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T, T.
T. T, Thomas Twyne
T, Thomas Twyne
Twine, Thomas
Twinus, Thomas
Twyne, Thomas
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Computer file
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writer of accompanying material
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Brinton, Anna Cox
Dionysius (Periegetes)
Douglas, Gavin ca1474 (1522)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Petrarca, Francesco (1304-1374)
Phayer, Thomas (1510?-1560)
Vegio, Maffeo (1407-1458)
Vegius, Maphaeus (1407-1458)
Vergilius Maro, P. (70 v.Chr.-19 v.Chr)
Vergilius Maro, Publius (70 v.Chr.-19 v.Chr)
Watkins, Richard (d. 1599)
Aeneid of Thomas Phaer and Thomas Twyne, The : a critical edition introducing Renaissance metrical typography
Aneidos liber XIII
breuiary of Britayne, The : as this most noble and renowed iland was of auncient time deuided into three kindomes, England, Scotland, and Wales : contaynyng a learned discourse of the variable state & alteration therof vnder divers, as wel natural, forren princes & conquerours : together with the geographicall description of the same, such as nether by elder nor later writers, the like has been set foorth before
breviary of britayne, the
Commentarioli Britannicae descriptionis fragmentum.
commentarioli descriptionis britannicae fragmentum
Ioannis Twini Bolingdunensis, Angli, De rebus Albionicis, Britannicis atque Anglicis, commentariorum libri duo : ad Thomam Twinum filium.
Ioannis Twini Bolingdvnensis, Angli, De rebvs Albionicis, Britannicis atqve Anglicis, commentariorum libri duo
Joannis Twini Bolingdunensis, Angli, De rebus Albionicis, Britannicis atque Anglicis, commentariorum libri duo
Llwyd. Breuiary of Britayne, 1573.
Maphaeus Vegius and his Thirteenth book of the Aeneid : a chapter on Virgil in the Renaissance
new counsell against the plague, a
Orbis terrae descriptio.
Phisicke against fortune, as well prosperous as aduerse : conteyned in two bookes, whereby men are instructed with lyke in differencie to remedie theyr affections aswell in tyme of the bryght shynyng sunne of prosperitie, as also of the soule lowryng stormes of aduersitie : expedient for all men, but most necessary for such as be subiect to any notable insult of eyther extremitie
Phisicke against fortune, as well prosperous as adverse
Physica Christiana.
Physicke against fortune
rebus Albionicis, Britannicis atque Anglicis, Commentariorum libri duo. -, De
rebus Britanni, De
Remediis utriusque fortunæ.
schoolemaster, 1576:, The
schoolemaster, or, Teacher of table philosophie, The : a most pleasant and merie companion, wel worthy to be welcomed (for a dayly gheast) not onely to all mens boorde, to guyde them with moderate & holsome dyet, but also into euery mans companie at all tymes, to recreate their mindes, with honest mirth and delectable deuises, to sundrie pleasant purposes of pleasure and pastyme : gathered out of diuers, the best approued auctours, and deuided into foure pithy and pleasant treatises, as it may appeare by the contentes.
supplement to the twelfth book of the aeneid
surueye of the vvorld, or situation of the earth, so muche as is inhabited Comprysing briefely the generall partes thereof, with the names both new and olde, of the principal countries, kingdoms, peoples, cities, towns, portes, promontories, hils, woods, mountains, valleyes, riuers and fountains therin conteyned. Also of seas, with their clyffes, reaches, turnings, elbows, quicksands, rocks, flattes, shelues and shoares. A work very necessary and delectable for students of geographie, saylers, and others. First vvritten in Greeke by Dionise Alexandrine, and novv englished by Thomas Twine, Gentl, The
thirteene bookes of Aeneidos, The : the first twelue being the worke of the diuine poet Virgil Maro, and the thirteenth the supplement of Maphaeus Vegius
Thomas Twyne's discourse on the earthquake of 1580
Wonderful workmanship of the world
wonderfull vvoorkmanship of the world, The : wherin is conteined an excellent discourse of Christian naturall philosophie, concernyng the fourme, knowledge, and vse of all thinges created : specially gathered out of the fountaines of Holy Scripture
Wonderfull woorkmanship of the world