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Holthuis, L. B.
Holthuis, Lipke
Holthuis, Lipke B.
Holthuis, Lipke Bijdeley
Holthuis, Lipke Bydeley
Holthuis, Lipke Bydely
ホルサイス, L. B
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Baan, S.M. van der
Biodiversity Center Amsterdam
Fransen, C.H.J.M. (1959-)
Fransen, Charles H.J.M. (1959-)
Gottlieb, E.
Gruner, Hans-Eckhard
Heerebout, Gerard R.
Holthuis, Lipke Bijdeley (1921-...)
Husson, A. M.
Lund university Chile expedition 1948 / 1949)
Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum (Lejda)
Sakai, Tsune (1903-)
Sivertsen, Erling (1904-)
Yamaguchi, Takao
酒井, 恒 (1903-)
A. Milne-Edwards: Recueil de figures de crustacés nouveaux ou peu connus, 1883 : nouvelle édition en fac-similé avec des commentaires et annotations
Amphipoda I, Caprellidea I fam. Caprellidae
Annotated list of the decapod crustacea of the Mediterranean coast of Israel, with an appendix listing the decapoda of the Eastern Mediterranean, by L. B. Holthuis and E. Gottlieb, An
Atyidae of Madagascar, The
Biografische notities betreffende verzamelaars voor het Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie te Leiden.
C.S. Rafinesque as a carcinologist, an annotated compilation of the information on Crustacea contained in the works of that author
Caprellidea II, superfam. caprellidea
Caridean Crustacea of Tropical West Africa, The
Caridean shrimps found in land-locked salt-water pools at four Indo-west Pacific localities (Sinai Peninsula, Funafuti Atoll, Maui and Hawaii Islands), with the description of one new genus and four new species
Cavernicolous and terrestrial Decapod Crustacea from northern Sarawak, Borneo
Coastal shrimps and prawns keys and notes for identification of the species
collection of Decapod Crustacea from Sumba, Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia, A
Crabs of the subfamily Dorippinae MacLeay, 1838, from the Indo-West Pacific Region (Crustacea: Decapoda: Dorippidae)
Crustacea decapoda macrura of Chile, con resumen en español, by L. B. Holthuis,..., The
Crustacea Decapoda, Mysidacea and Cirripedia of the Tristan da Cunha Archipelago, The : with a revision of the "frontalis" subgroup of the genus Jasus
crustacea decapoda of Cyprus, The
Crustacea Decapoda of Suriname (Dutch Guiana), The
Crustacea - kreeftachtigen : de Nederlandse decapoda (garnalen, kreeften en krabben)
Crustaceorum catalogus : Fam. Lysiosquillidae et Bathysquillidae
Decapoda I, Brachyura I fam. Pinnotheridae
Decapoda (K IX). A Natantia, Macrura Reptantia, Anomura en Stomatopod*. -
"Decapoda Macrura" of the Snellius expedition. I. Proefschrift ter verkrijging van den graad van doctor in de wis- en natuurkunde aan de Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden... door Lipke Bijdeley Holthuis..., The
Decapoda of the Siboga expedition.., The
Enumeration of the decapod and stomatopod crustacea from the Pacific coral islands
Expédition océanographique belge dans les eaux côtières africaines de l'Atlantique sud (1948-1949) : résultats scientifiques
FAO species catalogue
First contribution to our knowledge of the flora of the Talaud Islands and Morotai
Freshwater prawns (Crustacea Decapoda: Natantia) from subterranean waters of the Gunung Sewu area, central Java, Indonesia
general revision of the Palaemonidae (crustacea decapoda natantia) of the Americas, A
Grapsidae, Gecarcinidae and Palicidae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) of the Red Sea, The
Henri Filhol : Travailleur & Talisman 1884-1885 : enige artikelen over het werk en de dieren (in het byzonder de Crustacea) verzameld door de Franse "Travailleur" (1880-1882) en "Talisman" (1883) diepzee expedities
Hippidea and Brachyura (Dromiacea, Oxystomata, and Grapsoidea
Isaac Johannes Lamotius (1646-c. 1718) and his paintings of Indo-West Pacific fishes and other marine animals
Isopoda en Tanaidacea (K V). -
Isopoda en Tanaidacea (KV)
Jonkheer Drs. Willem Cornelis van Heurn (1887-1972)
Kreeften en krabben
Marcgraf's (1648) Brazilian crustacea
marine Isopod crustacea of the Tristan da Cunha Archipelago, 1980:, The
Marine lobsters of the world : an annotated and illustrated catalogue of species of interest to fisheries known to date
Nederlandse Decapoda (garnalen, kreeften en krabben), De
nomenclature of the Orang Utan, The
Notes on the genus Enoplometopus, with descriptions of a new subgenus and two new species (crustacea decapoda, axiidae)
Notes on the localities, habitats, biology, colour and vernacular names of New Guinea freshwater crabs (Crustacea Decapoda, Sundathelphusidae)
On a collection of Decapod Crustacea from the Republic of El Salvador (Central America)
On some Crustacea Stomatopoda collected by the CANCAP expeditions in the waters of N.W. Africa and the Azores
On the occurrence of isopoda in the surface plankton in the North Sea near the lightship "Texel"
On two species of Crustacea decapoda macrura from the N.W. Coast of South America, by L. B. Holthuis,...
