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Root, Elihu
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American Institute of International Law
Bacon, Robert
Bustamante y Sirvén, Antonio Sánchez de (1865-1951)
Hughes, Charles Evans (1862-1948)
Pan American Union
Permanent Court of Arbitration
Scott, James Brown
United States
United States. Department of State
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
address by Elihu Root at the annual dinner of the New York State Bar Association, January 15, 1916, An
Addresses on government and citizenship
Addresses on international subjects
America's message to the Russian people
American ideals during the past half-century
Argument of the Honorable Elihu Root on behalf of the United States before the North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Arbitration Tribunal at The Hague, 1910
Argument of the Honorable Elihu Root on behalf of the Unived States, before the North Atlantic coast fisheries arbitration tribunal at the Hague, 1910-
banking and currency bill., The
blundering administration;, A
citizen's part in government and Experiments in government and the essentials of the Constitution., The
Codificação do direito internacional americano : discursos pronunciados pelos Senhores Charles Evans Hughes, Elihu Root, James Brown Scott, Antonio Sánchez de Bustamante y Sirvén.
Codification du droit international américain : discours de Charles Evans Hughes, James Brown Scott, Elihu Root, Antonio Sánchez de Bustamente y Sirvén.
Codification of American international law : addresses by Charles Evans Hughes, James Brown Scott, Elihu Root, Antonio Sánchez de Bustamante y Sirvén.
conditions of tariff revision;, The
Criticisms of the draft plan for the League of nations:
declaración de los derechos y deberes de las naciones adoptada por el Instituto Americano de Derecho Internacional, La
declaration des droits et devoirs des nations adapte par l'Institut americain de troit international., La
déclaration des droits et devoirs des nations adoptée par l'Institut Américain de Droit International, La : discours à sa dixième réunion annuelle, 27 avril 1916, Washington D.C.
declaration of London, February 26, 1909, The : a collection of official papers and documents relating to the International Naval Conference held in London, December, 1908 - February, 1909
declaration of the rights and duties of nations adopted by the American Institute of International Law, The
Discurso presidencial pronunciado en la decimaquinta conferencia anual de la Sociedad Americana de Derecho Internacional
Discursos de los señores dr. Luis F. Villarán ...
effect of democracy on international law, The : opening adress by Elihu Root as president of the American Society of International Law at the eleventh Annual Meeting of the Society in Washington, April 36, 1917.
Elihu Root, President of the Century Association 1918-1927. -
Essentials of the Constitution.
ethics of the Panama question., The
Experiments in government and the essentials of the constitution
Fisheries arbitration
Francis Lieber
Function of Private Codification in International Law, The
Hearing before the Committee on Insular Affairs, House of Representatives ... January 18, 1902 ...
How to preserve the local self-government of the States : a brief study of national tendencies : a speech ...
importance of judicial settlement, The
Instructions to the American delegates to the Hague Conference, 1907.
Instructions to the american delegates to the Hague conferences 1899 and 1907
International cooperation
Judicial decisions and public feeling
Latin America and the United States. -
Layman's criticism of the lawyer.
Lectures of Carnegie Institution of Washington
life of Andrew Carnegie, The
Memorial of Joseph Hodges Choate
Memorial to the loyal women of the United States ...
men and policies: addresses by elihu root.
military and colonial policy of the United States, The : addresses and reports
Miscellaneous addresses
North Atlantic coast fisheries arbitration at the Hague argument on behalf of the United States
North Atlantic coast fisheries arbitration at the Hauge. Oral argument before the tribunal constituted under an agreement signed at Washington on 27th day of January, 1909, between His Britannic Majesty and the United States of America ...
On the Mexican resolution ...
Panama canal tolls. Hearings before the Committee on interoceanic canals
Panama canal tolls : the obligations of the United States
Papers on public credit, commerce and finance
participación del ciudadano en el gobierno, La
Permanent court of international justice., The
Politique exterieure des Etas-Unis et droit international
Politique extérieure des Etats-Unis et droit international : (discours et extraits)
Presentation to France of the gold medal authorized by the Congress of the United State to commemorate the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin
Presidential address at the fifteenth annual meeting of the American society of international law April 27, 1921.
Problems confronting the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; statements
Proposal for calling the Hague peace conference.
Proposed Constitution of the State of New York : as amended and revised, adopted by the Convention September 10, 1915, with explanatory abstracts and form for submission to the voters, pursuant to Chapter 668, Laws of 1915
relations between international tribunals of arbitration and the jurisdiction of national courts.", "The
Remarks of Elihu Root on unveiling a memorial window to the Honorable John Hay at the Keneseth Israel
Report of the Committee on foreign relations, together with the views of the minority, upon the general arbitration treaties with Great Britain and France
Reports on the law of civil government in territory subject to military occupation by the military forces of the United States submitted to Elihu Root, Secretary of War
Reports on the use of expert testimony in court proceedings in foreign countries
republican party, The : "A party fit to govern"
Republicanism or democracy?
revision of the tariff, The
Robert Bacon, life and letters
Robert Bacon sa vie et ses lettres (1860-1919) avec 40 planches hors texte
"Rūto" ketsugi : miteikō.
sanction of international law; presidential address before the second annual meeting of the American society of international law, 1908 ..., The
sanzione del diritto internazionale., La
ship purchase bill. -, The
Speech by the Hon. Elihu Root ... at Canton, Ohio, October 24, 1900.
Speech by the secretary of war, Elihu Root, at the dinner of the Marquette Club, in Chicago, October 7, 1899, in response to the toast, "The American soldier."
Speech delivered by the Hon. Elihu Root at the banquet given in his honor by the members of the Union league club on February 3d, 1904.
[Speech given to members of the Council on Foreign Relations]
Speech of Elihu Root at Durland's riding academy, New York, October 31, 1908.
Speech of Elihu Root at the dinner of the Pennsylvania society, New York, Wednesday, December 12, 1906.
Speech of Secretary Root at the laying of the corner stone of the building for the International union of American republics, at Washington, D.C., May 11, 1908.
Speeches incident to the visit of Secretary Root to South America : July 4 to September 30, 1906.
spirit of self-government, The : an address ...
Steps toward preserving peace
Tariffs, reciprocity and foreign trade
Texts of the Peace Conferences at the Hague, 1899 and 1907, with English translation and appendix of related Documents
The Imperial Japanese mission 1917. A record of the reception throughout the United States of the special mission headed by viscount Ishii ..., ...
United States and the war, The : the mission to Russia : political addresses
United States ant the war the mission to Russia Political Adresses, The
What we are fighting for: speeches of the President on Flag day, of Elihu Root to Russia
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