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Prain, D.
Prain, David
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Duthie, John Firminger (1845-)
Hill, Arthur William (1875-1941))
King, George Sir, 1840-1909
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Royal Horticultural Society (Great Britain)
Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
Stapf, O. (b. 1857.)
Stapf, Otto (b. 1857.)
Thiselton-Dyer, William Turner (1843-1928))
account of the genus Dioscorea in the East, An
Bengal plants : a list of the phanerogams, ferns and fern-allies indigenous to, or commonly cultivated in, the Lower Provinces and Chittagong : with definitions of the natural orders and genera, and keys to the genera and species
Contributions to Indian botany : reprints from periodicals, 1902-1906
Curtis's botanical magazine
Flora of the Sundribuns
Flora of tropical Africa
Gramineæ (Maydeæ-Paniceæ)
Hooker's icones plantarum : or, figures, with descriptive characters and remarks, of new and rare plants, selected from the Kew herbarium
Index Kewensis plantarum phanerogamarum
Memoirs and memoranda, chiefly botanical
Nicobar Islands and their people, The
note on Indian wheat-rusts, A
Noviciæ Indicæ: some additional species of Indian plants
On the characters and relationships of Afzelia Smith
On the morphology, teratology, and diclinism of the flowers of Cannabis
On three new genera of Plants from the Kachin Hills
second century of new and rare Indian plants, A
sketch of the life of Francis Hamilton (once Buchanan), sometime superintendent of the ... Botanic Garden, Calcutta
species of Dalbergia of South-Eastern Asia, The
species of Myristica of British India
species of Pedicularis of the Indian Empire and its frontiers, The
vegetation of the districts of Hughli-Howrah and the 24-Pergunnahs, The