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Dunlap, W.
Dunlap, William
Dunlap, William (American dramatist, author, and painter, 1766-1839)
William Dunlap
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writer of accompanying material
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Barck, Dorothy C.
Caigniez, Louis-Charles (1762-1842)
Caigniez, M. (1762-1842)
Coad, Oral Sumner (1887-1976)
Flexner, James Thomas (1908-2003)
Hodgkinson, John
John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress)
Kotzebue, August von (1761-1819)
Miller, Tice L. (1938-...)
Tiebout, Cornelius (1777-1832)
Weiss, Rita
west benjamin
Adaptations of European plays
American Shandy-ism
André: a tragedy, in five acts: as now performing at the theatre in New York. To which is added, The cow-chace: a satirical poem. By Major Andre: with The proceedings of the court-martial; and authentic documents concerning him.
André : a tragedy, in five acts: as performed by the Old American Company, New-York, March 30, 1798. To which are added, authentic documents respecting Major Andre; consisting of letters to Miss Seward, the Cow chace, proceedings of the court martial, &c.
Darby's return. A comic sketch. As performed at the New-York Theatre, November, 24, 1789, for the benefit of Mr. Wignell.
Darby's return, an interlude.
Death of Rolla
Diary of William Dunlap, 1766-1839; the memoirs of a dramatist, theatrical manager, painter, critic, novelist, and historian.
dramatist a comedy, in five acts., The
Early melodrama in America, 1994:
English and American stage, v. 20, 1809:, The
Falsche Schaam.
False shame and Thirty years, two plays by William Dunlap;
False shame: or The American orphan in Germany a comedy, in four acts.
father, or, American Shandy-ism, The : a comedy, as performed at the New-York Theatre by the Old American Company, written in the year 1788.
father, or, American Shandyism; a comedy., The
Five plays of William Dunlap :
Fontainville Abbey : a tragedy
Four plays (1789-1812)
Fraternal discord: a drama, in five acts.
glory of Columbia her yeomanry!, The : a play in five acts
history of New York, for schools., A
History of the american theatre and anecdotes of the principal actors, William Dunlap.
history of the American theatre from its origins to 1832, A
History of the New Netherlands, province of New York, and state of New York, to the adoption of the federal Constitution
History of the rise and progress of the arts of design in the United States
Italian father: a comedy, in five acts., The
Kind der Liebe., Das
Leicester, a tragedy.
life of Charles Brockden Brown [etc.], The
Life of Charles Brockden Brown: together with selections from th*. -, The
life of Charles Brockden Brown together with selections from the rarest of his printed works, from his original letters and from his manuscripts before unpublished, The
life of George Fred. Cooke ... Comprising original anecdotes of his theatrical contemporaries., The
Lovers vows; a play, in five acts.
Memoirs of a water drinker.
Memoirs of Charles Brockden Brown, the American novelist, author of Wieland, Ormond, Arthur Mervyn &c. With selelctions from his original letters and miscellaneous writings.
Memoirs of George Fred. Cooke, esq. late of the Theatre royal, Covent garden.
More plays of William Dunlap
Musical works of William Dunlap : facsimile reproductions
Narrative of his connection with the Old American company, from the fifth September 1792 to the thirty-first of March 1797, by John Hodgkinson, A
narrative of the campaign in Russia, during the year 1812., A
narrative of the events which followed Bonaparte's campaign in Russia to the period of his dethronement., A
Pizarro in Peru ; or, The death of Rolla. a play, in five acts. From the German of Augustus von Kotzebue. With notes marking the variations from the original.
self-interpreting Bible containing, the sacred text of the Old and New Testaments. Translated from the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. To which are annexed, marginal references and illustrations, The ; an exact summary o the several books ; a paraphrase on the most obscure or important parts ; an analysis of the contents of each chapter ; explanatory notes, and evangelical reflections. By the late Reverend John Brown, Minister of the Gospel at Haddington. [Four lines of Scripture texts].
Spanier in Peru.
Tell truth and shame the Devil : a comedy, in two acts, as performed by the Old American Company, New-York, January, 1797.
Thirty years ago; or, The memoirs of a water drinker
trip to Niagara;, A
virgin of the sun, The : a play, in five acts
voice of nature, The : a drama in three acts : translated and altered from a French melo-drame called The judgment of Solomon : as performed at the New-York theatre : printed from the prompt-book
wife of two husbands: a drama, in five acts. Interspersed with songs, choruses, music and dances., The
wife of two husbands, The : a drama, in five acts, as performed in the New-York theatre, interspersed with songs, choruses, music and dances
wild-goose chace, The : a play, in four acts, with songs
Wild-goose chase
Yankee chronology