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H, I.
I. H
Knott, Edouard
Knott, Edward
Knott, Edward (S.I.)
Smith, Nicholas
Smith, Nicholas (Pseudonym)
Smith, Nicolas (Pseudonym)
Smithaeus, Nicolaus (Pseudonym)
Smitheus, Nicolaus
Smitheus, Nicolaus (Pseudonym)
Smyth, Nicholas
Wilson, Matthew
Wilson, Matthew (S.I.)
Wilson, Matthias
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Language material
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Floyd, John, S.I. (1572-1649)
Lessius, Leonardus (1554-1623)
Raleigh, Spirit
Raleigh, Walter Sir, 1552?-1618
Vaughan, Robert C.
apologia for the reformed churches
Assertio epistolae ... Galliae antistitum, qua libros Nicolai Smithaei [pseud. di Edward Knott] & Danielis à Iesu [pseud. di John Floyd] damnarunt adversus libellum cui titulus Querimonia Ecclesiae Anglicanae, &c.
Breviculus duorum
charity mistaken, with the want whereof catholickes are unjustlv charged, for affirming as they do with grief, that protestancy unrepented destroyes salvation
christianity maintained; or, a discouery of sundry doctrines tending to the ouerthrowe of christian religion: contained in the answere to a booke entituled, "mercy and truth"
Christianity maintained or a discovery of sundry doctrines tending to the Ouerthrowe of Christian Religion ...
Christianity maintained, or A discovery of sundry doctrines tending to the overthrowe of Christian religion, contayned in the Answere to a booke entituled Mercy and Truth, or, Charity mantayned by Catholiques.
defence of n. smith against a reply to his discussion, a
direction to be observed by n. n. [william chillingworth] if hee means to proceeds in answering the booke entitled "mercy and truth, a
Feigned apparition of Syr Walter Rawleigh
His apparition to an intimate friend
infidelity unmasked, or the confutation of chillingworth's "religion of protestants,"
judgement of an university-man concerning M. William Chillingworth, The
judgment of an university-man concerning mr. knot's last book against mr. chillingworth, the
Mercy and Truth, or Charity maintayned by Catholiques. By way of reply upon an answere lately framed by D. Potter to a treatise which had formerly proved, that charity was mistaken by Protestants: with the want thereof Catholiques are iniustly charged for affirming, that protestancy unrepented destroyes salvation ...
mercy and truth, or charity maintayned by catholykes
modest briefe discussion of some points taught by m. doctour kellison, in his treatise of the ecclesiasticall hierarchy, a
monita utilissima pro patribus missionis anglicanae.
Motives maintained
protestancy condemned by the expressed verdict and sentence of protestants
providentia numinis et animi immortalitate, De
Querimonia Ecclesiae Anglicanae
Ravvleigh his ghost. Or a feigned apparition of Syr VValter Rawleigh to a friend of his, for the translating into English, the booke of Leonard Lessius (that most learned man) entituled, De prouidentia numinis, & animi immortalitate: written against atheists, and polititians of these dayes. Translated by A.B.
Rawleigh his ghost. Or a feigned apparition of Syr Walter Rawleigh
Records of the English Province of the Society of Jesus, 1883:
religion of protestants, the
Reply to M. Nicholas Smith, 1630
reply to m. nicholas smith, his discussion of some pointes of m. doctour kellison his treatise of the hierarchie. by a divine, a
Reply to Mr. M. Wilson, 1630
Sir Walter Rawleigh's ghost; or, His apparition to an intimate friend, willing him to translate into English, this learned book of L. Lessius entituled, (De providentiâ numinis, & animi immortalitate.) Written against the atheists and polititians of these days.
want of charity justly charged