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Gray, Asa
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Cambridge University Press
Engelmann, George
Fernald, Merritt Lyndon (1873-1950)
Gray, Asa (1810-1888))
Robinson, Benjamin Lincoln
Sprague, Isaac
Sullivant, William Starling (1803-1873)
Thurber, George (1821-1890)
Torrey, John
United States Exploring Expedition 1838 - 1842
Watson, Sereno (1826-1892)
Wright, Charles (1811-1885)
白井, 光太郎 (1863-1932)
Asa Gray : American botanist, friend of Darwin
Botanical textbook
botanical works of the late George Engelmann, collected for Henry Shaw, esq, The
Botany for young people and common schools. How plants grow, a simple introduction to structural botany
Botany, phanerogamia
Chloris Boreali-Americana : illustrations of new, rare, or otherwise interesting North American plants : selected chiefly from those recently brought into cultivation at the Botanic Garden of Harvard University
Contributions to North American botany
Conversations on gardening : with incidental notes on natural history
Darwiniana essays and reviews pertaining to Darwinism
Do varieties wear out, or tend to wear out?
Elements of botany
Explorations and surveys for a railroad route from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean
Field, forest and garden botany, a simple introduction to the common plants of the United States east of the Mississippi, both wild and cultivated
Genera floræ Americæ Boreali-orientalis illustrata The genera of the plants of the United States illustrated by figures and analyses from nature
Geological Survey of California
Gray's lessons in botany and vegetable physiology, illustrated by over 360 wood engravings, from original drawings, by Isaac Sprague. To which is added a copious glossary or dictionary of botanical terms
Gray's new manual of botany, c1908:
Gray's school and field book of botany, consisting of Lessons in botany and Field, forest, and garden botany bound in one volume
How plants grow, a simple introduction to structural botany with a popular flora, or an arrangement and description of common plants, both wild and cultivated
Introduction to structural and systematic botany and vegetable physiology being a fifth and revised edition of the botanical textbook
Jeffries Wyman : memorial meeting of the Boston Society of Natural History : october 7, 1874
Letters of Asa Gray
List of dried plants collected in Japan
Manual of the botany of the northern United States
Musci Alleghanienses, sive enumeratio muscorum atque hepaticarum quos in itinere a Marylandia usque ad Georgiam per tractus montium, A.D. M DCCC XLIII decerpserunt Asa Gray and W.S. Sullivant (interjectis nonnullis aliunde collectis)
Natural selection not inconsistent with natural theology.
Note on the affinities of the genus Vavaea, Benth. also of Rhytidandra, Gray.
Notes upon some Rubiaceae. Notes upon some Polynesian Loganiaceae. Diagnosis of the sandal-woods of the Sandwich Islands
Notice of the botanical writings of the late C.S. Rafinesque.
Notices of European herbaria, particularly those most interesting to the North American botanist.
Plantae Lindheimerianae : an enumeration of F. Lindheimer's collection of Texan plants, with remarks and descriptions of new species, etc
Plantæ novæ thurberianæ: the characters of some new genera and species of plants in a collection made by George Thurber ... chiefly in New Mexico and Sonora.
Plantae wrightianae texano-neomexicanae
Plates prepared between the years 1849 and 1859, to accompany a report on the forest trees of North America
Report on the botany of the expedition
revision of the genus Forestiera., A
revision of the North American Ranunculi, A
Route on the forty-first parallel of north latitude, under the command of Lieut. E.G. Beckwith, Third Artillery
Scientific papers of Asa Gray
Shokubutsu tsūkai.
Studies of Aster and Solidago in the older herbaria
Synoptical flora of North America
United States exploring expedition, during the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842 under the command of Charles Wilkes,...
Vegetation of the rocky mountain region and a comparison with that of other parts of the world
猿乃裁判 : 優勝劣敗