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E, M.
Huntley, W.
Lover both of peace and truth
P, W.
P, William Prynne
Prinn, William
Prinne, William
Prynn, Guilhelmus
Prynn, Guillelmus
Prynn, Wil
Prynn, William
Prynne, Willem
Prynne, William,
Prynne, William (Mr)
Prynnius, Guilelmus
Prynnius, Guilielmus
W. P, William Prynne
Well-wisher of the truth of God, and the church of England a
Wellwisher to Gods truth and people
White, Matthew,
White, Matthew (Pseudonym)
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Allde, Elizabeth
Burton, Henry (1578-1648)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Hurbin, Lionel
Jersey, Victor Albert George Child Villiers Earl of, 1845-1915
Laud, William (1573-1645)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
S.n. (S.l.)
Sparke, Michael (d. 1653)
T. B
White, Matthew (see also from)
ablatione temporalium a clericis determinatio., De
additional appendix to Aurum reginae. -, An
Answer to a popish and Arminian cavill in the defence of free-will and vniversall grace
Anti-Arminianisme. Or The Chvrch of Englands old antithesis to new Arminianisme. : Wherein seven Anti-Arminian orthodox tenets, are evidently proved; their seven opposite Arminian (once Popish and Pelagian) errors, are manifestly disproved, to be the ancient, established, vndoubted doctrine of the primitive and nodern Church of England; (as also of the primitive and present Churches of Scotland, and Ireland:) : By concurrent testimony of sundry ancient Brittish, English, Scottish, Irish authours and records, from the yeare of our Lord 430. till about the yeare 1440: and by the severall records and writers of these churches, from the beginning of reformation to this present:
antidote animadverted, The
antipathie of the English lordly Prelacie, both to regall monarchy*. -, The
appendix to A seasonable vindication of free-admission, to, and frequent administration of the Lords Holy Communion, to all visible church-members, regenerate or unregenerate., An
breife memento to the present imparliamentary ivnto. Dutch, A
Breve memento ad praesens non parlementarium conventiculum. -
Breviate of the life of William Laud, arch-bishop of Canterbury, extracted (for the most part)... out of his owne diary... by William Prynne,..., A
breviate of the prelates intolerable usurpations, both upon the Kings prerogative royall and subjects liberties, [1637]:, A
Brief animadversions on, amendments of, & additional explanatory records to the Fourth part of institutes of the lawes of England, concerning jurisdiction of courts, compiled by the late famous lawyer Sir Edward Cooke knight (chief justice of both benches) in his life-time, but published and re-printed (with some disadvantage) since his death : wherein the misquotations, mistakes of records, antiquities cited in them are rectified, some doubtful passages explained, many defective omissions of usefull records supplyed, especially such as relate to the proceedings, priviledges, members of the High Court of Parliament, the courts of high steward, constable, marshal, admiral, with other civil, ecclesiastical courts, the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, city of London, Isles of Man, Jersey, Garnsey, Serke, Aureney, Wight, the principality of Wales, kingdoms of Scotland, Ireland, the dominion of the British seas invironing them, sewers, stanneries, forests, coat-arms, precedency of the nobility and other particulars : the transcripts of which records out of the originals are at large inserted, many others chronologically and briefly quoted, with several tables thereunto ...
Brief van Mr. Willem Prynne advocaet, en lidt van het Huys der Geemeente gevangene geschreven aenden generael Fairfax over de onrechtveerdicheyt van sijn gevanckenisse
Briefe collection of sundry usefull and necessary statutes and petitions in Parliament
Briefe elaborate discourse
Briefe reply to an idle pamphlet intituled An answer and confutation of that groundlesse vindication of Psal. 105.15
briefe suruay and censure of Mr. Cozens his couzening deuotions, A : prouing both the forme and matter of Mr. Cozens, his booke of priuate deuotions, of the houres of prayer, lately published to be meerely popish to differ from the priuate prayers authorized by Queene Elizabeth 1560, to be transcribed out of popish authors, with which they are here paralelled, and to be scandalous and preiudiciall to our church and aduantageous onely to the Church of Rome
Canterburies doome, or the First part of a compleat history of the commitment, charge, tryall, condemnation, execution of William Laud, late arch-bishop of Canterbury... by William Prynne,...
