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Grattan, Henry
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A member of the bar
Curran, John Philpot (1750-1817)
Doyle, James Warren (1786-1834)
Emmet, Robert (1778-1803)
Ireland. Parliament. House of Commons
Lee, Nicholas
McKenna, Theobald -1808
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Phillips, Charles (1787?-1859)
Smith, William Cusack (1766-1836; Sir))
Address [of] the Catholics of the city of Dublin, to the Right Honorable Henry Grattan, presented by the gentlemen appointed for that purpose at the meeting in Francis-Street Chapel, February the 27th, 1795
address of the Right Hon. Henry Grattan, to his constituents (the citizens of Dublin) on his retiring from the Parliament of Ireland. Second edition, with a sketch of his life, and his address to the freemen and freeholders, in consequence of their resolutions at the Royal Exchange, Dublin., The
Answer to a pamphlet entitled, the Speech of the earl of Clare on the subject of a legislative union between Great Britain and Ireland
beauties of Grattan, consisting of selections from his works, The
Catholic question in Ireland, 1762-1829., The
eighteenth-century ireland/iris an dá chultúr
grattan a life
Irish eloquence the speeches of the celebrated Irish orators Philips, Curran and Grattan : to which is added the powerful appeal of Robert Emmett, at the close of his trial for high treason
irish parliamentary tradition, the
Letter on the nature and tendency of the Whig Club, and of Irish party
Letter to Henry Grattan, Esq. M.P. ...
letter to the Right Hon. Henry Grattan, on the deplorable consequences resulting to Ireland from the very low price of spirituous liquors pointing out the causes of the aggravated encrease of those evils, and entreating his attention to the necessity and means of remedying them., A
Miscellaneous works of the Right Honourable Henry Grattan.
Mr. Grattan's address to his fellow-citizens
Mr. Grattan's observations on certain proceedings against him in Dublin: In a letter, written by him, addressed to the editor of the courier
Mr. Grattan's speech in the House of Commons of Ireland on Saturday the 26th of March, 1791, on the Responsibility Bill.
Observations on the Mutiny Bill : with some strictures on Lord Buckinghamshire's administration in Ireland.
Proceedings. 1798-02-14
Select collection of fugitive political pieces, published during the administration of Lord Townshend in Ireland
Semiotic phenomenology of rhetoric, 1984:
speech of Henry Grattan, Esq., on the address to His Majesty, at the opening of the Irish Parliament, 1792 With an appendix, containing the public papers and resolutions of the United Irish, the committee of delegates for the Roman Catholics, &c., The
speech of Henry Grattan, Esq. on the subject of a legislative union with Great Britain, The : the resolutions of the Roman Catholics of the City of Dublin, the guild of merchants, the freemen and freeholders of the City of Dublin, at an aggregate meeting held on the 16th of January last : the celebrated speech delivered on that occasion by John Philpot Curran, Esq. : and the resolutions of the County of Dublin, &c. &c.
Speech of the Right Honourable John, Earl of Clare, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, in the House of Lords of Ireland, on a motion made by him on Monday, February 10, 1800
Speech of the Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan on the subject of tythe, in the House of Commons, on Thursday, February 14, 1788
Speeches of John Philpot Curran, esq., with the speeches of Grattan, Erskine and Burke. To which is prefixed, A brief sketch of the history of Ireland, and also a biographical account of Mr. Curran.
Speeches of the right hon. henry grattan to which is added his letter on the union with a commentary on his career and character
Speeches of the Right Hon. Henry Grattan with prefatory observations : the whole comprising a brief review of the most important political events in the history of Ireland