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Dawson, J. W.
Dawson, J. W. (Sir)
Dawson, J. William
Dawson, J. William (Sir)
Dawson, John W.
Dawson, John William
Dawson, John William (Sir)
Dawson, William
Dawson, William (Sir)
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Cornell, John F.
Dawson, Rankine
Geological Survey of Canada
Harrington, Bernard J. (1848-1907)
Harrington, Bernard James (1848-1907)
Harrington, Conrad F.
Prince Edward Island
Selwyn, Alfred Richard Cecil (1824-1902))
Shea, William R. (1937-)
Shea, William R. (1938?-....))
Shea, William Rene (1937-)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Acadian geology an account of the geological structure and mineral resources of Nova Scotia and portions of the neighbouring provinces of British America
Acadian geology the geological structure, organic remains and mineral resources of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
Air-breathers of the coal period a descriptive account of the remains of land animals found in the coal formation of Nova Scotia, with remarks on their bearing on theories of the formation of coal and of the origin of species
Archaia or, Studies of the cosmogony and natural history of the Hebrew Scriptures
Chain of life in geological time a sketch of the origin and succession of animals and plants
Contributions toward the improvement of agriculture in Nova-Scotia with practical hints on the management and improvement of live stock
dawn of life, 1875, The
Dawn of life; being the history of the oldest known fossil remains and their relations to geological time and to the development of the animal kingdom
duties of educated young men in British America, The : being the annual university lecture of McGill University, Montreal, session of 1883-4
Egypt and Syria their physical features in relation to Bible history
Facts and fancies in modern science studies of the relations of science to prevalent speculations and religious belief : being the lectures on the Samuel A. Crozer Foundation in connection with the Crozer Theological Seminary, for 1881
Fifty years of work in Canada, scientific and educational;
Fossil men and their modern representatives an attempt to illustrate the characters and condition of prehistoric men in Europe, by those of the American races
Fossil plants of the devonian and upper silurian formations of canada
Life of Sir William E. Logan, kt., LL.D., F.R.S., F.G.S., &c., first director of the geological survey of Canada. Chiefly compiled from his letters, journals, and reports.
Meeting place of geology and history
Modern ideas of evolution as related to revelation and science
Modern science in Bible lands
Nature and the Bible a course of lectures delivered in New York, in December, 1874, on the Morse foundation of the Union Theological Seminary
Note on Balanus hameri in the Pleistocene at Rivière Beaudette, and on the occurrence of peculiar varieties of Mya arenaria and M. truncata in the modern sea and in the Pleistocene
Relics of primeval life beginning of life in the dawn of geological time
Report on the fossil plants of the lower carboniferous and millstone gri*. -
rights and duties of science, The
Specimens of eozoon Canadense and their geological and other relations
Story of the earth and man