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Conyers Middleton
Middelton, Conyers
Middleton, Conyers
Middleton, Docteur
Middletonus, Conyers
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Brutus, Marcus Junius (0085-0042 av. J.-C.))
Cicero, Marcus Tullius (106-43 a. C.))
Cicéron (0106-0043 av. J.-C.))
Manby, Richard
Meerman, [Gerhard]
Meerman, Gerard (1722-1771))
Meerman, Gerardus (1722-1771)
Melmoth, W. M.
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Orbessan, Anne-Marie Daignan (1716-1796; marquis d'))
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Prevost, Antoine François (1697-1763))
Tourneisen, J. J. (fl. 1792)
Abhandlung von dem Rathe zu Rom
Ad Brutum
Antiquitates Middletonianae
Bibliothecæ Cantabrigiensis ordinandæ methodus quædam; ...
Bladwijzer op de geschiedenis van het leven van M. Tullius Cicero, door Middleton
Brief von Rom darinne eine genaue Gleichförmigkeit zwischen dem Papstum und Heidentum gezeiget wird, ..., Ein
Cicero's life and letters
Defence of the Letter to Dr. Waterland. -, A
Dissertation concerning the origin of printing in england shewing, that it was first introduced and practised by our countryman william caxton ... by conyers middleton
dissertation on the state of physicians among the old Romans in which it is proved to have been servile and ignoble: against the assertions of ... Dr. James Spon, and Dr. Richard Mead. Translated from the Latin of Dr. Conyers Middleton., A
Dissertation sur l'origine de l'imprimerie en Angleterre
Dissertationis de servili medicorum conditione appendix seu defensionis pars secunda. Cui accedit ad dominum Lamotte epistola apologetica, Anglice conscripta. Autore Conyers Middleton.
Dr. Middleton's letter from Rome
epistles of M. T. Cicero to M. Brutus and of Brutus to Cicero, The
Free inquiry into the miraculous powers, which are supposed to have subsisted in the christian church, from the earliest ages through several successive centuries by which is shewn, that we have no sufficient reason to believe, upon the authority of the primitive fathers, that any such powers were continued to the church, after the days of the apostles
Full and impartial account of all the late proceedings in the university of cambridge against dr. bentley
Germana quædam antiquitatis eruditæ monumenta quibus Romanorum veterum ritus varii tam sacri quam profani tum Græcorum atque AEgyptiorum nonnulli illustrantur
Histoire de Cicéron, tirée de ses écrits et des monumens de son siècle, avec les preuves et des éclaircissemens...
Historia de la vida de Marco Tulio Ciceron
History of the life of marcus tullius cicero
Letter from rome shewing an exact conformity between popery and paganism : or, the religion of the present romans derived from that of their heathen ancestors : to which are added, i.a prefatory discourse containing an answer to all the objections of the writer of a popish book intituled the catholic christian instructed, &c. with many new facts and testimonies in farther confirmation of the general argument of the letter, and ii. a postscript, in which mr. warburton's opinion concerning the paganism of rome is particularly considered
Letter from rome, shewing an exact conformity between popery and paganism, or, the religion of the present romans to be derived entirely from that of their heathen ancestors
Lettere di M. T. Cicerone a M. Bruto, e di Bruto a Cicerone col testo latino a rincontro, con annotazioni a ciascuna lettera : ed una Dissertazione preliminare, in cui si vendica l'autorità delle medesime lettere, e di proposito si considerano e si confutano tutte le obbiezioni del reverendo sig. Tunstall. Del signor Conyers Middleton D. T. custode primario della Bibliotheca dell'Università di Cambridge. Traduzione dalla lingua inglese. Tomo quinto.
Lettre écrite de Rome, où l'on montre l'exacte conformité qu'l y a le Papisme et la religion des Romains d'aujourd'hui, dérivée de leurs ancêtres payens
Lettres de Cicéron à M. Brutus et de M. Brutus à Cicéron. [Traduites en français par l'abbé Prevost.] Avec une préface critique [traduite de l'anglais de Conyers Middleton par le même], des notes et diverses pièces choisies, pour servir de supplément à l'Histoire et au caractère de Cicéron [de Middleton].
Life of M. Tullius Cicero
medicorum apud veteres Romanos degentium conditione., De
Miscellaneous works of the late reverend and learned conyers middleton containing all his writings, except the life of cicero: many of which were never before published
origin of printing., The : In two essays: I. The substance of Dr. Middleton's Dissertation on the origin of printing in England. II. Mr. Meerman's Account of the invention of the art at Harleim[!], and its progress to Mentz. With occasional remarks; and an appendix.
posthumous works of the late learned Conyers Middleton, D.D. Containing, I. Reflections on the dispute between St. Peter and St. Paul. ... VIII. Letters to Mr. Warburton, &c., The
Remarks on two pamphlets lately published against Dr. Middleton's introductory discourse. The one, intituled, Observations on that discourse in answer to the authors' prejudices, &c The other, The Jesuit-cabal farther opened, or a defence of Dr. Chapman's late charge, &c. With a preface to these remarks
Remarks, Paragraph by Paragraph, Upon The Proposals Lately publish'd by Richard Bentley, For A New Edition Of The Greek Testament and Latin Version
Römische Geschichte. Ciceros Zeitalter umfassend Aus dem Englischen von G. K. F. Seidel.
Römische Geschichte unter der Lebenszeit des M. T. Cicero
second part
Some remarks upon a pamphlet, entitled, The case of Dr. Bentley farther stated and vindicated, &c wherein the merit of the author and his performance, and the complaint of Proctor Laughton are briefly considered. By the author of the Full and impartial account, &c.
Storia della vita di M.T. Cicerone
Treatise on the roman senate in two parts
true account of the present state of trinity college in cambridge under the oppressive rule of their master, richard bentley, late d.d., a
Works. Selections