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B, S. E. (Sir)
B, Samuel Egerton Brydges (Sir)
Brydges, Egerton
Brydges, Egerton (Sir)
Brydges, Samuel E.
Brydges, Samuel Egerton
Brydges, Samuel Egerton (Sir)
Brydges, Samuel Egerton (Sir, bart)
Chandos of Sudeley, Samuel Egerton Brydges
Chandos, Samuel Egerton Brydges (baron)
S. E. B, Samuel Egerton Brydges (Sir)
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Breton, Nicholas (1545?-1626?)
Collins, William (1721-1759)
Milton, John (1608-1674)
Private Press of Lee Priory
Quillinan, Edward (1791-1851)
Reiman, Donald H.
Reiman, Donald Henry
Rogers, Bruce (1870-1957)
Shaw, Stebbing (1762-1802)
Spenser, Edmund (1552?-1599)
Wither, George (1588-1667)
Anglo-Genevan critical journal for 1831, The
Answer to the further statement ordered by the sydics of the University of Cambridge to be printed and circulated
anti-critic for augt. 1821 and march 1822, The : litterary and political criticism and opinions
Anti-Critic for August 1821, and March, 1822. Containing literary, not political, criticisms, and opinoions., The
Arthur Fitz-Albini
Ataviae regiae
autobiography, times, opinions, and contemporaries of Sir Egerton Brydges ... 1834, The
autobiography, times, opinions, and contemporaries of Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart, The
Bertram : a poetical tale
Breton's Melancholike humours.
Breton's Praise of virtuous ladies.
Catalogus librorum rariorum, de quibus fit mentio in operibus quorum tituli sunt Cimelia, Res literariae, Polyanthea
Censura literaria. Containing titles, abstracts, and opinions of old English books, with original disquisitions, articles of biography, and other literary antiquities.
charity of the mind and the heart, The : a sermont preached at the English episcopal chapel at Geneva on Sunday the 1st of July 1832
Cimelia seu examen criticum librorum ex diariis literariis lingua praecipue gallica ab anno 1665 usque ad annum 1792 scriptis selectum
Coelia; containing twenty sonnets
Coningsby : a tragic tale
Epistola Francisci Petrarchæ posteritati.
Four prologues for a private English theatre at Geneva
Four tracts on copyright, 1817-1818
green book, or register of the Order of the emerald star, The
Human fate, and an address to the poets Wordsworth & Southey : poems.
Hymns and songs of the church.
Imaginative biography
impartial portrait of lord Byron, as a poet and a man, compared with all the evidences and writings regarding him, up to 1825, An
Joannis Pierii Valeriani ... De litteratorum infelicitate, libri duo
Lake of Geneva, The : a poem, moral and descriptive, in seven books
Letters from the continent
Letters on the character and poetical genius of Lord Byron.
Letters on the poor laws : shewing the necessity of bringing them back nearer to the simplicity of their ancient provisions, especially with regard to settlements, as well for the relief of the rates, as for the comfort and moral character of the poor themselves
Lex terrae, 1831
Lex terrae : a discussion of the law of England regarding claims of inheritable rights of peerage.
Libellus gebensis
life and death of Sir Francis Drake., The
litteratorum infelicitate, libri duo, De
Lord Brokenhurst or a fragment of winter leaves : a tragic tale
Mary De-Clifford a story ; interspersed with many poems
Mémoire sur les lois de la pairie d'Angleterre
Modern aristocracy, or, The bard's reception the fragment of a poem, written in March 1830
note on the suppression of Memoirs announced by the author in Juni 1825 ..., A
Nymphidia : the court of fairy.
Occasional poems ; Bertram ; Five sonnets addressed to Wootton ; Dunluce Castle ; Stanzas ; Select poems
Occasional poems, written in the year 1811
Occasional poems, written in the year MDCCCXI.
Odo, count of Lingen : a poetical tale in six cantos
Original poems, never before published
Peerage of England : genealogical, biographical, and historical
Poemata selecta latina mediae et infimae aetatis
Poems ; Odo, Count of Lingen
poetical works of John Milton., The
poetical works of William Collins., The
Polyanthea librorum vetustiorum, italicorum, gallicorum, hispanicorum, anglicanorum, et latinorum.
population and riches of nations, considered together, not only with regard to their positive and relative increase, but with regard to their tendency to morals, prosperity, and happiness., The
Providence reconciles the seeming inequality of human conditions : a sermon, preached ... at Geneva ...
Reasons for a farther amendment of the act 54 Geo. III. c. 156, being an act to amend the copyright act of Queen Anne
Recollections of foreign travel, on life, literature, and self-knowledge.
Reflections on the late augmentations of the English peerage To which are added, a short account of the peers in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and a catalogue of all the Knights created in that illustrious reign
Res literariae : bibliographical and critical ...
Restituta; or, Titles, extracts, and characters of old books in English literature, revived.
Ruminator: containing a series of moral, critical, and sentimental essays., The
Samuel Egerton Brydges and Edward Quillinan
Select poems
Sir Ralph Willoughby: an historical tale of the Sixteenth century, in which are inserted the dedicatory sonnets of Edmund Spenser, with sketches of character, by the author of Coningsby.
Sonnets and other poems By S. Egerton Brydges, Esq. of the Middle temple. First published in 1785.
Sonnets and other poems with a versification of the six bards of Ossian
Stemmata illustria, praecipue regia : with an autographical memoir
summary statement of the great grievance imposed on authors and publishers, and the injury done to literature, by the Late Copyright Act
sylvan wanderer, The
Theatrum poetarum anglicanorum, containing brief characters of the English poets, down to the year 1675
Topographical miscellanies, containing ancient histories, and modern descriptions, of mansions, churches, monuments, and families, with many engravings, particularly of ancient architecture, throughout England.
true relation of the birth, breeding, and life, of Margaret Cavendish, duchess of Newcastle., A
vindication of the Pending Bill for the amendment of the Copyright Act from the misrepresentations and unjust comments of the syndics of the University library at Cambridge
What are riches? or, An examination of the definitions of this subject given by modern economists
Who was Ita, countess of Hapsburg, who founded the monastery of Muri in Switzerland, in 1018, and died in 1026? : on this question depends the developement of the origin of the imperial house of Hapsburg and Lorraine ...