case of the impeached lords, commons, and citizens; truely stated, The
Church of Englands old antithesis to new Arminianisme, The : where in 7 anti-Arminian orthodox tenents are euidently proued, their 7 opposite Arminian (once popish and Pelagian) errors are manifestly disproued to be the ancient, established, and vndoubted doctrine of the Church of England by the concurrent testimony of the seuerall records and writers of our church from the beginning of the Reformation to this present
Collection of sundrie memorable examples of Gods judgements upon Sabbath-breakers
Compendious and briefe discourse prouing the drinking and pledging of healthes, to be sinfull, and utterly unlawfull unto Christians
Concordia discors, or, The dissonant harmony of sacred publique oathes, protestations, leagues, covenants, ingagements, lately taken by the many time-serving saints, officers, without scruple of conscience : making a very unpleasant consort in the ears of our most faithfull oath performing, covenant-keeping God, and all loyal consciencious subjects, sufficient to create a dolefull hell, and tormenting horror in the awak[e]ned consciences of all those, who have taken, and violated them too, successively, without any fear of God, men, devils, or hell
declaration and protestation against the illegal, detestable, oft-condemned, new tax and extortion of excise in general; and for hops (a native incertain commodity) in particular., A
Defence of stage-plays
DeOodtmoedighe reqvesten van Willem Prynne [...] Henry Bvrton [...] Johan Bastwick [...] ende Nathanaël VVickins [...] ; met noch verscheyden andere, dewelcke Mr. Prynne op syn reyse naer 't Casteel Carnavan, hebben komen begroeten. Over-gelevert in de Vergaderinge vande hoogh-Achtbare Huysen des teghenwoordigen Parlaments, Anno 1641
divine tragedie lately acted, or, A collection of sundrie memorable examples of Gods judgements upon Sabbath-breakers, and other like libertines, in their unlawfull sports, hapning within the realme of England, in the compasse onely of few yeers last past, since the book was published, worthy to be known and considered of all men, especially such, who are guilty of the sin or archpatrons thereof., A
exact catalogue of all printed books and papers of various subjects, written upon sundry occasions by William Prynne Esq., a Bencher of the Honourable Society of Lincolns Inne, before, during, since his imprisonments., An
Exact chronological vindication and historical demonstration of our British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English kings supreme ecclesiastical jurisdiction.
Exact history of Popes intollerable vsurpations vpon the liberties of the king, and subjects of Engl. & Irel.
First (-third) tome of an Exact chronological vindication and historical demonstration of our British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English kings supreme ecclesiastical juridiction... by Willam Prynne, The
Fourth tome of an exact chronological vindication
full reply to certaine briefe observations and anti-queries on Master Prynnes twelve questions about church-government, A : wherein the frivolousness, falsenesse, and grosse mistakes of this anonymous answerer (ashamed of his name) and his weak grounds for independency and separation are modestly discovered, reselled
Fvll reply to certaine briefe observations and anti-queries on Master Prynnes twelve questions about church-government
God no impostor, nor deluder, or, An answer to a popish and Arminian cavill in the defence of free-will and vniversall grace : wherein Gods tender of grace by the outward ministry of the Gospell to reprobates who neither doe nor can receive it is vindicated from those aspersions of equivocation, falsitie, and collusion, which some by way of obiection cast upon it
God, no impostor nor delvder
Guilhelmi Prynn ... Fulcimentum gladii christianorum regum, principum, & magistratuum ... Latio donatum a Wolfango Mayero ...
Hier, wat nieuvvs, ontdeckende eenighe nieuwe, grouwelijcke, ende on-ghehoorde pracktijcken van sommighe domineerende ende heerschende bisschoppen.
history of King John, King Henry III. and the most illustrious King Edward the I. wherein the ancient sovereign dominion of the kings of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, over all persons in all causes, is asserted and vindicated, against all incroachments, and innovations whatsoever. The mistakes in some printed statutes, cannonists, law-books, histories, &c. and other matters of moment, are rectified, and rescued from oblivion. Collected out of the ancient records in the Tower of London: and now published for the better advancement of learning., The
Histrio-mastix ofte Schouw-spels treuspel, dienende tot een klaar bewijs van de onwetlijckheden der hedendaagsche comedien
Histriomastix : With a pref. for the Garland ed. by Arthur Freeman
Independency examined, unmasked, refuted by twelve new particular interrogatories : detecting both the manifold absurdities, inconveniences that must necessarily attend it to the great disturbance of church, state : the diminution, subversion of the lawfull undoubted power of all Christian magistrates, parliaments, synods : and shaking the chiefe pillars wherewith its patrons would support it
Irenarches redivivus, or a Briefe collection of sundry usefull and necessary statutes and petitions in Parliament... concerning the necessity, utility... of justice of peace... Together with a full refutation of Sir Edward Cooks assertion... of a difference between ordinances and acts of Parliament in former ages... Published... by William Prynne,...
