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Confrey, Edward Elezear
Confrey, Edward Elzear
Confrey, Edward Elzear "Zez"
Confrey, Sez
Confrey, Zes
Confrey, Zez
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Computer file
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Fisher, Fred (1875-1942)
Gershwin, George (1898-1937)
Hyman, Dick (1927-)
Joplin, Scott (1868-1917)
Kern, Jerome (1885-1945)
Marshall, Arthur (1881-1968)
Naxos Digital Services
Paul Whiteman Orchestra
Salabert, Francis (1884-1946)
Schwartz, Jean (1878-1956))
Sousa, John Philip (1854-1932)
The Three Suns (Grupo musical)
Whiting, Richard A. (1891-1938)
Wiedoeft, Rudy
Wright, Lawrence (1906-)
American Classics Sampler
American ragtime and music hall piano (Version 2.0).
Anticipation. Waltz.
Band Organ Arrangements (Catch Another Brass Ring - Nostalgic Carousel Music)
Banda del Regimiento The Coldstream Guards
Beiderbecke Modern Piano Suite : Elite Syncopations : Pastime Rag No. 5 : Grandpa's spells.
Boogie woogie rag
Brodie, Paul Back to the '20s.
Charleston chuckles. Zez Confrey's novelty piano solos...
Chopsticks : du Film "Tu seras un homme mon fils"
Confrey -- piano music
Crosby, Bob and Bob Cats Palesteena (1937-1940)
Dancing tambourine : foxtrot
Desert dance.
Dick Hyman and John Sheridan Forgotten dreams : archives of novelty piano (1920's-1930's).
Dizzy fingers, c2001:
Dizzy fingers : music for two harps
Dizzy fingers. Musique de Zez Confrey [pour piano jazz]
Dowling, Richard Rhapsody in Ragtime.
Dumbell, fox-trot, de Zez Confrey, pour orchestre, avec piano conducteur. Arrangé par Francis Salabert
Dykstra, Brian (The Riches of Rags)
Elite Syncopations.
First album of famous novelty piano solos
Forgotten dreams : archives of novelty piano (1920's-1930's)
Golden age of the saxophone
Grandfather's clock ...
Grandpa's spells.
Heaven's garden
Hits Of The 1920s, Vol. 2 (1921-1923)
hobble de hoy ..., The
Joplin : Elite Syncopations.
Kitten on the keys Le petit chat sur le clavier : novelty piano solo
Kitten on the keys the music of Zez Confrey.
Lawrence Wright's first album of famous novelty piano solos
Lawrence Wright's second album of famous novelty piano solos
Live at the Vineyard
Mississippi shivers
Moods of a new Yorker
Morton : Grandpa's spells.
New Columbian Brass Band Teddy Bears Picnic (The) - A Musical Menagerie from America's Golden Age.
Nickel in the slot, a musical novelty
Nostalgia 20's Style
Novelty piano (1920's-1930's)
Novelty piano solos
Original Charleston (The) - Rhythms of the Roaring Twenties
Original Piano Trio Nostalgia 20's Style.
Paul Brodie and Friends
petit chat sur le clavier, Le
Piano Music - Alkan, V. ; Rachmaninov, S. ; Godowsky, L. ; Confrey, Z. ; Sahr, H. von (Rarities of Piano Music at Schloss vor Husum, 1989 Festival)
Piano Recital Schmidt, Emma - Joplin, S. ; Gershwin, G. ; Barnes, B. ; Isel, W. ; Tansman, A. ; Cobb, G. ; Confrey, Z. ; Schulhoff, E. ; Bloom R.
Piano rolls and scores
Pianola Jazz - Early Piano Jazz and Ragtime played on Piano Rolls, Vol. 1
Pianola Rolls (Popular Music from)
Ragtime, novelty & jazz piano solos
Rhapsody in Ragtime
Sahara : fox trot : from Monte Cristo Jr.
Salon To Swing
Schmidt, Emma
Second album of famous novelty piano solos
Shilkret, Nathaniel Skyscrapers Symphonic Jazz (1928-1932)
Smart alec
Solo Piano 'Jazz at the Pinehill'
Story of American Classical Music (The)
Stumbling, fox-trot et shimmy, de Zez Confrey. Arrangé pour orchestre, avec piano conducteur
Stumbling. Paraphrase for piano solo
Stumbling se danse en shimmy et fox-trot
Sunshine from the fingers
Teddy Bears Picnic (The) - A Musical Menagerie from America's Golden Age
Thanksgiving : miniature opera
Tricks, fox-trot, de Zez Confrey. Arrangé par Francis Salabert, pour orchestre, avec piano conducteur
Tricks, fox-trot et shimmy, pour piano
Tunes From The Toons (Great Songs from Animated Cartoons of the 30s and 40s) (1928-1940)
Valse mirage. Zez Confrey's novelty piano solos, as played by the composer...
wedding of the painted doll, The
Who do you suppose?
Wistfulness; piano solo
World's Greatest Piano Rags
You're my everything
Zez Confrey creator of the novelty rag.
Zez Confrey -- piano music
Zez Confrey played by John Jensen.
Серенада Солнечной долины Американские песни