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Another hand
C. M, Cotton Mather
English minister
M, C.
M, Cotton Mather
Mather, C.
Mather, Cotton,
ca 1663-1728
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Boone, Nicholas (1679-1738)
Mather, Cotton (1663-1728)
Mather, Increase (1639-1723)
Mitchel, Jonathan (1624-1668)
Murdock, Kenneth B. (1895-)
Murdock, Kenneth Ballard (1895-)
Murdock, Kenneth Ballard (1895-1975)
Smolinski, Reiner (1954-)
Van Doren, Mark (1894-1972)
Watts, Isaac (1674-1748)
American tears upon the ruines of the Greek churches, 1701
« An Arrow against profane and promiscuous dancing drawn out of the quiver of the Scriptures »
Biblia Americana : America's first Bible commentary : a synoptic commentary on the Old and New Testaments
Bonifacius an essay upon the good
Bostonian Ebenezer., The
Christian philosopher: a collection of the best discoveries in nature, with religious improvements., The
Cloud of witnesses, A
comfortable chambers, opened and visited upon the departure of that aged and faithful servant of God, Mr. Peter Thatcher [i.e. Thacher], the never-to-be-forgotten pastor of Milton. Who made his flight thither, on December 17. 1727., The ; [One line from Canticles].
Cotton Mather
Day of doom
day which the Lord hath made. a discourse concerning the institution and observation of the Lords-Day., The : Delivered in a lecture, at Boston, 4d. 1m. 1703. : [Four lines of Scripture text].
decennium luctuosom: a history of the long war
Directions for a candidate of the ministry
ecclesiastical history of New England
Eleutheria, 1698
Eleutheria; or, An idea of the Reformation in England, and a history of non-conformity in and since that Reformation ...
epistle to the Christian Indians ... 1700, An
Essays to do good, addressed to all Christians, whether in public or private capacities.
Family well-ordered
Gestalt des "Hexenjägers" des 17. Jahrhunderts und sein gesellschaftliches und politisches Umfeld, 2003:, Die
grande voix du ciel a la France ..., Une
[http://books.google.com/books?id=ujldaaaaiaaj&printsec=frontcover&dq=mather+%22a+discourse+on+the+good+education+of+children%22&hl=en&sa=x&ei=2hduuqnrfoiqyagzx4dycq&ved=0cc8q6aewaa#v=onepage&q=mather%20%22a%20discourse%20on%20the%20good%20education%20of%20children%22&f=false corderius americanus: a discourse on the good education of children
Humiliations follow'd with deliverances. A brief discourse on the matter and method of that humiliation which would be an hopeful symptom of our deliverance from calamity.
life of Sir William Phips, The
Magnalia Christi Americana, books I and II
Magnalia Christi Americana : or, The ecclesiastical history of New England from its first planting, in the year 1620, unto the year of our Lord 1698, in seven books
manductio ad ministerium
Manuductio ad ministerium ; directions for a candidate of the ministry
Meat out of the eater. Or, Funeral-discourses occasioned by the death of several relatives. Work accommodated unto the service of all that are in any affliction ; but very particularly such as are afflicted with the loss of their consorts or children.
Memoirs of the life of the late Reverend Increase Mather, D.D. who died August 23, 1723. With a preface by the Reverend Edmund Calamy, D.D
memorial of the present deplorable state of N.E., A
monitor for communicants an essay to excite and assist religious approaches to the table of the Lord., A
monitory, and hortatory letter, to those English, who debauch Indians, by selling strong drink to them., A
monumental gratitude attempted, A : in a poetical relation of the danger and deliverance of several of the members of Yale-College, in passing the sound, from South-Hold to New-Haven, Aug. 20th. 1726.
More wonders of the invisible world, or, The wonders of the invisible world, display'd in five parts ... : to which is added a postscript relating to a book intitled, the life of Sir William Phips
new offer to the lovers of religion and learning, A
On dying very suddenly
On witchcraft : being the wonders of the invisible world
Ornaments for the daughters of Zion
Parentator. Memoirs of remarkables in the life and death of the ever-memorable Dr. Increase Mather.
