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Another hand
C. M, Cotton Mather
English minister
M, C.
M, Cotton Mather
Mather, C.
Mather, Cotton
ca 1663-1728
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress)
Kneeland, Samuel (1697-1769))
Mather, Increase (1639-1723)
Murdock, Kenneth B. (1895-)
Murdock, Kenneth Ballard (1895-)
Murdock, Kenneth Ballard (1895-1975)
Piercy, Josephine K.
Smolinski, Reiner (1954-)
Van Doren, Mark
Watts, Isaac (1674-1748)
American tears upon the ruines of the Greek churches, 1701
« An Arrow against profane and promiscuous dancing drawn out of the quiver of the Scriptures »
Biblia Americana
Bonifacius an essay upon the good, that is to be devised and designed by those who desire to answer the great end of life, and to do good while they live. A book offered, first in general, unto all Christians, in a personal capacity, or in a relative ; then more particularly ; unto magistrates, unto ministers, unto physicians, unto lawyers, unto scholemasters, unto wealthy gentlemen, unto several sorts of officers, unto churches, and unto all societies of a religious character and intention ; with humble proposals, of unexceptionable methods, to do good in the world
Bostonian Ebenezer., The
Christian philosopher
Cloud of witnesses, A
comfortable chambers, opened and visited, The : upon the departure of that aged and faithful servant of God, Mr. Peter Thatcher, the never-to-be-forgotten pastor of Milton, who made his flight thither, on December 17, 1727.
Cotton Mather on witchcraft. Being the wonders of the invisible world
Cotton Mather's verse in English
Death made easie at happy Two brief discourses on the prudent apprehensions of death; which are to influence and regulate our lives. Together with serious thoughts in dying times: or, A discourse upon death; and the true methods of preparation for it. By Cotton Mather. 4 book which has been commended, and given for a token at a funeral.
decennium luctuosom: a history of the long war
Diary (1681-1724)
Durable riches two brief discourses occasioned by the impoverishing blast of heaven, which the undertakings of men, both by sea and land, have met withal : the one, handling, the true cause of loosing, the other, giving, the true way of thriving
Ecclesiastes the life of the reverend & excellent Jonathan Mitchel, a pastor of the church, and a glory of the colledge in Cambridge, New England
Elegy on the much-to-be-deplored death of that never-to-be-forgotten person, the Reverend Mr. Nathanael Collins
Eleutheria, or, An idea of the Reformation in England, and a history of non-conformity in and since that Reformation with predictions of a more glorious reformation and revolution at hand, written in the year 1696
epistle to the Christian Indians ... 1700, An
Essays to do good addressed to all christians whether in public or private capacities
Family well-ordered
Gestalt des "Hexenjägers" des 17. Jahrhunderts und sein gesellschaftliches und politisches Umfeld, 2003:, Die
Glossary Hindústání & English to the New Testament and Psalms
Good man making a good end : the life and death, of the reverend mr. john baily, comprised and expressed in a sermon, on the day of his funeral, thursday, 16.d.10.m.1697
[http://archive.org/details/corderiusameric00mathgoog corderius americanus: a discourse on the good education of children
[Humiliations follow'd with deliverances. A brief discourse on the matter and method of that humiliation which would be an hopeful symptom of our deliverance from calamity.
Laat de kinderkens tot Mij komen : jonge geloofsgetuigen
Life of sir william phips
Magnalia Christi Americana or, the Ecclesiastical history of New England from it's first planting,in the year 1620 unto the year of our Lord 1698 ; in seven books
Manuductio ad ministerium Directions for a candidate of the ministry
Memorable providences relating to witchcrafts and possessions
More calls to early piety
negro christianized, the
On dying very suddenly
Ornaments for the daughters of Zion. Or The character and happiness of a virtuous woman in a discourse which directs the female sex how to express the fear of God in every age and state of their life; and obtain both temporal and eternal blessedness
Parentator Memoirs of remarkables in the life and the death of the ever-memorable Dr. Increase Mather. Who expired, August 23. 1723
Pastoral desires : a short catalogue of excellent things which a true pastor will desire to see approved and practised and abounding among his people : a book design'd to be lodg'd and left in their hands by one desirous to be such an one in his pastoral visits to the houses of all his people.
