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Covey, S. R.
Covey, Stephen
Covey, Stephen M. R.
Covey, Stephen R.,
Covey, Stephen Richards
Kovejs, Stīvens R.
Kovi, Stiven R.
Kūfī, Stīfin
Kūwī, Astiyūn R.
Кови, Стивен Р
קובי, סטיבן
ستيفن ر. كوفي،
كوفي، ستيفن ر.،
コーヴィー, スティーヴン
コヴィー, スティーブン・R
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Deraspe, Anne-Marie (1946-)
Dom Wydawniczy Rebis
England, Breck
Furankurin Kovi Japan Kabushiki Gaisha
Grajkowska, Wanda
Lisa, Aleš (1956-)
Majewska-Opiełka, Iwona
Mendonça, Marta
Merrill, A. Roger
Merrill, Rebecca R.
Merrill, Roger A.
Proefschrift Brigham Young University
Šćurić, Ljiljana
Walsmit, Vanja
Walsmit, Vanja Vanessa
عمار, الدسوقى،
7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, The
8th Habit of Greatness, The
Adaptive Culture : If you want the fast response, build trust and internal security
Balance Beams : We may need to gracefully accept short-term imbalance
Be Loyal to Those Absent : When we are loyal to people who are absent, we affirm all those present
Center on Principles To build integrity, make and keep promises
Character First : Balance character with competence, courage with consideration
Compensation Options : Consider much more than financial options
Competitive Advantage : You can have both mission and margin, relations and results
Conscientious Change : The best corporate bodies are governed by collective wisdom
Constant Renewal : If you want maximum results, take the time to sharpen your ax
Continuous Renewal : Individuals and organizations share responsibility for learning and growing
Creative Orientation : In a problem-solving mode you just start worrying
Culture of Effectiveness
Currents in the Stream : External forces impact us, but proactive people will prevail
Daily reflections for highly effective people
Effective Communities You can create a strong sense of community
Effects of human relations training on the social, emotional, and moral development of students, with emphasis on human relations training based upon religious principles
Ethical Vertigo : We will be dizzy and disoriented if we lose sight of true north
Ethics of Total Integrity : Don't let seems to be substitute for integrity
Family of Ethics : You can start your own family of ethics
First, Be Influenced : To have more influence with others, first be influenced by them
First Things First
From Independence to Interdependence : In today's world, you must learn to cooperate in order to compete
Geese and Golden Eggs : Make sure you know who the golden geese are
High-Trust Cultures : You can't achieve high quality without trust
Leaders of Families : Every organization is like a family
Learn from Competition : Leaders who seek to serve customers better will learn from competitors
Lifelong Contribution : You may retire, but always have meaningful projects
Long free falls off mountains may build teams but quality requires aligned systems
Marketing Revolution, The : We are witnessing an irrevocable shift in mindsets and skillsets
Mentoring and Modeling : You lead naturally when you follow an old formula
New Wine, Old Bottles : Don't pour the new wine of leader as servant or steward into old bottles
Pay the Full Price
Performance Agreements : Creating win-win agreements makes it easy to evaluate performance
Personal Sacrifice : Synergistic partnerships are necessary to achieve the new level of service
Principle of Continuous Learning, The : Individuals and organizations share responsibility for learning
Quality Relationships : We need a total approach that builds relationships of trust and empowers people
Real Responsibility : People take responsibility once they feel included
Rebuilding Relationships : Reconciliation often starts at the top and cascades down
Resolving Differences : We can fight or we can seek a better alternative
Sense of Stewardship : You may have ownership without stewardship
Serving the One : The key to the many is the one
Seven Habits of Global Executives : What kind of leadership does the future demand of all of us now?
Seven Habits Revisited Take a new look at these natural laws
Stakeholder Satisfaction : You can satisfy all your customers and still miss the mark with many stakeholders
Strange Attractor, The : A common mission and shared vision will create order out of chaos
Teaching Organizations We learn best when we teach others
Unifying Leadership : Moral leadership has the power to unite
Universal Principles We navigate better when fixed on true north
Value the Differences : To achieve creative synergy, stop cloning others and start valuing differences
Variable Pay : Don't fear moving toward a variable pay system
Where Is Wisdom? Have we lost sight of business imperatives in our current romance with intelligence?
Win-Win Partnerships
World Class Excellence : You may be excellent and still lose out
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4 Disciplines of Execution, The
7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, The
7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Signature Program
7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The
8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness, The
First Things First
Focus: Achieving Your Highest Priorities
How to Develop & Use a Personal Mission Statement
Leadership - Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results
Living the 7 Habits: Stories of Courage and Inspiration
Principle Centered Leadership
Principle-Centered Leadership
Proefschrift Brigham Young University