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De la Primaudaye, Pierre
Della Primaudaye, Pietro
DellaPrimaudaye, Pietro
Geleerdt Edelman, een
La Primaudaye
La Primaudaye, Peter de
La Primaudaye, Petrus de
La Primaudaye, Pierre De
La Primaudaye, Pietro del
LaPrimaudaye, Peter de
LaPrimaudaye, Pierre de
LaPrimaudaye, Pietro del
Primandaie, Pietro della
Primaudaye, Petrus de la
Primaudaye, Pierre de la
Primaudaye, Pietro della
approximately 1545-
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Bowes, Thomas (fl. 1586.)
Boxe, Willem Christiaensz van der (ca.1583-1658.)
Châteillon, Frédéric (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Chaudière, Guillaume (15..-1601))
Chouet, Jacques (1583?-1661))
Dolman, R.
Dolman, Richard
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Henri III (1551-1589; roi de France))
Moreau, Pierre
Moreau, tourangeau
Ratgeb, Jakob (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Raveri, Alessandro
Reimond, Mathieu (fl. 1596))
W. P
Academia francese, nella quale si tratta della institution de' costumi & di quello che concerne il bene, & felicemente vivere, in ogni stato, & conditione ...
ACADEMIA GALLICA. Ein Vberauß VorTreffenLich Herrlich vnd weiß Academisch Gesprech ... 1593/1594. (VD16 L 445)
Académie française, en laquelle il est traité de l'institution des moeurs, & de ce qui concerne le bien & heureusement vivre en tous états & conditions : par les préceptes de la doctrine, & les exemples de la vie des anciens sages, & hommes illustres
Académie françoise
Advis sur la nécessité et forme d'un S. Concile pour l'union des Églises chrestiennes en la foy catholique... 2de édition. Par Pierre de La Primaudaye,...
Dialoghi morali, 1592
Examen de la responce de Sponde catholique apostolique romain à la confession de foy du protestant de reformation, opposée à celle de l'Eglise Romaine: où ce qui concerne l'Eglise, l'heresie, & le schisme est principalement touché
French academie (1586)., The
French academie, The : fully discoursed and finished in foure bookes ... this fourth part neuer before published in English
French academie wherin is discoursed the institution of maners, and whatsoever els concerneth the good and happie life of all estates and callings, by precepts of doctrine, and examples of the lives of ancient sages and famous men: by Peter de la Primaudaye Esquire, Lord of the said place, and of Barree, one of the ordinarie gentlemen of the Kings Chamber: dedicated to the most Christian King Henrie the third, and newly translated into English by T.B, The
Houwelycschen Staet ende Houwelycsche Voorvvaerden, van den beginne van de Werelt aen, tot deze tijdt toe, gesloten by de Wijse van alle Volckeren ende Eeuwen, ende by alle, die haer daer toe begheven, eeuwich te onderhouden.
Nuova academia francese nella quale si discorre della creatione del mondo, & di tutte le sue parti, angioli, cieli, pianeti, ... & effetti loro, della natura di tutti gli elementi, & qualità di essi, ...
quatrains du Président Favre, auxquels ont este adjoustez 100 quatrains consolatoires du Sr de La Primaudaye, Les
quatrains du vray heur
second part of the French academie VVherein, as it were by a naturall historie of the bodie and soule of man, the creation, matter, composition, forme, nature, profite and vse of all the partes of the frame of man are handled, with the naturall causes of all affections, vertues and vices, and chiefly the nature, powers, workes and immortalitie of the soule. By Peter de la Primaudaye Esquier, Lord of the same place and of Barre. And translated out of the second edition, which was reuiewed and augmented by the author, The
Suite de l'Academie Françoise
third volume of the French academie contayning a notable description of the whole world, and of all the principall parts and contents thereof: as namely, of angels both good and euill: of the celestiall spheres, their order and number: of the fixed stars and planets; their light, motion, and influence: of the fower elements, and all things in them, or of them consisting: and first of firie, airie, and watrie meteors or impressions of comets, thunders, lightnings, raines, snow, haile, rainebowes, windes, dewes, frosts, earthquakes, &c. ingendered aboue, in, and vnder the middle or cloudie region of the aire. And likewise of fowles, fishes, beasts, serpents, trees with their fruits and gum; shrubs, herbes, spices, drugs, minerals, precious stones, and other particulars most worthie of all men to be knowen and considered, The
Vrayes consolations et sainctes prieres de l'ame fidele
Vrouwen Schildt, ofte Mondtstoppinghe Van alle Lasteraers, dewelcke sich durven vermeten te seggen en te schrijven, dat de Vrouwen geen Menschen en sijn., Der : Als oock De Houweliicxe Gheboden, dat is: Den onderlighen Plight tusschen Man ende Vrouvv. : Noyt voor desen in 't Nederduyts ghedruckt.