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Anglicus, Ducange
Anglicus, Ducange (Pseudonym)
Bernard Quaritch
Ducange, Anglicus
Ducange, Anglicus (Pseudonym)
Quaritch, Bernard
Quaritch, Bernard Alexander Christian
Quaritch, Bernard (British bookseller and publisher, 1819-1899)
Quaritsch, Bernhard
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Manuscript language material
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Burbidge, Edward
FitzGerald, Edward (1809-1883)
Jones, Owen (1809-1874))
Quaritch, Bernard (1819-1899)
Ruskin, John (1819-1900)
Sette of Odd Volumes (Book club)
Thompson, Herbert (1859-1944))
Thompson, W. Mort (d. 1898.)
Thompson, William Mort (d. 1898.)
Vespucci, Amerigo (1454-1512)
Wrentmore, Charlotte Quaritch
Account of the great learned societies and associations and of the chief printing clubs of Great Britain and Ireland
Americana; catalogues.
Autobiography of Mr. Robert Skeen, printer.
Bibliotheca hispana : a catalogue of books in castilian, catalan, portuguese or otherwise of spanish interest
Bibliotheca liturgica;
Brief van De Erven F. Bohn Haarlem aan Bernard Quaritch (1819-1899)
Carta (Feb. 18, 1493).
Catalogue de la bibliothèque de feu M. Benedetto Maglione de Naples ...
catalogue of Bibles, liturgies, church history and theology., A
catalogue of books and manuscripts issued to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the firm of Bernard Quaritch 1847 - 1947 with a portrait-study of the founder, A
catalogue of fifteen hundred books remarkable for the beauty or the age of their bindings or as bearing indications of former ownership by great book-collectors and famous historical personages, A
catalogue of Greek and Latin classics also of modern latinists, and of works upon classical philology, A
Catalogue of medieval literature especially of the romances of chivalry and books relating to the customs, costume, art and pageantry of the middle ages., A
catalogue of selected editions of works in English literature, A
Catalogue of the history, geography, and of the philology, of America, Australasia, Asia, Africa.
Catalogue of works on Oriental history, languages and literature...by Bernard Quaritch, A
Catalogue of works on the fine arts, the galleries, books of costume, old engravings, portraits, ornament, early woodcuts, illustrated books of the 18th and 19th centuries architecture, and a splendid series of books in historical and remarkable bindings, illustrating the history of the art of bookbinding from the IXth to the XIXth century
Catalogue. Suppl. 8. [from old catalog]
Choice portions of the libraries of the Earl of Westmoreland; a late Marquis of Thomond ... the late Rev. John Moss ... and many books of general interest from other sources, transferred to 15 Piccadilly.
collection of facsimiles from examples of historic or artistic book-binding, A : illustrating the history of binding as a branch of the decorative arts
collection of manuscripts and graphic curiosities of all countries, A
Contributions towards a dictionary of English book-collectors as also of some foreign collectors, whose libraries were incorporated in English collections or whose books are chiefly met with in England.
European philology:
Exhibition of manuscripts at a soirée of the "Odd volumes,"
Facsimiles of choice examples selected from illuminated manuscripts, unpublished drawings and illuminated books of early date.
Facsimiles of illustrations in biblical and liturgical Manuscripts executed in various countries during the 11-16 centuries
Facsimiles of some examples of the art of book-ornamentation during the middle ages
Fifty-two Books from Royal and Princely libraries described in chronological arrangement as an illustration of two centuries of artistic bookbinding
General catalogue of books the supplement, 1875-77 : offered to the public at the affixed prices
George Gissing 1857-1903 : books, manuscripts and letters : a chronological catalogue of the Pforzheimer collection
Gospel of St. John, The : according to the earliest coptic manuscript
Grammatik der Ornamente : illustrirt mit Mustern von den verschiedenen Stylarten der Ornamente in hundert und zwölf Tafeln
Gypsy bibliography, A
hand list of some odds and ends of artistic and literary interest, exhibited ..., A
Letter to Gen. Starring, Jan. 14, 1880.
Letters of John Ruskin to Bernard Quaritch, 1867-1888
Letters of the four voyages to the new world
Mexican picture-chronicle of Cempoallan and other states of the empire of Aculhuacan.
Monuments of the early printers.
Monuments of typography and xylography books of the first half century of the art of printing : in the possession of Bernard Quaritch and offered for sale at the affixed prices.
olla podrida of typographical curiosities exhibited Friday, June 2nd, 1893, An
Palæography : Notes upon the history of writing and the medieval art of illumination
Purchases from the magnificent library of ... N[icolas] Yemeniz, being the finest collection of rare a. valuable books, ... including the richset bindings of De Rome, Padeloup, Bozérian, Trautz-Bauzonnet, ... June 1, 1867
Report of a conversazione givern at Willis's rooms ... on ...
Sette of Odd Volume.
short sketch of liturgical history and literature, illustrated by examples manuscripts and printed., A
Spanish letter of Columbus a facsimile of the original edition published by Bernard Quaritch in 1891, The
vulgar tongue: comprising two glossaries of slang, cant, and flash words and phrases, principally used in London at the present day, The