Irenarches redivivus, or, A briefe collection of sundry usefull and necessary statutes and petitions in Parliament : (not hitherto published in print, but extant onely in the Parliament rolls) concerning the necessity, utility, institution, qualification, jurisdiction, office, commission, oath, and against the causlesse, clandestine dis-commissioning of justices of the peace, fit to be known and observed in these reforming times : with some short deductions from them, and a touch of the antiquity and institution of assertors and justices of peace in other forraign kingdomes : together with a full refutation of Sir Edward Cooks assertion, and the commonly received erronious opinion of a difference between ordinances and acts of Parliament in former ages, here cleerly manifested to be then but one and the same in all respects, and in point of the threefold assent
IX qveries upon the printed charge of the army against the xi. members and the papers thereto annexed : submitted to the publike consideration of the Parliament, army, and all lovers of justice, truth, Parliaments, and their native country ...
Judge Jenkins, the learned, loyal and courageous judge, who was kept prisoner in the Tower
Legall vindication of the liberties of England against illegal taxes and pretended acts of Parliament lately enforced on the people, or Reasons assigned by William Prynne,... why he can neither in conscience, law nor prudence submit to the newillegall tax... of 90.000 pounds the month lately imposed on the Kingdom..., A
Letter to the generall. Dutch
Lyar confounded
memento ofte vermaninge, aen de over-gebleven lidtmaten, nu te West-minster sittende: maer niet naar parliaments wijs ... Waer in verklaert wordt: Dat alle hare proceduren, aen-gaende het deposeren ofte onthalsen van Carel Stvart ... on-wettelijck zijn ..., Een
Minors no senators, or, A brief discourse, proving infants under 21 years of age to be uncapable in point of law, reason, prudence, of being elected or admitted members of the High Court of Parliament : and that the elections of such, are not only infamous to the elector, but injurious, prejudicial, dishonourable to the whole Parliament, and mere nullities, not fit to be connived at : written by way of letter to a friend and clyent, for his private satisfaction, afterwards published in the year 1646 (as now reprinted with some inlargments) for the common good
Mr VVilliam Prynn his defence of stage-plays, or A retractation of a former book of his called Histrio-mastix.
Mr. William Prynn : his defence of stage-plays, anonymous : The vindication of William Prynne
new cheaters forgeries, detected, disclaimed;, The
oodtmoedighe reqvesten van Willem Prynne [...] Henry Bvrton [...] Johan Bastwick [...] ende Nathanaël VVickins [...]. Over-gelevert in de vergaderinghe vande hoogh-achtbare Huysen des teghenwoordigen Parlaments., De
Peoples humble discovery, of their own loyaltie, and His Maiesties ungrounded iealousie
perpetuitie of a regenerate man's estate, The : wherein it is manifestly proued that such as are once truely regenerated and ingraffed into Christ by a true and liuely faith can neither finally nor totally fall from grace : as also that this hath beene the receiued and resolued doctrine of the ancient fathers of the Protestant churches beyond the seas, of the churches of England ... : the vses which Christians ought to make of this perpetuitie of the estate of sauing grace, the seuerall markes and characters whereby they may infallibly know whether they are yet in this estate ...
petition of right of the free-holders and free-men of the kingdom of England, The : humbly presented to the Lords and Commons (their representatives and substitutes) from whom they expect a speedy and satisfactory answer, as their undoubted liberty and birth-right.
