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Calderwood, David
Didoclavius, Edwardus
Philadelphius, Hieronymus
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Binning, Hugh (1627-1653)
Boutesteyn, Cornelis (Leiden)
Brewster, William (1566 or 7-1644)
Burgess, Anthony -1664
Calvijn, Jean (1509-1564)
Calvijn, Johannes (1509-1564)
Didoclavius, Edwardus (pseud. van David Calderwood, 1575-1650.)
Didoclavius, Edwardus (see also from)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Philadelphus, Hieronymus Pseud. van David Calderwood, 1575-1650
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Thomson, Thomas (1798-1869)
University of Waikato
Altare Damascenum, ceu Politia ecclesiae anglicanae obtrusa ecclesiae scoticanae, a formalista quodam delineata... et examinata, studio et opera Edwardi Didoclavii, cui locis suis interserta Confutatio paraeneseos Tileni ad Scotos Genevensis... et adjecta Epistola Hieronymi Philadelphi de regimine ecclesiae scoticanae, ejusque Vindiciae contra calumnias Johannis Spotsvodi Fani Andreae, pseudo-archiepiscopi....
Altare Damascenum, seu, Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ politia, Ecclesiæ Scoticanæ obtrusa, à formalista quodam delineata, illustrata et examinata, sub nomine olim Edwardi Didoclavii
Calderwood's history of the Kirk of Scotland
Epistolæ Philadelphi vindiciæ contra calumnias Johannis Spotsvodi Fani Andreæ pseudo-archiepiscopi
first and second booke of discipline, The
Hieronymi Philadelphi De regimine Scoticanæ Ecclesiæ epistola
history of the Kirk of Scotland, The
Not a fair go ; a history and analysis of Social Credit's struggle for success in New Zealand's electoral system
Perth assembly ... 1619.
Perth assembly : containing 1. The proceedings thereof, 2. The proofe of the nullitie thereof, 2 [i.e. 3].
Perth assembly : containing 1: The proceedings thereof; 2: The proofs of the nullitie thereof; 3: Reasons presented thereto against the receiving the five new articles imposed; 4: The oppositenesse of it to the proceedings and oath of the whole state of the land, an. 1581; 5: Proofes of the unlawfulnesse of the said five articles, ...
Puritan Bookshelf..
Reformation Bookshelf..
solution of Dr. Resolutus, A
true history of the Church of Scotland, 1678., The
True history of the Church of Scotland, from the beginning of the Reformation unto the end of the reign of King James VI...., The
true history of the Church of Scotland, from the beginning of the reformation, unto the end of the reigne of King James VI ..., The
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Thesis (M.A. Political Science)--University of Waikato, 2010