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Henry Noel Humphreys
Henry Noel Humphries
Humphrey, Henry Noel
Humphreys, H.N.
Humphreys, H. Noel
Humphreys, Henry N.
Humphreys, Henry Noel
Humphreys, Henry Noel (British draftsman, naturalist, and numismatist, 1810-1879)
Humphries, Henry Noel
Noel Humphreys, H.
Noel Humphreys, Henry
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Coin collector's manual; or, guide to the numismatic student in the formation of a cabinet of coins: comprising an historical and critical account of the origin and progress of coinage, from the earliest period to the fall of the romanempire; with some account of the coinages of modern europe, more especially of great britain
Coinage of the british empire an outline of the progress of the coinage in great britain and her dependencies, from the earliest period to the present time
Coins of england
Genera and species of british butterflies described and arranged according to the system now adopted in the british museum
Hans Holbein's Celebrated dance of death : ill. by a series of photolith. facsimiles
he butterfly vivarium, or insect home: being an account of a new method of observing the curious metamorphoses of some of the most beautiful of our native insects, comprising also a popular description of the habits and instincts of many of the insects of the various classes referred to, with suggestions for the successful study of entomology by means of an insect vivarium
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