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Boyle, John
Boyle, John (5th Earl of Cork)
Boyle, John (comte de Cork et d'Orrery)
Boyle, John (Earl of Cork and Orrery)
Boyle, John (earl of Orrery)
Boyle of Cork and Oerrery, John
Cork and Orrery, John Boyle
Cork and Orrery, John Boyle (Earl of)
Cork and Orrery, John Boyle of
Cork and Orrery, John of
Cork, Comte de
Cork, Earl of
Cork, John Boyle
Cork, John Boyle (comte de)
Cork, John Boyle (Earl of)
Corke and Orrery (Earl of)
Corke and Orrery, John B. of
Corke and Orrery, John of
John (Cork and Orrery, Earl)
John (Earl of Orrery)
Orreri, Comte d'
Orreri, John B. d'
Orreri, John Boyle
Orreri, John Boyle (comte d')
Orrery, Comte d'
Orrery, d' (comte)
Orrery, Earl of
Orrery, Giovanni
Orrery, John B. of
Orrery, John Boyle
Orrery, John Boyle (comte de)
Orrery, John Boyle (Earl of)
Orrery, John Boyle of
Orrery, John Boyle of Cork and
Orrery, John (earl of)
Orrery, John (Lord)
Orrery, John of
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Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of, 1694-1773
Cork, Hamilton Boyle (1729-1764)
Duncombe, John (1729-1786)
Froes, Joao (1965-...)
Jenyns, Soame (1704-1787)
Lovibond, Edward (1724-1775)
Monmouth, Robert Carey Earl of, ca. 1560-1639
Moore, Edward (1712-1757)
Orrery, Charles Boyle Earl of, 1676-1731
Orrery, Hamilton Boyle Earl of, 1730-1764
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Scott, Benjamin (d. 1755))
Walpole, Horace
answer to Henry Woodward, comedian. With some occasional remarks on the Greek and Roman stage. By the Rt. Hon. the Earl of *******, An
Briefe aus Italien. -
description and use of an universal and perpetual mathematical instrument, The : shewing the most expeditious and exact method of solving all practical questions in arithmetick, trigonometry, navigation, dyalling, astronomy, &c ...
epistle to the Right Honourable the Earl of Orrery occasion'd by reading his lordship's translation of Pliny's Epistles., An
Essai sur la vie de Pline le Jeune dans une lettre du lord comte d'Orrery ... au lord Charles Boyle, son fils.
first ode of the first book of Horace. Inscribed to the Earl of Chesterfield. By John Earl of Orrery., The
Letters from Italy in the years 1754 and 1755
Letters of Pliny the younger, with observations on each letter and an essay on Pliny's life... by John earl of Orrery, The
Lettres historiques et philologiques du comte d'Orreri, sur la vie et les ouvrages de Swift, pour servir de supplément au "Spectateur moderne" de Steele
Memoirs of the life of Robert Cary, baron of Leppington and earl of Monmouth
Orrery papers, The
poem to the memory of Edmund Sheffield Duke of Buckingham, Duke and Marquess of Normanby, Earl of Mulgrave, and Baron of Butterwick, A
poetical works of Dr. Jonath. Swift ... In four volumes. With the life of the author ..., The
Remarks on the life and writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, in a series of letters from John Earl of Orrery to his son, the Honourable Hamilton Boyle
Vaterländische Briefe über das Leben des Jonathan Swift. -
World for the year ...
World (London, England : 1753)