence of the catholycke cause, by t.f., with an apology of his innocence in a fayned conspiracy of edward squire, a
defence of the Catholyke cause. -, A
first part of a treatise concerning policy, and religion ... augmented, The
first[-second] part of a treatise concerning policy and religion, The : wherein the infirmitie of humane wit is amply declared, with the necessitie of God's grace, and true religion for the perfection of policy; and by the way some political matters are treated, diuers principles of Macchiauel confuted, and many aduises geuen, tending no lesse to religious piety, then to true policy; with a confutation of the arguments of atheists against the prouidence of God, which is clearly proued throughout the whole
Letters of Thomas Fitzherbert, 1608-1610, ...
life of st. francis xavier
obmutesce of f. f. to the epphata of d. collins, the
obmutesce of F.T. to the epphata of D. Collins, 1621., The
Obmutesce ... to the Epphata of D. Collins, or The reply ... to D. Collins his defence of my lord of Winchesters. Answere to Cardinal Bellarmines Apology ..., The
of the oath of fidelity
reply of T.F. in defence of the first two chapters of his supplement, The
reply of T. F. in defence of the two first chapters of his Supplement to the discussion & c. impugned by one falsely naming himself Roger Widdrington, in a latin book intituled Disputatio theologica de iuramento fidelitatis ..., The
second part of a treatise concerning policy, and religion ..., The
sit utilitas in scelere, vel De infelicitate principis Macchiavelliani, contra Macchiavellum & politicos eius sectatores ..., An
supplement to [father persons's] the discussion of m. d. barlow, a
supplement to the discussion of M.D. Barlowe's 'Answere', A
Treaties concerning policy and religion
treatise concerning policy and religion, 1652:, A
treatise of olicy and religion, A