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Labriy, Marq
Lavri, Marc
Lavri, Marḳ
Lavri, Marq
Lavry, M.
Lavry, Marc
Lavry, Mark
לברי, מרק
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Computer file
Language material
Manuscript language material
Manuscript notated music
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Acum Ltd
Kol Israel. Israel Broadcasting Department
Ḳol Yiśraʼel. Orchestra
Lask, I.M.
Lavry, Marc (1903-1967)
Reznick, Hyman
Stutschewsky, Joachim (1891-1982)
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
The Jewish Agency
הופרט, שמואל (1936-2006)
לברי, מרק (1903-1967)
תזמרת סימפונית עממית ישראלית
תזמרת קול ישראל
Broken Board]
Emek : symphonic poem
Fragment for orchestra (manuscript).
How the mighty fallen. Op 41 (manuscript)
Israeli hit songs by Yaffa Yarkoni
Kineret. [Parts] (manuscript)
[Lake Kineret. Op. 244]. [Parts] (manuscript)
Letters. Acco Municipality (manuscript)
Letters. Acum Ltd (manuscript)
Letters. American Fund for Israel Institutions (manuscript)
Letters. Beth Am. The People's Synagogue. Bernhard Hahm (manuscript)
Letters. Board of Jewish Education. Hyman Reznick (manuscript)
Letters. Edward Behrman [Lavry's uncle] (manuscript)
Letters. Felix Lederer (manuscript)
Letters. Frank Pelleg (manuscript)
Letters. Haifa Municipality (manuscript)
Letters. Halevi Choral Society. Hyman Reznick (manuscript)
Letters. Hashofar. Society for Advancement of Jewish Music. Julius and Margurite Chajes (manuscript)
Letters. Hebrew Union College (manuscript)
Letters. Hed-Arzi Ltd. (manuscript)
Letters. Hella Chitrik (manuscript)
Letters. Israel Composers League Publications LTD (manuscript)
Letters. Israel Ministry of Education and Art (manuscript)
Letters. Israel Music Foundation (manuscript)
Letters. Israel Office of Informations (manuscript)
Letters. Israel President Office (manuscript)
Letters. Israel Prime Minister Office (manuscript)
Letters. Israel's Tenth Anniversary. Municipal Committee Moshe Gorali (manuscript)
Letters. Israeli Music Publications.Peter Gradenwitz (manuscript)
Letters. Issachar Miron-Michrovsky (manuscript)
Letters. Jewish Community Centre. Julius Chajes (manuscript)
Letters. Jewish Education Committee of New York Inc. Harry Coopersmith (manuscript)
Letters. Kloos (manuscript)
Letters. Kol Israel. Israel Broadcasting Department (manuscript)
Letters. League of Composers in Israel (manuscript)
Letters. Leon Algazi (manuscript)
Letters. Matityahu Shalem (Weiner) (manuscript)
Letters. Matzlol Folk Orchestra. Moshe Gorali (manuscript)
Letters. Max Brod (manuscript)
Letters. Max Rabinoff (manuscript)
Letters. Michael Taube (manuscript)
Letters. Midwest Jewish Program Service. Bernhard Nahm (manuscript)
Letters. Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. Antal Dorati (manuscript)
Letters. Mordecai Zuckerman (manuscript)
Letters. Morris L. Schaver (manuscript)
Letters. Moses J. Silverman (manuscript)
Letters. National Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) (manuscript)
Letters. New Orleans Philharmonic-Symphony Society (manuscript)
Letters. Nissan Ben- Eliyahu (manuscript)
Letters. Nordiska Musikforleget (manuscript)
Letters. Norrkopings Orkesterforming. Heinz Freudenthal (manuscript)
Letters. P. Landau (manuscript)
Letters. Paolo Gorin (manuscript)
Letters. Paul Paray (manuscript)
Letters. Radiodiffusion Francaise (manuscript)
Letters. Salabert, Editions (manuscript)
Letters. Schweizerieche Rundspruch Gesellschaft (manuscript)
Letters. Shmuel Hupert (manuscript)
Letters. Shura (manuscript)
Letters. Stadttheater Saarbrucken (manuscript)
Letters. Th. Schwartz (manuscript)
Letters. The Hebrew National Opera (manuscript)
Letters. The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (manuscript)
Letters. The Jerusalem (Palestine) Post (manuscript)
Letters. The Jewish Agency for Palestine (manuscript)
Letters. The Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Moshe Davies (manuscript)
Letters. The National Music Council of Israel (manuscript)
Letters. The Philadelphia Jewish Times. Philip Klein (manuscript)
Letters. The Philadelphia orchestra Association Eugene Ormandy (manuscript)
Letters. Universal Edition A. G. (manuscript)
Letters. World Zionist Organization, Broacasts to the Disapora (manuscript)
Letters. Zichron-Yaakov Local Committee (manuscript)
Piece for Orchestra (manuscript).
Sketches. Note books (manuscript).
"Song of songs"
South African Zionist Federation, recorded programme number 6
Suite concertante, op348.
Three Jewish dances. Op. 190
To my Country. Op. 148 (manuscript)
Zichron wine song
איך נפלו גיבורים. אופוס 340 (כתב יד)
איך נפלו גיבורים. אופוס 41 (כתב יד)
אל ארצי. אופוס 148 (כתב יד)
אני מאמין (כתב יד)
אסתר. אופוס 279 (כתב יד)
גליל. אופוס 62 (כתב יד)
הלוח השבור (עבוד - כתב יד)
כנרת. אופוס 244. [תפקידים] (כתב יד)
מה טובו. אופוס 218 (כתב יד)
מכתבים. קול ציון לגולה (כתב יד)
נגב. אופוס 251 (כתב יד)
עלי דוי : קנטטה לסולו מקהלה ותזמורת.
[עמק] (כתב יד)
צעד שמשון
שיר העמק
שירים למקהלה מעורבת