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Ottley, W.Y.
Ottley, William
Ottley, William Y.
Ottley, William Young
Ottley, William Young (British painter, printmaker, curator, 1771-1836)
William Young Ottley
Young Ottley, William
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Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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writer of accompanying material
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Berjeau, Jean Philibert (1809-1891)
Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection (Library of Congress)
Levis, Howard Coppuck
Sutherland, George Granville Leveson-Gower Duke of, 1758-1833
Tomkins, Pe. Will
Tomkins, Peltro William (1759-1840)
Tresham, Henry (1749?-1814)
Astronomical poem. - [1834]
British gallery of pictures beeing a collection of twenty engravings selected from the most admired productions of the old masters in Great Britain, accompanied with descriptions historical and critical, by... William Young Ottley,... the descriptive part by Henry Tresham, and W. Y. Ottley,... and the executive part under the management of P. W. Tomkins,..., The
Catalogue of the very valuable and extensive collection of engravings the property of the late William Young Ottley, Esq. F.A.S. : comprising most interesting specimens of works of the early Italian and German masters ...
collection of one hundred and twenty-nine fac-similes of scarce and curious prints by the early masters of Italian, German and Flemish schools..., A
Descriptive catalogue of the pictures in the National Gallery, with critical remarks on their merits, by William Young Ottley,... A new edition, in which the entire collection is arranged chronologically in one unbroken series, A
Engravings of the most noble the Marquis of Stafford's collection of pictures, in London
inquiry concerning the invention of printing: in which the systems of Meerman, Heinecken, Santander, and Koning are reviewed; including also notices of the early use of wood-engraving in Europe, the block-books, etc.;, An
Inquiry into the origin and early history of engraving
Italian school of design: being a series of fac-similes of original drawings, by the most eminent painters and sculptors of Italy; with biographical notices of the artists, and observations on their works., The
Observations on a manuscript in the British museum, believed to be of the second or third century, containing Cicero's translation of the astronomical poem by Aratus, accompanied by drawings of the constellations, with a preliminary dissertation in proof of the use of minuscule writing by the ancient Romans, and a corrected edition of the poem itself, including ten lines not heretofore known
On engraving
[[orleans collection#bridgewater collection|stafford gallery]], the
Ottley collection of prints ... 1837., The
Série de planches, gravées d'après les peintures et les sculptures des plus fameux maîtres de l'ancienne école florentine pour servir d'éclaircissement à l'histoire de la restauration des beaux-arts en Italie...
series of plates after the early florentine artists, a