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Algernon Kingsford, Anna
Bonus, Anna
Bonus, Annie
Bonus Kingsford, Anna
Kingsford, Algernon (Mrs)
Kingsford, Anna
Kingsford, Anna B.
Kingsford, Anna Bonus,
Kingsford, Anne Bonus Mme Algernon
Kingsford, Annie Mary Magdalena Maria Johanna
Kingsford, Bonus
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De l'alimentation végétale chez l'homme
Eeden, Frederik van (1860-1932)
Eeden, Frederik Willem (1860-1932)
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Hart, Samuel Hopgood
Hucht, J.C. van der
Ligue populaire contre l'abus de la vivisection
Maitland, Edouard
Maitland, Edward (1824-1897)
Nordanus, F.
Pfeiff, Victor (1829-1901)
Schuré, Édouard (1841-1929)
addresses & essays on vegetarianism
animal welfare & anti-vivisection 1870-1910: nineteenth century woman's mission
Anna Kingsford, her life, letters, diary and work: in two volumes
astrology theologised
Christ ésotérique, Le
Clothed with the sun. - [1890]
"Clothed with the sun"; being the book of the illuminations of Anna (Bonus) Kingsford.
credo of Christendom, The : and other addresses and essays on esoteric Christianity
Dreams and dream-stories
dreams, visions and realities
Hermetic works; the Virgin of the world of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus., The
[http://www.anna-kingsford.com/english/works_by_anna_kingsford_and_maitland/texts/08_oakm-i-credo.htm the credo of christendom and other addresses and essays on esoteric christianity]
[https://archive.org/details/clothedwithsun00kingiala clothed with the sun]
[https://archive.org/details/dreamsanddreamst05651gut dreams and dream stories]
[https://archive.org/details/healthbeautyand00kinggoog health, beauty and the toilet: letters to ladies from a lady doctor]
[https://archive.org/details/keysofcreeds00maitrich the key of the creeds]
[https://archive.org/details/perfectwayindie00kinggoog the perfect way in diet]
[https://archive.org/details/perfectwayorfind00king the perfect way, or the finding of christ]
Hymn of love
In memoriam: Anthony Ashley Cooper, Lord Shaftesbury
l'alimentation végétale chez l'homme, De : (végétarisme)
land aan gene zijde van de zon, Het : een sprookje voor onzen tijd
Letter addressed to the fellows of the London Lodge of the Theosophi*. -, A
Ligue populaire contre l'abus de la vivisection. Roi ou tyran, réponse à M. Ch. Richet,...
Naukowe podstawy diety roślinnej (jarstwa)
Naukowe podstawy dyety roślinnej (jarstwa)
Onwetenschappelijk wetenschap
Onwetenschappelijke wetenschap
Pasteur, zijne methode en hare resultaten : voordracht gehouden te Hampstead den 13n Mei 1886
perfect way in diet, The ; a treatise advocating a return to the natural and ancient food of our race
perfect way: or, the finding of Christ, The
Private and confidential. A Letter addressed to the fellows of the Londo*. -
river reeds
Roi ou tyran, réponse à M. Ch. Richet,... par Anna Kingsford,...
Rosamunda the princess, 1875:
rosamunda the princess, and other tales
spiritual therapeutics or divine science
Ur drömlifvet : drömmar och drömberättelser
Virgin of the world of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, The
voie parfaite ou le Christ ésotérique, La
ware voeding, De : een pleidooi voor den terugkeer tot de natuurlijke en oorspronkelijke voedingswijze van ons geslacht
ware weg, of Het vinden van den Christus, De
Woman" and the age, "The : a letter addressed to the Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone ... by sundry members ... of the International Association for the total suppression of vivisection
Master microform held by: DNLM
A revised and enlarged translation of the author's thesis, University de Paris, issued under title: De l'alimentation végétale chez l'homme