Pastoral desires a short catalogue of excellent things, which a true pastor, will desire to see approved, and practised, and abounding, among his people. A book, design'd to be lodg'd and left in their hands, by one desirous to be such an one, in his pastoral visits, to the houses of all his people. [Eight lines from II Peter].
Paterna : the autobiography of Cotton Mather
perfect recovery. the voice of the glorious God, unto persons, whom his mercy has recovered from sickness. Exhibited in a brief discourse to the inhabitants of a place, that had pass'd thro' a very sickly winter, and a time of much adversity. With some remarks on the shining patterns of piety, left by some very young persons, who died in the common calamity., A
Pietas in patriam. -
Pietas matutina. One essay more, to bespeak and engage early piety ; made, on an occasion taken from the early departure of Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper, at the age of twenty-two. August 7. 1726.
Pleasures of true piety
poem and an elegy, A
present state of New-England. -, The
Princely convert. a faithful relation of an happy conversion lately wrought on His Highness Maurice-William, Prince of Saxony., The : Here published at the desire of some honourable persons. : [Two lines from Isaiah].
Ratio disciplinae fratrum Nov-Anglorum : a faithful account of the discipline professed and practised in the churches of New-England : with interspersed and intructive reflections on the discipline of the primitive churches
Reason satisfied: and faith established. the resurrection of a glorious Jesus demonstrated by many infallible proofs: and the holy religion of a risen Jesus, victorious over all the cavils of its blasphemous adversaries. : [Eight lines of quotations].
religion of an oath. Plain directions how the duty of swearing, may be safely managed, when it is justly demanded. And strong persuasives to avoid the perils of perjury. Concluding with a most solemn explanation of an oath, which the laws of Denmark have provided for the consideration of them, whom an oath is propos'd unto., The : Published at the desire of some, who apprehend oaths to be too frequently and faultily trifled with.
religion of the closet. an essay, on the holy employments which are proper for a Christian in his daily retirements, or, A Christian furnished with, a companion for solitude. ..., The
religion of the cross. a brief essay upon the cross whereof our great Saviour, once crucified for us, will have every Christian to be a sufferer., The : With some instructions unto the Christian, how to bear the cross appointed for him. : Occasioned by what was encountred, in the death of that vertuous gentlewoman, Mrs. Elizabeth Mather. Who expired, 9. d. IX. m. 1713. : [Four lines of quotation].
Restitutus. the end of life pursued, and then, the hope in death enjoyed, by the faithful. : Both of them described in a discourse made upon a recovery from sickness. Or, The declaration of one returning from the gates of the grave. : [Two lines from Isaiah].
Seasonable thoughts upon mortality. a sermon occasioned by the raging of a mortal sickness in the colony of Connecticut, and the many deaths of our brethren there. : Delivered at Boston-lecture, 24.d. 11.m. 1711,12.
Selected letters of Cotton Mather
Selections from Cotton Mather
sermon delivered by Thomas Prince, M.A. on Wensday [sic], October 1, 1718. At his ordination to the pastoral charge of the South Church in Boston, N.E. in conjunction with the Reverend Mr. Joseph Sewall. Together with the charge, by the Reverend Increase Mather, D.D. and a copy of what was said at giving the right hand of fellowship, A ; by the Reverend Cotton Mather, D.D. To which is added, a discourse of the validity of ordination by the hand of presbyters, previous to Mr. Sewall's on September 16. 1713. By the late Reverend and learned Mr. Ebenezer Pemberton, Pastor of the same church.
Sermons on the death of the Reverend Mr. Waldron
Small offers towards the service of the tabernacle in the wilderness. Four discourses, accommodated unto the designs of practical godliness.
sorrowful spectacle. In two sermons, occasioned by a just sentence of death, on a miserable woman, for the murder of a spurious offspring., A : The one declaring, the evil of an heart hardened, under and against all means of good. : The other describing, the fearful case of such as in a suffering time, and much more such as in a dying hour, are found without the fear of God. : With some remarkable things, relating to the criminal ; proper for all to be informed of.
Strange phenomena of New England: in the seventeenth century: including the "Salem witchcraft," "1692." From the writings of "the Rev. Cotton Mather, D.D." ...
Student and preacher;
Sudden death made happy and easy to the dying believer
Sundry false hopes of heaven, discovered and decryed in a sermon preached at the North-Assembly in Boston, 3. d. 4. m. 1711.
