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Backus, Isaac
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Baldwin, Thomas (1753-1825))
Coverly, Nathaniel (1775?-1824)
MacLoughlin, William G.
MacLoughlin, William Gerald
McLoughlin, William Gerald
Nichols, Thomas
Second Baptist Church (Middleboro, Mass.)
Stillman, Samuel (1738-1807))
Warren Baptist Association. Superior Court of Judicature (Philadelphia, Pa)
Weston, David (1836-1875)
Abridgment of the church history of New-England from 1602 to 1804 containing a view of their principles and practice, declensions and revivals, oppression and liberty, with a concise account of the Baptists in the southern parts of America and a chronological table of the whole
Address to the inhabitants of new-england, concerning the present bloody controversy therein
All true ministers of the gospel are called into that work by the special influences of the Holy Spirit a discourse shewing the nature and necessity of an internal call to preach the everlasting gospel--To which is added, some short account of the experiences and dying testimony of Mr. Nathanael Shepherd
Appeal to the public for religious liberty against the oppressions of the present day
diary of Isaac Backus, The
Doctrine of sovereign grace opened and vindicated and also the consistency and duty of declaring divine sovereignty, and mens impotency while yet we address their consciences with the warnings of truth, and calls of the gospel
doctrine of universal salvation examined and refuted., The
Door opened for equal christian liberty, and no man can shut it this proved by plain facts
Dr. Stillman's sermon at the Rev. Mr. Nelson's ordination
Evangelical ministers described, and distinguished from legalists. A sermon, the substance of which was delivered October 30, 1771, at the ordination of Mr. Asa Hunt, to the pastoral charge of the Third Baptist-church in Middleborough. Published at their request.
Family prayer not to be neglected A discourse, wherein is opened, the nature of prayer in general, and the warrant for family prayer in particular: with answers to sundry excuses for the neglect thereof: and addresses to several sorts of persons. By Isaac Backus, Pastor of a church in Middleborough. [Two lines from Psalms].
fish caught in his own net, A : an examination of nine sermons, from Matt. 16. 18. published last year, by Mr. Joseph Fish of Stonington : wherein he labours to prove, that those called standing churches in New-England, are built upon the rock, and upon the same principles with the first fathers of this country, and that separates and Baptists are joining with the gates of hell against them : in answer to which, many of his mistakes are corrected, the constitution of those churches opened, the testimonies of prophets and apostles, and also of many of those fathers are produced, which as plainly condemn his plan, as any separate or Baptist can do
Gospel comfort for mourners a sermon, delivered at Middleborough, February 5, 1769, upon hearing of the death of a godly mother : to which is added, some memoirs of her life
Gospel comfort, under heavy tidings
Government and Liberty Described; and Ecclesiastical Tyranny Exposed
Great faith described and inculcated. a sermon on luke vii. 9
History of New England with particular reference to the denomination of christians called Baptists
Hymns and anthems, composed on divine subjects, agreeable to sacred Scripture
Importance of Gospel discipline.
infinite importance of the obedience of faith, and of a separation from the world, opened and demonstrated., The
Isaac Backus on church, state, and Calvinism : pamphlets, 1754-1789
Letter to a gentleman in the massachusetts general assembly concerning taxes to support religious worship
letter to the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Lord, of Norwich; occasioned by some harsh things which he has lately published against those who have dissented from his sentiments about the ministry, the church, and baptism., A
liberal support of Gospel ministers opened and inculcated, The
Policy, as well as honesty, forbids the use of secular force in religious affairs
reply to a piece wrote last year, by Mr. Israel Holly pastor of a church in Suffield; entitled "The New Testament interpretation of the Old, relative to infant baprism.", A
seasonable plea for liberty of conscience against some late oppressive proceedings; particularly in the town of Berwick, in the county of York. [Four lines from Goddard]., A
short description of the difference between the bondwoman and the free, as they are the two covenants., A
Spiritual ignorance causeth men to counter-act their doctrinal knowledge. A discourse from Acts xiii. 27.
substance of an address to an assembly in Bridgewater, March 10, 1779, The
testimony of the two witnesses, explained and vindicated., The
True faith will produce good works A discourse, wherein are opened the nature of faith, and its powerful influence on the heart and life; together with the contrary nature and effects of unbelief: and answers to various objections. To which are perfixed [sic] a brief view of the present state of the Protestant world, with some remarks on the writings of Mr. Sandeman. By Isaac Backus. Minister of the Gospel in Middleborough. [Four lines of Scripture texts].
Truth is great, and will prevail.