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Dublin review, Editor of the
Editor of the Dublin review
W. G. W, William George Ward
W, W. G.
W, William George Ward
Ward, W. G.
Ward, William George
WGW, William George Ward
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Ward, Wilfrid (1856-1916)
Anglican establishment contrasted, in every principle of its constitution, with the Church Catholic of every age, being A second letter to the editor of the "Guardian"; with structures on the articles in that journal entitled "Anglo-Romanism"., The
Appendix to five lectures on attrition, contrition, and sobereign lobe.
autority of doctrinal decisions which are not definitions of faith, considered in a short series of essays reprinted from "the Dublin Review"., The
brief summary of the recent controversy on infallibility; being a reply to rev. father Ryder on his postscript., A
Correspondence between the rev. father Roberts and Dr. Ward on the relation of intellectual power to men's true perfection.
Del Vero fine del civile governo, articolo del signor Guglielmo Giorgio Ward,... inserito nella Rivista di Dublino e dall'inglese recato in italiano dal conte E.M.T...
Essays on devotional and scriptural subjects.
Essays on the Church's doctrinal authority.
Essays on the philosophy of theism.
few more words in support of no. 90 of the Tracts for the times, 1841, A
Heresy and immorality in their respective bearing on the notes of the Church, being a final letter to the editor of the "Guardian".
Ideal of a Christian church considered in comparison with existing practice, containing a defence of certain articles in the British critic in reply to remarks on them in Mr. Palmer's "Narrative", by the Rev. W. G. Ward,... 2nd edition, The
infallibilitate extensione theses quasdam et quaestiones theologorum judicio subjicit Gulielmus Georgius Ward., De
letter to the rev. father Ryder on his recent pamphlet., A
On nature and grace. A theological treatise.
relation of intellectual power to man's true perfection, further considered, with reference to a criticism in the Rambler for may 1862, The
second letter to the rev. father Ryder., A
Strictures on Mr. Ffoulkes's letter to Archbishop Manning, 1869
Three letters to the editor of the Guardian: with a preliminary paper on the extravagnaces of certain allegations which imply some similitary between the Anglican establishment and some branch, existing at some period, of the Catholic Church, and a preface.