Suspiria vinctorum. Some account of the condition to which the Protestant interest in the world is at this day reduced. : And the duty, to which all that would prove themselves true Christians must and will count themselves obliged. : Briefly laid before the churches of the faithful, by several ministers of the Gospel, desirous to do the work of the day. : [Three lines of Scripture texts].
Tela praevisa. a short essay, on troubles to be look'd for. A wise expectation of, and preparation for troublesome changes, recommended unto the strangers and pilgrims in this present evil world
terror of the Lord. Some account of the earthquake that shook New-England, in the night, between the 29 and the 30 of October. 1727., The : With a speech, made unto the inhabitants of Boston, who assembled the next morning, for the proper exercises of religion, on so uncommon, and so tremendous an occasion. : [One line from Corinthians].
testimony against evil customs., A
thankful memorial of God's sparing mercy. Discourses upon a recovery from sickness. From Psalm CXVIII. 18,19. And from Isaiah XXXIII. 24., A
Thoughts for the day of rain : in two essays
threefold paradise of Cotton Mather, The : an edition of "Triparadisus"
token for children Being an exact account of the conversion, holy and exemplary lives and joyful deaths of several young children, A
trespass-offering, humbly presented unto the churches of New-England, A
triumphs of the reformed religion, in America. The life of the renowned John Eliot; a person justly famous in the church of God, not only as an eminent Christian, and an excellent minister, among the English, but also, as a memorable evangelist among the Indians, of New-England; with some account concerning the late, and strange success of the gospel, in those parts of the world, which for many ages have lain buried in pagan ignorance., The
Verba opportuna. the circumstances of Boston considered : [Two lines from Ezekiel].
vial poured out upon the sea., The
Victorina. a sermon preach'd, on the decease and at the desire, of Mrs. Katharin Mather
Vigilantius. Or, A servant of the Lord found ready for the coming of the Lord. a discourse occasioned by the early death of seven young ministers, within a little while one of another: with some essay, upon their commendable and imitable character. And an elegy upon them. : [Four lines of quotation in Latin].
Vigilius. Or, The awakener making a brief essay, to rebuke first the natural sleep which too often proves a dead fly, in the devotions of them that indulge it. And then the moral sleep, wherein the souls of men frequently omit the duties, and forfeit the comforts, of religion. In earnest. : [One line from 1 Corinthians].
Vita brevis. An essay, upon withering flowers. Or, Mankind considered, as first flourishing, and then withering.
Vital Christianity a brief essay on the life of God, in the soul of man : With an exhibition, in which all that fear God and give glory to him, will be sanctified. : [Three lines from Isaiah].
voice of the dove The sweet voice of piety, and more particularly that of early piety, articulated. And some notes of it exhibited, in certain memoirs of Mr. Robert Kitchen, a desireable youth, who expired at Salem. 20. d. VII m. 1716., The
Walks of usefulness in London and its environs, 1817:
What should be most of all tho't upon. a brief essay, to awaken in a dying man, (that is to say, in every man,) a proper and a lively concern for, a good state after death. : With some directions, how that good state is to be obtain'd and ensur'd. : [One line of quotation in Latin].
Winthropi justa. a sermon at the funearl of the Honble John Winthrop, Esq. late governour of the colony of Connecticut in New England. Who died at Boston Nov. 27. 1707. in his 69th year. By Cotton Mather. Dedicated to the right honourable, the Lady Rachel Russel, By Sir Henry Ashurst, Bar.
wonders of the invisible world, The : being an account of the tryals of several witches lately executed in New-England
Work within-doors. an essay, to assist the serious in the grand exercise of conversing with themselves, and communing with their own hearts. : [Eight lines of quotations].
Zalmonah. the Gospel of the brasen serpent, in the Mosaic history. : Offered with some uncommon sentiments upon it : [Two lines from Augustine].
Zelotes. a zeal for the house of God, blown up, in a sermon unto an assembly of Christians : A day of prayer kept by them, at their first entrance into a new edifice erected by them, for the publick worship of God our Saviour.
Running title: The angels preparing to sound the trumpets
"A catalogue of books, for a young student's library": p. 150-151