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Packard, A. S.
Packard, A. S. (Jr)
Packard, Alpheus S.
Packard, Alpheus Spring
Packard, Alpheus Spring (Jr)
Packard, Asa S.
Packard, Asa S. (Jr)
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Cockerell, Theodore Dru Alison (1866- [from old catalog])
Macalister, Alex.
Macalister, Alexander
Putnam, F.W.
Putnam, F.W. (1839-1945)
Putnam, Frederic Ward (1839-1945)
anatomy, histology and embryology of Limulus polyphemus, The
ancestry of insects chapter XIII of "Our common insects", The
Catalogue of the Pyralidæ of California
Cave fauna of north america, with remarks on the anatomy of the brain and origin of the blind species
Comparison of the glacial phenomena of New Eng. with Europe.
Descriptions of new American Phallaenida.
Directions for collecting and preserving insects
Embryological studies on hexapodous insects.
embryology of Chrysopa, The
Entomology for beginners for the use of young folks, fruitgrowers, farmers, and gardeners
Explorations of St.George's bank.
Farther observations on the embryology of Limulus
Fifth report of the U. S. entomological commission...
Guide to the study of insects and a treatise on those injurious and beneficial to crops for the use of colleges, farm-schools, and agriculturists
Half hours with insects
Hessian fly its ravages, habits, enemies, and means of preventing its increase, The
How to collect and observe insects
I. On the Syncarida, a hitherto undescribed synthetic group of extinct malacostracous Crustacea.
Labrador coast., The
Lamarck, the founder of evolution : his life and work with translations of his writings on organic evolution
Life histories of animals, including man; or, Outlines of comparative embryology
list of animals dredged near Caribou Island, southern Labrador, during July and August, 1860., A
Mammoth Cave and its inhabitants, or Descriptions of the fishes,insects and crustaceans found in the cave
Monograph of the bombycine moths of North America, including their transformations and origin of the larval markings and armature.
monograph of the geometrid moths or Phalœnidœ of the United States, A
monograph of the Phyllopod Crustacea of North America, with remarks on the order Phyllocarida, A
Notes of a journery made to Utah and Idaho in the summer of 1878
Notes on the family Zygænidae.
Notes on the habits of some species of bumble bees
On the Carboniferous xiphosurous fauna of North America ...
Our common insects : a popular account of the insects of our fields, forests, gardens and houses
Ravages of the locusts, 1878:
Record of American entomology, for year[s] 1871[-73]
Report on the insects collected on the Penobscot and Alleguash rivers, during August and September, 1861.
Results of obs. on the drift phenomena of Labrador.
Synopsis of the Thysanura of Essex County, Mass., with descriptions of a few extralimital forms.
Text-book of entomology including the anatomy, physiology, embryology and metamorphoses of insects, for use in agricultural and technical schools and colleges as well as by the working entomologist
Zoology for high schools and colleges