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Balguy, John
Country clergyman
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Language material
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Hawes, Lacy (Londen)
Hitch, Charles (Londen)
Longman, Thomas (II, Londen)
Millar, Andrew (Londen)
Pemberton, John (I, Londen)
Pemberton, John (II, Londen)
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collection of practical discourses. To which are added, six others, before published. By John Balguy, M.A. vicar of North-Allerton, in the county of York, and prebandary of Sarum., A
collection of tracts moral and theological:, A : placed in the order wherein they were first published ... With some additional notes; and a supplement concerning rectitude.
Divine rectitude
duty of benevolence and brotherly love, and the ill effects of a party spirit., The : Considered in a sermon preached at the assizes held at Newcastle upon Tyne, on Tuesday the 8th of August, 1727. by the honourable Mr. Baron Carter, and Mr. Justice Probyn. Published by the order of the judges.
Five sermons on the following subjects: viz. the extreme folly and wretchedness of an atheistic inclination ...
Foundation of moral goodness.
law of truth: or, the obligations of reason essential to all religion. To which are prefixed, some remarks supplemental to a late tract, The ; entitled, Divine rectitude
letter to a deist Concerning the beauty and excellency of moral virtue, and the support and improvement which it receives from the Christian revelation. By a Country Clergyman. The second edition. To which is added, a postscript., A
second letter to a Deist
second part of The foundation of moral goodness; illustrating and enforcing the principles and reasonings contained in the former. Being an answer to certain remarks communicated by a gentleman to the author, The
Sermons on the following subjects: : viz. I. Virtue glorious, vice infamous. II. The servitude of sin. III. Connection between duty and happiness ...
Silvius's examination of certain doctrines lately taught, and defended by the Reverend Mr. Stebbing
Silvius's letter to the Reverend Dr. Sherlock
Twenty-one Sermon on the following subjects, (Fifteen of which now first printed.) Viz. I. Virtue glorious, vice infamous. II. The servitude of sin. III. Connection between duty and happiness. IV. Diversity of opinion, no just cause of discord. V. Haman and mordecai. VI. Reason and religion. VII. Education. VIII. Spiritual worship. IX. The vanity and vexation of irregular desires. X. The wisdom of regarding counsel, and the folly of rejecting it. XI. XII. The causes and consequences of intellectual darkness. XIII. The love of enemies. XIV. Future rewards proportionable of present improvements. XV. Propagation of the Gospel. XVI. The folly and wretchedness of an atheistic inclination. XVII. God's government of the world, a sure and most joyful truth. XVIII. The dignities and distinctions of human nature. XIX. XX. Natural and moral proofs of a future state. XXI. The duty of benovolence and brotherly love, and the ill effects of a party spirit. By John Balguy, M.A. late prebendary of Sarum.