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Hildebrand, S. F.
Hildebrand, Samuel F.
Hildebrand, Samuel Frederick
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Language material
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Barton, Otis
Hatsel, Charles
Longley, William Harding
Meek, S.E. (1859-1914)
Meek, Seth E. (1859-1914)
Meek, Seth Eugene (1859-1914)
Schroeder, William C. (1895-)
Schroeder, William Charles (1895-)
United States. Bureau of Fisheries
United States. Fish and Wildlife Service
A list of fresh-water fishes from San José Island, pearl Islans, Panama..., ...
A review of the American menhanden, genus brevoortia, with a description of a new species..., ...
Annotaded list of fishes collected in vicinity of Augusta, Georgia, with description of a new darter
Bureau of fisheries and its biological station at Beaufort, N.C., The
cold-blooded vertebrates: part i. fishes
collection of fishes from Talara, Perú, A
Descriptions of new fishes from Panama
descriptive catalog of the shore fishes of peru, a
Diamond-back terrapin culture at Beaufort, N. C.
Fishes in relation to mosquito control in ponds
Fishes of Chesapeake Bay
fishes of the fresh waters of panama, the
Fishes of the Republic of El Salvador, Central America
list of fresh-water fishes from San José Island, Pearl Island, Panama, A
list of fresh-water fishes from San José Island, Pearl Islands, Panamá, A
marine fishes of panama, the
new catalogue of the fresh-water fishes of Panama, A
New genera and species of fishes from Tortugas, Florida
new genus and five new species of American fishes, A
New species of fishes from Panama
Notes on habits and development of eggs and larvæ of the silversides menidia menidia and menidia beryllina
Notes on the life history of the minnows gambusia affinis and cyprinodon variegatus
Review of experiments on artificial culture of diamond-back terrapin
Review of experiments on artificial culture of diamondback terrapin.
review of the American menhaden, genus Brevoortia, with a description of a new species, A
study of the top minnow, Gambusia holbroki, in its relation to mosquito control, A
synoptic list of the fishes known to occur within fifty miles of Chicago, A
Systematic catalogue of the fishes of Tortugas, Florida : with observations on color, habits, and local distribution
Two species of menhaden occurring on the coast of North Carolina