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Alexander Cunningham
Cunningham, A. (Sir)
Cunningham, Alexander
Cunningham, Alexander (British archaeologist, numismatist, and engineer, 1814-1893)
Cunningham, Alexander (Sir)
Cunningham, Sir Alexander
Sir Alexander Cunningham
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Abodh Kishor Narain, 1925-
Allan, John (1884-1955))
Archaeological Survey of India
Beglar, J. D.
British Museum. Dept. of Coins and Medals
Carlleyle, A. C. L.
Garrick, H. B. W.
Great Britain. India Office
Majumdar, Surendranath
Sastri, Surendranath Majumdar
Ancient Geography of India
Bhilsa Topes, or, Buddhist monuments of central India comprising a brief historical sketch of the rise, progress and decline of buddhism, The : with an account of the opening and examination of the various groups of topes around Bhilsa
Book of Indian eras with tables for calculating Indian dates
Catalogue of the coins of ancient India With forty-six plates
Coins of Alexander's successors in the East (Bactria, Ariana & India).
Coins of ancient India from the earliest times down to the seventh century A.D
Coins of Mediæval India from the seventh century down to the Muhammadan conquests
Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum.
Cunningham report.
Essay on the Arian order of architecture, as exhibited in the temples of Kashmir, by ...., An
Four reports made during the years 1862-63-64-65
General index to the reports of the Archaeological Survey of India, volumes I to XXIII with a glossary and general table of contents
[https://archive.org/details/coinsancientind00cunngoog coins of ancient india]
[https://archive.org/details/cu31924022980571 bhilsa topes]
Inscriptions of Asoka
Ladāk, physical, statistical, and historical with notices of the surrounding countries
Later Indo-Scythians
Mahâbodhi or the great Buddhist temple under the Bodhi tree at Buddha-Gaya
Report for the year 1871-72
Report of a tour in the Punjab, 1882.
Report of a tour through Behar, Central India, Peshawar, and Yusufzai, 1881-82
Report of a tour through the Bengal provinces of Patna, Gaya, Mongir, and Bhagalpur; the Santal Parganas, Manbhum, Singhbhum, and Birbhum; Bankura, Raniganj, Bardwan and Hughli; in 1872-73
Report of tours in Gorakhpur, Saran, and Ghazipur in 1877-78-79 and 80
Report of tours in the Gangetic provinces from Badaon to Bihar in 1875-76 and 1877-78
Reports of a tour in Bundelkhand and Rewa in 1883-84; and of a tour in Rewa, Bundelkhand, Malwa, and Gwalior, in 1884-85
Sánchi and its remains; a full description of the ancient buildings, sculptures, and inscriptions at Sánchi, near Bhilsa, in Central India, with remarks on the evidence they supply as to the comparatively modern date of the Buddhism of Gotama, or Sákya Muni
stūpa of Bharhut: a Buddhist monument ornamented with numerous sculptures illustrated [sic] of Buddhist legend and history in the third century B.C., The