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Author of Pre-Adamite man
Lee, Griffin
Pre-Adamite man, Author of
Randolph, P. B.
Randolph, Pascal Beverly
Randolph, Pascal Bewerly
Randolph, Paschal B.
Randolph, Paschal Beverley
Randolph, Paschal Beverly
St. Leon (Count de)
Creation class: 
Language material
Creation role: 
author of afterword, colophon
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Clymer, R. Swinburne (1878-1966)
Clymer, Reuben Swinburne (1878-...)
Clymer, Reuben Swinburne (1878-1966)
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Hermes, Trismegistus
Maia, E. Leão
Meyrink, Gustav (1868-1932)
Naglovskai︠a︡, Marii︠a︡ [from old catalog]
Naglowska, Maria de (1883-1936)
Traxler, Donald
Tuttle, Hudson (1836-1910)
After death, or, Disbodied man
After death: or, Disembodied man.
After death : the disembodiment of man : the world of spirits, its location, extent, appearance, the route thither, inhabitants, customs, societies, also sex and its uses there, etc. etc. : with much matter pertinent to the question of human immortality
After death: the immortality of man; the world of spirits, its location, extent, appearance; the route thither; inhabitants; customs, societies; also sex and its uses there, etc., etc.; with much matter pertinent to the question of human immortality.
avec une étude sur les miroirs magnétiques
Banner of light papers
book of the triplicate order, the
Corpus Hermeticum.
dealing with the dead
Dealings with the dead;
Dhoula Bel : román bratra Růže a Kříže
Divine Pymander : including The Asiatic mystery ; The Smaragdine table ; and The Song of Brahm
Eulis : affectional alchemy : the history of love, its wondrous magic, chemistry, rules, laws, moods, modes and rationale : being the third revelation of soul and sex and a reply to "Why is man immortal?"
Eulis! : the history of love : the wondrous magic, chemistry, rules, laws, modes, moods and rationale; being the third revelation of soul and sex. Also, reply to "why is man immortal?" The solution of the Darwin problem. An entirely new theory
evils of the tobacco habit, the
ghostly land, the medium's secret, The : being the mystery of the human soul : its dwelling, nature, and power of materialization : also, the coming woman and the new divorce law.
grand secret, or, Physical love in health and disease
grand secret, the
Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus; his Divine Pymander. Also, the Asiatic mystery, the Smaragdine table and the Song of Brahm.
human love
immortality of love, The : unveiling the secret arcanum of affectional alchemy
journal of progress and spiritual telegraph
La magie des forces occultes. (P.B. Randolph) (Pascal Bewerly Randolph)
Love and its hidden history. A book for man, woman, wives, husbands, and for the loving and the unloved ...
Love and its hidden history: also, The master passion
love, woman, and marriage
Magia seksualna
Magia sexualis : sexual practices for magical power
Magia sexualis sublimation de l'énergie sexuelle, force dynamique de la nature
messenger of light
new mola!, The : the secret of mediumship! : a hand book of white magic, magnetism, and clairvoyance : the new doctrine of mixed identities!
Pre-Adamite man, 1873:
Pre-Adamite man: the story of the human race, from 35,000 to 100,000 years ago!
Ravalette the Rosicrucian's story
Rosicrucian dream book., The
Rosicrucian's story, 1863.
rosicrucian story, the
Rosicrucianism in America
sad case; a great wrong!, a
Seership, guide to soul sight; a practical guide for those who aspire to develop the vision of the soul; the magic mirror and how to use it
Seership ! le miroir magnétique un guide pratique pour ceux qui aspirent à la clairvoyance absolue,...
Seership! the magnetic mirror : a practical guide for those who aspire to clairvoyance-absolute : original, and selected from various English and Asiatic adepts
Sexual magic
Soukromá tajemství o eulidských mysteriích : odhalení esotérické praxe a nejvyšší cesta bílé magie vůle
Soul ! the soul-world the homes of the dead
Supplement to the New mola and Eulis
unveiling, the
Uvedení do eulidských mystérií : Magické zrcadlo : sborník
wonderful story of ravalette, the