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Oepik, Ernst Julius
Öpik, E.
Öpik, E. J.
Öpik, Ernst
Öpik, Ernst J.
Öpik, Ernst Julius
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Barnes, Leland
Boothroyd, Samuel L.
Gabovits̆, Jacob
Jõeveer, Mihkel (1937-2006)
Kusmin, G.
Maulbetsch, Georgette
Maulbetso, Georgette
Olmsted, Margaret
Riives, V.
Shapley, Harlow (1885-1972)
Apparent distribution of luminosities of stars brighter than the sixth magnitude
Arizona expedition for the study of meteors, by Harlow Shapley, Ernst J. Oepik, and Samuel L. Boothroyd,..., The
Atomic collisions and radiation of meteors
Basis of the physical theory of meteor phenomena
Biographical encyclopedia of astronomers, 2007:
Collision probabilities with the planets and the distribution of interplanetary matter., ...
Composite stellar models
Construction and use of a scale of artificial spectral lines, with application to absolute magnitudes of early type stars, by Ernst Öpik and Margaret Olmstea, The
Eleegiline ballad, 1933:
Ernst Julius Öpik - viimane suur igakülgne
Gravitational Source of energy and convectional instability
Initiation à l'astronomie
Interplanetary encounters : close-range gravitational interactions
Interplanetary encouters : close-range gravitational interactions
Meie kosmiline saatus
Meteor heights from the Arizona expedition, by Ernst Öpik, Tartu, Estonia
Meteorites and the age of the universe, by E. Öpik
Miscellaneous astrophysical notes ...
Note on stellar perturbations of nearly parabolic orbits, by E. Öpik
Notes on stellar statistics and stellar evolution
On the fundamental problem of meteor statistics, by E. Öpik
On the physical interpretation of color-excess in early type stars, by E. Öpik
oscillating universe., The
Photographic Observations of the brightness of Neptune method and preliminary results
Photometric Measures on the moon and the earthshine
Photometric Measures on the moon and the earthskine
Physics of meteor flight in the atmosphere, 2004:
Researches on the physical theory of meteor phenomena ...
Results of the Arizona expedition for the study of meteors [continued from H.C. 388]. III. Velocities of meteors observed visually. By Ersnt Öpik
Results of the Arizona expedition for the study of meteors [Marlow Shapley, Ernst J. Öpik, and Samuel L. Boothroys]. III. Statistical analysis of group radiants, by Ernst Öpik
Results of the Arizona expedition for the study of meteors. V. On the distribution of heliocentric, velocities of meteors. By Ernst Öpik
Some statistical aspects of the study of variables stars, by E. Öpik
statistical Method of counting shooting stars and its application to the Perseid shower of 1920, A
Stellar models with variable composition ..., ...
Stellar structure, source of energy, and evolution
Telescopic Observations of meteors at the Tartu observatory 1
time scale of our universe, The
Tone poem, no. 3. [from old catalog]
Tone poem no. 3 : Kevadmüsteerim