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Author of Sure-footing
Catholick gentleman
I. S, Iohn Sergeant
J. S, John Sergeant
J. S (pseudonym)
S, I.
S, Iohn Sergeant
S, J.
S, J. (pseudonym)
S, John Sergeant
S. W
S. W (pseudonym)
Sergeant, John
Sergeant, John ((priest))
Sergeantius, Joannes
Sergeantius, Johannes
Serjant (Mr)
Serjeant, John
Sure-footing (Author of)
Trooper in Flanders
W, S. (pseudonym)
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Maurice, David
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Declaratio Joannis Sergeantii circa doctrinam in libris suis contentam exhibita sacræ congregationi eminentissimorum ac reverendissimorum dominorum cardinalium in universa Christiana republica contra hæreticam pravitatem generalium inquisitorum
fourth catholick letter in answer to dr. Stillingfleet's sermon, preach't at Guild-Hall, Nov. 27th. 1687, entituled, Scripture and tradition compared, addrest to his auditory., The
historical romance of the wars between the mighty giant Gallieno and the great knight Nasonius and his associates., An
informations of John Sergeant ... 1781 (surrogate):, The
Informations of john sergeant and david maurice, gentlemen relating to the popish plot (deliver'd by them upon their respective oaths), reported to the house of commons, upon saturday the 26th day of march, 1681, then ordered by the commons in parliament to be forthwith printed
Letter from a trooper in flanders to his comrade shewing that luxemburg is a witch, and deals with the devil
Methodus compendiosa, qua recte pervestigatur et certo invenitur fides christiana ; authore J.S.
Of devotion.
rule of faith: or an answer to the treatise of Mr. I. S. [John Sergeant] entituled, Sure-footing, &c. By John Tillotson... To which is adjoined a reply to Mr. I. S. his 3d Appendix, &c. By Edw. Stillingfleet ... The second edition, 1676:, The
Schism dispach't; or, A reioynder to the replies of Dr. Hammond ...
Solid philosophy asserted, against the fancies of the ideists or, The method to science farther illustrated. With reflexions on Mr. Locke's Essay concerning human understanding
transnatural philosophy, or metaphysicks: demonstrating the essences and operations of all beings whatever, which gives the principles to all other sciences. and shewing the perfect conformity of christian faith to right reason, and the unreason ableness of atheists, deists, anti-trinitarians, andother sectaries
unerring and unerrable Church, or An answer to a sermon preached by M.r Andrew Sall, formely a Iesuit, and now a minister of the protestant church., The