Ostracoda I, Podocopa I, fam. Entocytheridae superfam. caprellidea
Ph. F. von Siebold and Fauna japonica : a history of early Japanese zoology
planches inédites de poissons et autres animaux marins de l'Indo-Ouest Pacifique d'Isaac Johannes Lamotius, Les
planches inédites de poissons et autres animaux marins de lÍndo-Ouest Pacifique d'Isaac Johannes Lamotius, Les
Processidae (Crustacea Decapoda Natantia) des eaux Européennes, Les
Psalidopus : the scissor-foot shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea)
Rafinesque's Crustacean genera Heterelos and Yalomus
recent genera of the Caridean and Stenopodidean shrimps (class Crustacea, order Decapoda, supersection Natantia) with keys for their determination, The
recent genera of the Caridean and Stenopodidean shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda), The : with an appendix on the order Amphionidacea
Recueil de figures de crustacés nouveaux ou peu connus, 1883
Redescription of the shrimp Bathypalaemonella pandaloides (Rathbun), 1952.
Redescription of the shrimp Bathypalaemonella pandaloides, Rathbun, with remarks on the family Campylonotidae, by L. B. Holthuis
Report on a collection of Crustacea Decapoda and Stomatopoda from Turkey and the Balkans
Reports of the Lund University Chile expedition 1948-'49
revision of the family Scyllaridae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Macrura) .I. Subfamily Ibacinae, A
Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie
Rumphius memorial volume
Schaaldieren (Crustacea) afgebeeld op postzegels
Seasonal occurrence of mysidacea in the surface plankton of the southern North Sea near the "Texel" lightship
Second note on the occurence of stomatopoda larvae in the North Sea near the lightship "Texel"
Seventeenth century drawings of Brazilian animals in Leningrad
Shīboruto to Nihon dōbutsu shi
Shīboruto to nihon dōbutsushi
Short note on the occurrence of cumacea n the surface plankton collected at "Texel" lightship in the southern North Sea
Shrimps and prawns of the world : an annot. catalogue of species of interest to fisheries
Shrimps and prawns of the world : an annotated catalogue of species of interest to fisheries
Some Pontoniinaea (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae) from southern Oman
Stomapoda I fam. Lysiosquillidae et Bathysquillidae
Studies on Malacostraca: Lipke Bijdeley Holthuis memorial volume
Two freshwater prawns of the genus Macrobrachium (Crustacea Decapoda: Palaemonidae) from New Guinea
Type-catalogue of the Decapod Crustacea in the collections of the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum, with appendices of pre-1900 collectors and material
type locality of Eoperipatus sumatranus (Sedgwick, 1888), with biographical notes on its collector W.J.E. Hekmeijer, The
Victoria history of the counties of England, The : crustaceans
Von Siebold and Kai-ka Rui Siya-sin
West African brachyuran crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda)
シーボルトと日本動物誌 : 日本動物史の黎明
"Proefschrift verschijnt met geheel overeenkomstige pagineering in Temminckia, deel VII."
Author's autograph presentation copy
"Stellingen:" 3 p. inserted