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Horsford, E. N.
Horsford, Eben N.
Horsford, Eben Norton
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Horsford, Cornelia (1861-)
Jay I. Kislak Collection (Library of Congress)
John Boyd Thacher Collection (Library of Congress)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Muspratt, Sheridan (1821-1871)
Oliver Wendell Holmes Collection (Library of Congress)
Olson, Julius Emil (1858- [from old catalog])
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Zeisberger, David (1721-1808)
Address on the occasion of presenting to John Ericsson the Rumford Medal of the American Academy.
Analyses of grains and vegetables, 1846:
Army ration; how to diminish its weight and bulk, secure economy in its administration, avoid waste, and increase the comfort, efficiency and mobility of troops
Chemische Untersuchung über das Fleisch und seine Zubereitung zum Nahrungsmittel.
Chemistry, theoretical, practical, and analytical, as applied and relating to the arts and manufactures.
Defences of norumbega and a review of the reconnaissances of col. t.w. higginson, professor henry w. haynes, dr. justin winsor, dr. francis parkman, and rev. dr. edmund f. slafter a letter to judge daly
Discovery of America by Northmen address at the unveiling of the statue of Leif Eriksen, delivered in Faneuil Hall, Oct. 29, 1887
Discovery of the ancient city of norumbega a communication to the president and council of the american geographical society at their special session in watertown, november 21, 1889
discussion of the explosion of burning fluid, which took place at Salem, Feb. 24, 1852, and of several others of recent occurrence., A
experimental research to increase the protection of safes, against fire, dampness, rust and frost;, An
How I came by a Berghem and how its value grew
Investigation of glycocoll and some of its products of decomposition : extracted from the American journal of science and arts, vols. III. & IV, second series, 1847
John Cabot's landfall in 1497, and the site of Norumbega a letter to Chief-Justice Daly, president of the American Geographical Society
Landfall of leif erikson a. d. 1000 and the site of his houses in vineland
Leif's house in Vineland
On some of the relations of salts of zinc and alumina to soda and potassa
Problem of the northmen a letter to judge daly, the president of the american geographical society, on the opinion of justin winsor, that "though scandinavians may have reached the shores of labrador, the soil of the united states has not one vestige of their presence"
Report of the Water Commissioners on the material best adapted for distribution water pipes : and on the most economical mode of introducing water in private houses
Report on the phrenological classification of J. Stanley Grimes.
Report on Vienna bread.
Researches on the chemistry of food ... 1848:
Review of The problem of the Northmen and the site of Norumbega
Scheme matured and adopted by the trustees in 1886, on the basis of a bequest made to Wellesley college in 1878.
Scientific researches
Sketch of the Norse discovery of America, at the festival of the Scandinavian societies assembled May 18, 1891, in Boston, on the occasion of presenting a testimonial to Eben Norton Horsford in recognition of the finding of the landfall of Leif Erikson, the site of his Vineland home, and of the ancient Norse city of Norumbega, in Massachusetts, in the 43rd degree
Solidification of the coral reefs of Florida, and source of lime in the growth of corals.
theory and art of bread-making. A new process without the use of ferment., The
Ueber den werth verschiedener vegetabilischer nahrungsmittel, hergeleitet aus ihren stickstoffgehalt.
Zeisberger's Indian dictionary : English, German, Iroquois--the Onondaga and Algonquin--the Delaware