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Archy Moore, Author of
Author of Archy Moore
Hildreth (M.)
Hildreth, R.
Hildreth, Richard
Hildrets, R.
Khilʹdret, R.
Khildret, R.
Moore, Archy
Moore, Archy (pseudonym)
Хильдрет, Ричард
ヒルドレス, R
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Bentham, Jeremy
Clement, Ernest Wilson (1860-1941)
Dumont, Etienne (1759-1829)
ebrary, Inc
Étienne Pierre Louis (1759-1829))
La Bédollière, Emile de (1812-1883)
Mornand, Félix
Murakami, K.
Ogden, C. K. (1889-1957)
Ogden, Charles Kay (1889-1957)
Rhode Island. Supreme Court
Richter, Charlotte
Robert, Cyprien
Вальдман, В. С
北村, 勇 (1911-)
Aehrenlese unterhaltender Romane und Novellen
American utilitarian, An ; Richard Hildreth as a philosopher, with selections from his published and unpublished works
American utilitarian, Richard Hildreth as a philosopher. With selections from his published and unpublished works, by Martha M. Pingel, An
Atlas., The
Atrocious judges. Lives of judges infamous as tools of tyrants and instruments of oppression.
Baltais vergs, 1953:
Banks, banking, and paper currencies in three parts. I. History of banking and paper money. II. Argument for open competition in banking. III. Apology for one-dollar notes
blanke slaaf, De : een verhaal uit het slavenleven in Virginië
Boston evening telegraph.
Boston spy ..., The
Chūsei kinsei nichiō kōshōshi.
Contrast or william henry harrison versus martin van buren
Despotism in America an inquiry into the nature, results, and legal basis of the slave-holding system in the United States
Esclave blanc
esclave de la Virginie, L' : souvenirs d'Archy Moore : les horreurs de l'esclavage au Etats-Unis pendant le XIXe siècle
Experience and personal narrative of Uncle Tom Jones: who was for forty years a slave. Also the surprising adventures of Wild Tom, of the island retreat, a fugitive negro from South Carolina.
Geschiedenis van de Vereenigde Staten van Noord Amerika, sedert de ontdekking van Columbus
Hildreth's Japan as it was and is a handbook of old Japan
History of banks to which is added a demonstration of the advantages and necessity of free competition in the business of banking
History of the united states of america from the adoption of the federal constitution to the end of the sixteenth congress
History of the United States of America, from the Discovery of the Continent to the Organization of Government under the Federal Constitution
Japan and the Japanese.
Letter to his excellency marcus morton, on banking and the currency
My connection with the Atlas newspaper; including a sketch of the history of the Amory hall party of 1838, and an account of the senatorial and representative elections in the city of Boston for the year 1839, so far as the question of sustaining the license law of 1838 was involved therein.
O escravo branco
People's presidential candidate or, the life of William Henry Harrison of Ohio
report of the trial of the Rev. Ephraim K. Avery, before the Supreme Judicial Court of Rhode Island, on an indictment for the murder of Sarah Maria Cornell, A : containing a full statement of the testimony, together with the arguments of counsel, and the charge to the jury : with a map
Révélations sur la Russie de l'empereur Nicolas et son empire en 1844, par un résident anglais [Rich. Hildreth]
Ruin" of jamaica
Seitai kakuron
Seiyo kisetsu dai nihon hakkenroku : Ichimei nihon gaiko kigenshi
Slave, Or, Memoirs of Archy Moore
Theory of legislation
Theory of morals an inquiry concerning the law of moral distinctions and the variations and contradictions of ethical codes
Theory of politics
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Traités de législation civile et pénale.
Truth-seeker and present age a Catholic review of literature, philosophy, and religion., The
weisse Sklave [Eine Geschichte aus d. Sklavenleben in Virginia], Der
White slave
Белый раб : роман
西洋奇説大日本発見録 : 一名・日本外交起原史
Reprint of 1948 ed
Thesis of Martha Mary Pingel - Columbia