Plea for the Lords, or a short, yet full and necessary vindication of the judiciary and legislative power of the House of Peeres... by William Prynne,.., A
Plea or protest made by William Prynne,... sent unto J. M. Knight, one of the eleven impeached members wherein he declares the injustice and illegality of the Lords, Commons, and grandees of the armies proceedings against him... published... by Lionel Hurbin,... [John Lilburne.], A
Popish royal favourite, or a Full discovery of His Majesty's extraordinary favours to and protections of notorious papists, priets, Jesuits, against all prosecutions and penalties of the laws enacted against them, notwithstanding his many royal proclamations, declarations, and protestations to the contrary... collected... by William Prynne,..., The
popish royall favorite, or A full discovery of His Majesties extraordinary favours to, and protections of notorious papists, priests, Jesuits, against all prosecutions and penalties of the laws enacted against them ..., The
Practicall law, controlling. -
Prynne's records
Reasons assigned by William Prynne of Swainswick in the county of Sommerset, Esquire, why he can neither in conscience, law, nor prudence submit to the new illegall tax or contribution of ninety thousand pounds the month; lately imposed on the kingdom, by a pretended Act of some commons in (or rather out of) Parliament
Retractation of a former book of his called Histrio-mastix
revindication of the anoynting and priviledges of faithfull subjects, or, A briefe reply to an idle pamphlet intituled An answer and confutation of that groundlesse vindication of Psal. 105.15 (Touch not mine anoynted, and do my prophets no harme) ... wherein the insufficiency and ridiculousnesse this answerers no-answer is briefly demonstrated ..., A
seasonable, legall, and historicall vindication and chronologicall collection of the good, old, fundamentall, liberties, franchises, rights, laws of all English freemen ... and of their strenuous defence in all former ages; of late years most dangerously undermined, and almost totally subverted..., A
seasonable vindication of the supream authority and jurisdiction of Christian kings, lords, parliaments, as well over the possessions, as persons of delinquent prelates and churchmen, or, An antient disputation of the famous Bohemian martyr John Hus in justification of John Wickliffs 17. article ..., A : transcribed out of the printed works of John Hus, and Mr. John Fox his Acts and monuments ... with an additional appendix thereunto of proofs, and domestick presidents in all ages, usefull for present and future times
second part of the narrative concerning the Armies force and violence upon the Commons House, and Members., The
short sober pacific examination of some exuberances in, and ceremonial appurtenances to the Common prayer;, A
soveraigne antidote to prevent, appease, and determine our unnaturall and destructive civill vvars and dissentions, A : wherein divers serious considerations tending to this purpose are propounded both to the King and subjects ... with a most serious exhortation both to the King and subjects to embrace and preserve peace and abandon civill warres with other matters worthy of consideration : also Vox populi, or the peoples humble discovery of His Majesties ungrounded jealousies and their own loyaltie.
Soveraigne Power of Parliaments and Kingdomes. -, The
Substance of a speech made in the House of Commons by Wil. Prynn,... on Munday, the 4th of December, 1648, touching the Kings answer to the propositions of both Houses upon the whole Treaty, whether they were satisfactory or not satisfactory... The 3d edition, The
Summarie discourse proouing the wearing and nourishing of a locke or loue-locke, to be altogether unseemely and unlawfull vnto Christians
Sylloge variorum tractatuum Anglico quidem idiomate & ab Auctoribus Anglis conscriptorum
Ten quæres, upon the ten new commandements of the General council of the officers of the armies, Decemb. 22. 1659 ...
Theatrum redivivum
third Part of the soveraigne power of parliaments and Kingdomes. -, The
third tome of An exact chronological vindication and historical demonstration of the supreme ecclesiastical jurisdiction of our British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English kings: more particularly of King John, Henry the Third; but principally of the most illustrious King Edward the First, in, and over all matters, causes, persons spiritual, as well as temporal, within their realms and dominions ..., The
Trvth trivmphing over falshood, antiqvity over novelty.
Twelve considerable serious questions touching chvrch government
unbishoping of Timothy and Titus, 1636:, The
unlovelinesse of lovelockes, The
VIII queries upon the late declarations of, and letters from, the army...
Vindication of the imprisoned and secluded members of the House of Commons, from the aspersions cast upon them and the majority of the House... [By William Prynne.], A
vindication of the imprisoned and secluded members of the House of commons, from the aspersions cast upon them, and the majority of the House, in a paper lately printed and published: intituled, An humble answer to the generall councel of the officers of the army under His Excellency Thomas Lord Fairfax, to the demands of the honourable Commons of England assembled: concerning the late securing or secluding some members thereof ..., A
Vnbishoping of Timothy and Titvs
Vox populi: or The peoples humble discovery, of their own loyaltie, and His Maiesties ungrounded iealousie