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Böcher, T. W.
Böcher, Tyge
Böcher, Tyge W.
Böcher, Tyge Wittrock
Boecher, Tyge W.
Boecher, Tyge Wittrock
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Botanisk Ekspedition til Vestgrønland (1946)
Calvert, W. E.
Christensen, Tyge
Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab
Holmen, Kjeld
Jakobsen, Knud
Jørgensen, Carl Adolf (1899-1968)
Larsen, Kai
Lewis, Martin C.
Lyshede, Ole B.
Nørrevang, Arne
Rahn, Knud
Skytte Christiansen, Mogens (1918-1996))
Th. botan. Kobenhavn
Additional Species from South American Shrub Steppes
allotetraploid Saxifraga nathorsti and its probable progenitors S. aizoides and S. oppositifolia, The
Anatomical studies in xerophytic apophyllous plants.
Anemoner fortæller naturhistorie
Area-limits and isolations of plants in relation to the physiography of the southern parts of Greenland.
Beiträge zur Pflanzengeographie und Ökologie dänischer Vegetation.
Beiträge zur pflanzengoegraphie und ökologie dänischer vegetation ...
Biological distributional types in the flora of Greenland : a study on the flora and plant-geography of South Greenland and Eastgreenland between Cape Farewell and Scoresby Sound
Biological distributional types in the flora of Greenland; a study on the flora and the plant-geography of south Greenland and east Greenland between cape Farewell and Scoresby sound
Botanical Expedition to West Greenland 1946; introduction with a short mention of the vegetation areas examined., The
Botanical studies in the Atuel Valley area, Mendoza Province, Argentina
Campanula Rotundifolia complex, The
Carex Capitata-, the Luzula Multiflora- and the Torularia Humilis-Complexes
Chromosome numbers of some arctic or boreal flowering plants
Chromosome numbers of some artic or boreal flowering plants
Climate, soil, and lakes in continental West Greenland in relation to plant life.
Contributions to the flora and plant geography of West Greenland.
Cytogenetic and biological studies in Geranium Robertanum L.
Cytogenetic and biological studies in Geranium Robertianum L.
Cytological and embryological studies in the amphi-apomictic Arabis Holboellii complex
Cytological studies in the genus Ranunculus, 1938.
Danish dwarf shrub communities in relation to those of Northern Europe
Danmarks natur
Danmarks vilde planter : Med et udvalg af vore nordiske nabolandes flora.
Det ¤grønne Grønland
Det grønne Grønland
developmental analysis of the photosynthesizing organs in Prosopis Kuntzei, A
Diatoms from West Greenland, collected by Tyge W. Böcher
Dichothrix gelatinosa Sp. N. : its structure and resting organs
Dichotrix gelatinosa Sp. N., its structure and resting organ s
Ecogeographical classification of Arctic vegetation based on shoots density determinations
Evolutionary trends in ericalean leaf structure
Experimental and Cytological Studies on Plant Species : Further Studies in Short-Lived Herbs
Experimental and Cytological Studies on Plant Species. Racial Differentiation in Amphi-Atlantic Viscaria Alpina
ferske vande, De : Särutgåva av band 5 av verket Danmarks natur...
Flora of Greenland., The
Floristic and ecological studies in middle west Greenland.
Forskning og fremskridt.
Further studies in Braya humilis and allied species.
Further Studies in Brays Humilis and Allied Species
Geranium sanguineum
Grønlands flora.
Heats of the Faroes
Jyske Dvaerbuskheder : Eksperimentelle undersøgelser af forskellige kulturindgrebs indflydelse på vegetationen
Jyske dværgbuskheder : eksperimentelle undersøgelser af forskellige kulturindgrebs indflydelse på vegetationen
leaf size of Veronica officinalis in relation to genetic and environmental factors., The
Lichen-Haats and Plant Succession at Østerby on the Isle of Laesø in the Kattegat
Lichen-heaths and plant successions at Østerby on the isle of Laesø in the Kattegat
Oceanic and continental vegetational Complexes in Southwest Greenland den botaniske ekspedition til Vestgrønland 1946
Oceanie and Continental Vegetational Complexes in Southwest Greenland
On the origin of Saxifraga nathorsti (Dusén) v. Hayeck
Phytogeographical studies of the Greenland flora, based upon investigations of the coast between Scoresby sound and Angmagssalik
Phytogeography of middle west Greenland
Planternes anatomi og embryologi.
Planternes morfologi
Racial Differentiation in Amphi-Atlantic Viscaria Alpina
Slope and dune vegetation of North Jutland.
Some Arctic and Montane Crucifers
Some experiments to elucidate the influence of winter conditions on shoot development and floral initiation on various races of Prunella vulgaris and Ranunculus acer.
Structural and Ecophysiological Pattern in the Xero-Halophytic C4 Grass, Sporobolus rigens (Tr.) Desv.
Structure and biology of four species of the Stigonemataceae from a shallow pool at Ivigtut.
Structure of the multinodal photosynthetic thorns in Prosopis Kuntzei Harms
Studies on morphological progression and evolution in the Vegetable Kingdom
Studies on the plant geography of the North-Alantic heath formation.
Studies on the plant geography of the North-Atlantic heath formation \/ Tyge W. Böcher.
Studies on the sapropelic flora of the Lake Flyndersø with special reference to the Oscillatoriaceae
Studies on the vegetation of the east coast of Greenland between Scoresby sound and Angmagssalik (Christian IX's Land)
Studies on variation and biology in Plantago lanceolata L.
study of the circumpolar Carex heleonastes-amblyorhyncha complex., A
synoptical study of the Greenland flora, A
Trifolium Arvense and Some Other Pauciennial Herbs
Über die Waldsaum- und Graskrautgesellschaften Trockner und Halbtrockener böden der Insel Seeland mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Strandabhänge und Strandebenen
Vegetationen paa Randbøl Hede : med saerlig Hensyntagen til det fredede Areal
Xeromorphic leaf types : evolutionary strategies and tentative semophyletic sequences
Avec un résumé en danois
Th. botan. Kobenhavn, 1937