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Fletcher Johnson, Willis
Johnson, W. Fletcher
Johnson, Willis Fletcher
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Headley, J.T.
Headley, Joel Tyler (1813-1897)
MacCracken, Henry Mitchell (1840-1918)
Sihler, E. G. (1853-1942)
Sihler, Ernest Gottlieb (1853-1942)
Smith, Ray Burdick (1867-)
Spooner, Walter Whipple (1861-)
Stanley, Henry Morton (1841-1904)
Thomas, Allen C. (1846-1920)
Thomas, Allen Clapp (1846-1920)
Willard, Frances E. (1839-1898)
Willard, Frances Elizabeth (1839-1898)
America and the great war for humanity and freedom
America's foreign relations
American statesman;, An
blutige Vergangenheit der Sioux das Leben von Sitting Bull und Schilderung des Indianer-Krieges von 1890 - 1891, Die
century of expansion, A
Col. Henry Ludington, 1907:
Four centuries of the Panama canal
George Harvey, 'a passionate patriot'
great American book of biography, The
H. M. Stanley's wonderful adventures in Africa. From his first entrance into the Dark continent in search of Livingstone, to his last triumphal return from his search for and rescue of Emin bey.
history of Cuba, The
History of the Johnstown Flood including all the fearful record ... : with full accounts also of the destruction on the Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers and the Bald Eagle Creek
History of the state of New York, political and governmental;
Life of James G. Blaine, "the plumed knight," editor, representative, speaker, senator, cabinet minister, diplomat and true patriot; a graphic record of his whole illustrious career, from the cradle to the grave ...
Life of Jay Gould, how he made his millions ...
life of Warren G. Harding, from the simple life of the farm to the glamor and power of the White House, The
Life of Wm. Tecumseh Sherman
"My country, 'tis of thee!" or, The United States of America; past, present and future. A philosophic view of American history and of our present status, to be seen in the Columbian exhibition.
national flag, The : a history
New American supplement to the new Werner edition of the Encyclopædia britannica.
New York university; its history, influence, equipment and characteristics, with biographical sketches and portraits of founders, benefactors, officers and alumni;
Red record of the sioux life of sitting bull and history of the indian war of 1890-91 ... story of the sioux nation; their manners and customs, ghost dances and messiah craze
Republican party; what it has stood for and what it stands for to-day., The
Stanley's wonderful adventures in Africa. Comprising accurate and graphic accounts of the exploration of equatorial Africa; the finding of Livingstone by Stanley; the expedition to the great lakes by Sir Samuel Baker; the discoveries of Lieutenant Cameron in his overland journey across the continent; the exploration of the Congo by Stanley.