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Hunt, Thoma
Hunt, Thomas
Hunt, Thomas ((Arabic scholar))
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Clarendon Press (Oxford)
Costard, George (1710-1782)
Hyde, Thomas (1636-1703)
Kennicott, Benjamin (1718-1783)
Luzac, Jean (Leiden)
Mead, Richard (1673-1754))
Rāzī, Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Zakarīyā (865?-925?))
Schultens, Hendrik Albert (1749-1793)
antiquitate, elegantia, utilatate, linguae arabicae ... 1739:, De
antiquitate, elegantia, utilitate, linguæ arabicæ oratio, De : habita Oxonii ... VII Kalend. Augusti, MDCCXXXVIII
Antiquitate, elegantia, utilitate linguae arabicae, oratio, habita Oxonii, in schola linguarum... a Thoma Hunt..., De
Brief van Thomas Hunt (1696-1774) aan Hendrik Albert Schultens (1749-1793)
Dissertation on Proverbs VII, 22, 23, being a specimen of critical dissertations on the Proverbs of Solomon... by Thomas Hunt..., A
Historia Religionis veterum Persarum, eorumque magorum ...
Observations on several passages in the book of Proverbs, with two sermons, by Thomas Hunt...
Usu dialectorum orientalium ac praecipue arabicae in hebraico codice interpretando, oratio habita... a Thoma Hunt..., De
usu dialectorum orientalium, ac præcipue Arabicæ, in Hebraico codice interpretando, oratio habita Oxonii ..., De
variolis et morbillis liber, De
Veterum Persarum et Parthorum et Medorum religionis historia
works of the Right Reverend Father in God George Hooper, D.D., Late Lord bishop of Bath and Wells, The