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Atherton, Edward
Holden, E.
Holden, E. S.
Holden, Edw. S.
Holden, Edward
Holden, Edward S.
Holden, Edward Singleton
Singleton, Adam
Singleton Holden, Edward
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National Academy of sciences
Newcomb, Simon (1835-1909)
Ostrander, W. L.
Polo, Marco (1254-1323?)
Schaeberle, John Martin (1853-1924)
Smithsonian Institution
Stati Uniti. Military Academy
United States Military Academy
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
account of progress in astronomy in the year 1881, An : from the Smithsonian report for 1881
Addresses of Hon. John S. Hager, and of President Edward S. Holden, on the occasion of the inauguration of the president of the University of California at the annual commencement at Berkeley, June 30, 1886.
adventures of Marco Polo, the great traveler;, The
art of life, The : address to the graduating class, 1887, June 29
Astronomy for high schools and colleges
Biographical memoir of William H.C. Bartlett, 1804-1893
brief account of the Lick Observatory of the university of Califor*. -, A
brief account of the Lick observatory of the University of California, A
catalogue of earthquakes on the Pacific Coast 1769 to 1897, A
Catalogue of the library of the Lick observatory of the University of California.
centennial of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, 1802-1902., The
chronicles of Sir John Froissart condensed for young readers, The
cipher despatches, The
earth and sky; a primer of astronomy for young readers, The
Earthquakes in California in 1890 and 1891
Elementary astronomy; a beginner's text-book
family of the sun; conversations with a child, The
Flowers from Persian gardens: selections from the poems of Saadi, Hafiz, Omar Khayyám, and others.
Great public libraries in the United States;
Hand-book of the Lick observatory of the University of California.
Index catalogue of books and memoirs relating to nebulae and clusters, etc.
Investigation of the objective and micrometers of the twenty-six inch equatorial constructed by Alvan Clark & sons
List of recorded earthquakes in California, Lower California, Oregon, and Washington Territory.
Memorials of William Cranch Bond, director of the Harvard college observatory, 1840-1859, and of his son George Phillips Bond, director ... 1859-1865
Memorials of William Cranch Bond, director of the Harvard College Observatory, 1840-1859, and of his son, George Phillips Bond, director of the Harvard College Observatory, 1859-1965
Meteors and sunsets observed by the astronomers of the Lick observatory in 1893, 1894, and 1895.
Mogul emperors of Hindustan, A.D. 1398-A.D. 1707, The
Monograph of the central parts of the Nebula of Orion (R. A. 5h 28m 24s.0; N. P. D. 95° 29' 10''. 9; 1860.0)
Mountain observatories in America and Europe.
multiple star of [sigma] 748, The
Notes on the bastion system of fortification : its defects and their remedeis [i.e. remedies]
Observations of nebulae at the Lick Observatory
On some of the consequences of the hypothesis, recently proposed, that the intrinsic brilliancy of the fixed stars is the same for each star.
On the relations between the number, brightness and relative mean distance of the fixed stars, as seen from the earth.
Our country's flag and the flags of foreign countries
predecessors of Copernicus, The
primer of heraldry for Americans, A
Real things in nature : a reading book of science for American boys and girls
renaissance of science, The
Reports of astronomical observatories for 1880 : from the Smithsonian report for 1880.
s:sir william herschel: his life and works|sir william herschel: his life and works
sciences, The : a reading book for children : astronomy, physics-- heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism-- chemistry, physiography, meteorology
Sir William Herschel, his life and works.
Standard time for Madison [Wis.]
subject-index to the publications of the United States Naval Observatory, 1845-1875, A
Suggestions for observing the total eclips of the sun on January 1, 1889
synopsis of the scientific writings of Sir William Herschel. -, A
teaching of astronomy in the primary and secondary schools and in the university., The
Wilh. Herschel, his life and works
Wilhelm Herschel. -
Wonders of earth, sea and sky;
work of the Lick observatory, 1888-1897., The