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M'Culloch, J. R.
M'Culloch, John Ramsay
Mac Culloch
Mac-Culloch, G.
Mac Culloch, J.R.
Mac Culloch, John Ramsay
MacCulloch, J.R.
MacCulloch, John Ramsay
Mc Culloch, J.R.
Mc Culloch, John Ramsay
McCulloch, J. R.
McCulloch, John R.
Mcculloch, John Ramsay
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Haskel, Daniel (1784-1848)
Locke, John (1632-1704)
O'Brien, Denis Patrick
Planche, Augustin (1812?- ))
Prevost, Guillaume
Ricardo, David (1772-1823)
Sienkiewicz, Karol Kazimierz (1793-1860))
Sloet tot Westerholt, Willem (1827-1854)
Smith, Adam (1723-1790)
Vethake, Henry (1792-1866)
Weber, Georg Michael von
banker's common-place book ..., The
Classical writings on economics
Commercial pamphlets.
Contributions to the Edinburgh Review by J.R. M'Culloch, Esq
cyclopædia of commerce, mercantile law, finance, commercial geography, and navigation:, A
Delle successioni ai beni vacanti per morte, 1852
Dictionary, geographical, statistical and historical of the various countries, places, and principal natural objects in the world
Dictionary, practical, theoretical and historical of commerce and commercial navigation illustrated with maps and plans
Discours sur l'origine, les progrès, les objets particuliers et l'importance de l'économie politique : contenant l'esquisse d'un cours sur les principes et la théorie de cette science
Discourse on the rise, progress, peculiar objects, and importance, of political economy containing an outline of a course of lectures
Essay on the circumstances which determine the rate of wages, and the condition of the labouring classes
Essay on the question of reducing the interest of the national debt in which the justice and expediency of that measure are fully established
Historical sketch of the Bank of England with an examination of the question as to the prolongation of the exclusive privileges of that establishment
Inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations, An
Letters of John Ramsay McCulloch to David Ricardo, 1818-1823
Literature of political economy a classified catalogue of select publications in the different departments of that science with historical, critical, and biographical notices
M'Culloch's Universal gazetteer.
Miscellaneous economical tracts
On commerce
Outlines of political economy being a republication of the article upon that subject contained in the Edinburgh Supplement to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Together with notes explanatory and critical, and a summary of the science
Over de omstandigheden, die den prijs der werkloonen en den toestand der arbeidende klassen bepalen
Paper-money, banks
Principes d'économie politique : suivis de quelques recherches relatives a leur application et d'un tableau de l'origine et du progrès de la science.
Principles of political economy with some inquiries respecting their application, and a sketch of the rise and progress of the science
Report of the trial by jury of the action of damages for a libel in the Scotsman newspaper, 1823
Rozprawa M'Cullocha o początku, postępach, przedmiotach i ważności ekonomii politycznej
Russia and Turkey
select collection of scarce and valuable tracts on money, from the originals of Vaughan, Cotton, Petty, Lowndes, Newton, Prior, Harris, and others., A
Select tracts on the national debt &c
Statistical account of the british empire exhibiting its extent, physical capacities, population, industry, and civil and religious institutions
Supplement to the edition of mr. mcculloch's commercial dictionary published in 1844
Theoretisch-praktisches Comptoir-Handbuch nach MacCulloch und den neuesten, zuverlässigsten Quellen in alphabetischer Ordnung
Tracts : a collection of rare essays and pamphlets.
Treatise on the principles, practice, & history of commerce
Treatise on the succession to property vacant by death including inquiries into the influence of primogeniture, entails, compulsory partition, foundations, &c. over the public interests
Treatises and essays on subjects connected with economical policy with biographical sketches of Quesnay, Adam Smith, and Ricardo
Ueber Handel und Handelsfreiheit
Universal-Lexikon für Kaufleute und Fabrikanten. - 1835 -
works of David Ricardo, The : with a notice of the life and writings of the author