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Leicester, Robert Sidney
Leicester, Robert Sidney (Earl of)
Leicester, Robert Sidney of
Sidney, Robert
Sidney, Robert (1st earl of Leicester)
Sidney, Robert (Earl of Leicester)
Sydney, Robert
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Manuscript language material
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Brennan, Michael G.
Croft, Peter John -1984
Hannay, Margaret P. (1944-)
Kinnamon, Noel J.
Maggs Bros. (auctie, 1916)
Maggs Bros., Londen (antiq.)
Sidney, Algernon (1622-1683)
Sidney, Barbara Gamage -1621
Sidney, Philip (3d earl of Leicester, 1619-1698)
Brief van Dudley Carleton viscount Dorchester (1573-1632), diplomaat, geschreven aan Robert Sidney viscount of Lisle and earl of Leicester (1563-1626)
Domestic politics and family absence : the correspondence (1588-1621) of Robert Sidney, first Earl of Leicester, and Barbara Gamage Sidney, Countess of Leicester
Kwitantie wegens de ontvangst van 300 pond Engels, zijnde een kwart van een jaarlijkse vergoeding van 1200 pond, hem door de koning van Engeland toegekend als gouverneur van Vlissingen en Rammekens
letters (1595-1608) of Rowland Whyte, The
Letters and memorials of state, in the reigns of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles the First, part of the reign of King Charles the Second, and Oliver's usurpation. Written and collected by Sir Henry Sydney ... the famous Sir Philip Sydney, and his brother Sir Robert Sydney ... Robert, the second earl of Leicester ... Philip, lord viscount Lisle ... and of his brother, Colonel Algernon Sydney ... Together with letters of the other ministers of state, with whom they held a correspondence. The whole containing the antient state of Ireland; with characters and private memoirs. Also, the antient government of the principality of Wales. The wars between the Spaniards, and the States-General in the Netherlands. Negotiations between the courts of England, France, &c. The intriegues of the several courts of Queen Elizabeth, Kinf James, and King Charles the First. With other remarkable transactions, both at home and abroad, during those times, not hitherto known. Faithfully transcribed from the originals ... Whereunto is added, genealogical and historical observations: also memoirs of the lives and actions of the Sydneys, and their noble ancestors, the Dudleys, Grey, Talbot, Beauchamp, Berkley, and Lisle; and a defence of Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, wrote by Sir Philip Sydney. Collected from records, their last wills and testaments, original papers, authentick manuscripts, and our most approved historians.
Letters and memorials of State in the reigns of queen Mary, queen Elizabeth, king James, king Charles the Ist, part of the reign of king Charles the IId, and Oliver's usurpation, written and collected by Sir Henry Sydney,... the famous Sir Philip Sidney and his brother Sir Robert Sydney,... Robert, the IId earl of Leicester,... Philip lord viscount Lisle... and... his brother Colonel Algernon Sydney,... the whole containing the antient state of Ireland... also... the antient government of... Wales... whereunto is added geneological and historical observations ; also memoirs of the lives... of the Sydneys... by Arthur Collins,...
life of Robert Sidney, 1984:, The
poems of Robert Sidney, 1984:, The