Pietas in patriam the life of His Excellency Sir William Phips, Knt. late Captain General and Governour in Chief of the province of the Massachuset-Bay, New England, containing the memorable changes undergone, and actions performed by him
Piscator evangelicus.
present state of New England, The
Psalterium Americanum : the book of Psalms, in a translation exactly conformed unto the original; but all in blank verse, fitted unto the tunes commonly used in our churches. Which pure offering is accompanied with illustrations, digging for hidden treasures in it; and rules to employ it upon the glorious and various intentions of it; whereto are added, some other portions of the Sacred Scripture to enrich the cantional.
quickened soul: a short and plain essay on, the withered hand revived & restored, The : showing, what is to be done by them, who feel and own themselves unable to do, what the glorious God has commanded them to do? : and aimed, more particularly at the direction of them, whose conversion to piety may be in danger of miscarrying, thro' wretched and foolish pamphlets, which the enemies of grace & of souls, industriously scatter about the country ...
Ratio disciplina fratrum Nov-Anglorum a faithful account of the discipline professed and practised in the churches of New-England, with interspersed and instructive reflections on the discipline of the primitive churches
Reasonable religion or, the truths of the Christian religion demonstrated. With incontestable proofs, ... Together with the Religion of the closet, and family religion urged. By Cotton Mather, D.D. To which is prefix'd, a preface, by the Reverend Dr. Williams.
religion of the cross, The : a brief essay upon the cross whereof our great Saviour, once crucified for us, will have every Christian to be a sufferer : with some instructions unto the Christian, how to bear the cross appointed for him : occasioned by what was encountred in the death of that vertuous gentlewoman, Mrs. Elizabeth Mather, who expired, 9 d., IX m., 1713.
salvation of the soul considered The nature of that great salvation declared; with directions for the obtaining, and incentives to the pursuing, of it. In a brief essay, designed for a dispersion by hands at work for the kingdom of God. [Two lines of quotation in Latin]., The
Satisfactions of afflicted Christianity
Saviour with his rainbow A discourse concerning the covenant which God will remember, in the times of danger passing over his church. By Cotton Mather, D.D., The
Seasonable thoughts upon mortality : a sermon occasioned by the raging of a mortal sickness in the colony of Connecticut and the many deaths of our brethren there : delivered at Boston-lecture, 24.d. 11.m. 1711,12
Selected letters
Selections from Cotton Mather
Several reasons proving that inoculation or transplanting the small pox, is a lawful practice and that it has been blessed by God for the saving of many a life Sentiments on the small pox inoculated
Short essay upon those noble principles of Christianity
Small offers towards the service of the tabernacle in the wilderness. Four discourses, accommodated unto the designs of practical godliness.
Some account of the condition to which the Protestant interest in the world is at this day reduced, and the duty to which all that would prove themselves true Christians must and will count themselves obliged
Strange phenomena of New England: in the seventeenth century: including the "Salem witchcraft," "1692." From the writings of "the Rev. Cotton Mather, D.D." ...
Student and preacher;
Things to be more thought upon : a brief treatise on the injuries offered unto the glorious and only saviour of the world, in many instances wherein the guilty are seldome aware of their being so injurious to the eternal Son of God, with a more particular conviction of the Jewish and Arian infidelity.
Triumphs of the reformed religion in america the life of the renowned john eliot, a person justly famous in the church of god, not only as an eminent christian and an excellent minister among the english, but also as a memorable evangelist among the indians of new-england : with some account concerning the late and strange success of the gospel in those parts of the world which for many ages have lain buried in pagan ignorance
Undoubted certainties ...
Vial poured out upon the sea a remarkable relation of certain pirates brought unto a tragical and untimely end. some conferences with them, after their condemnation. their behaviour at their execution. and a sermon preached on that occasion
Vigilius. Or, The awakener, making a brief essay to rebuke first the natural sleep which too often proves a dead fly, in the devotions of them that indulge it And then the moral sleep, wherein the souls of men frequently omit the duties, and forfeit the comforts, of religion in earnest
Walks of usefulness in London and its environs, 1817:
Wonders of the invisible world being an account of the tryals of several witches lately executed in new england
world alarm'd. A surprizing relation, of a new burning-island lately raised out of the sea, near Tercera; with a geographical and theological improvement of so astonishing an occurrence. And a brief history of the other ignivomous mountains at this day flaming in the world. In a letter to an Honourable fellow of the Royal Society at London. From a member of the same society, at Boston, The
worst enemy conquered. A brief discourse on the methods and motives to pursue a victory over those habits ofsin, which war against the soul., The